The land of the future.

Greetings, beautiful inhabitants - Planet of Love and Light !!!
Our planeta- is a special place. All zhiteli- love each other, develop, create new worlds with lyubovyu-. Our children are happy and smeyutsya- with us, always fun, and the whole planete- heard laughter and joy. Our tela- glow and radiate love. We propitany- this divine energy. Just a thought, a lёgkostyu- we create anything. We obschaemsya- at a distance, on any. Mice friends with other civilizations and share their experiences. In energy us- clothing.
Earth became another. Its vibration and condition- completely changed. Great energy stihiy- become more high vibration and even slightly different in appearance. Water is poured from sources on Earth and imbues it with energy and glow. Please source- cleaned and filled with energy. Air- completely different in composition. A more sparse, more energy chistyy.Ogon- views and objectives. Sun-supply man and all things on earth. Earth-like energy, is completely different. Everything grows on neutron with great speed. In general, the speed of all protsessov- greatly changed. Children vynashivayutsya- 3 months. Zachatie- this energy mergers and specific inquiry and consistency with the incoming soul and new parents. Pary- still exist, but find one another - on the colors of the aura, the relevant vibrations and experience. All are divided into groups-with the same interests and the performance of their tasks, respectively, the mission of the soul. There is - beautiful gardens growing flowers incredible beauty and extremely tasty and juicy fruit. People eat, sometimes frukty- to taste. Temperature +24 +26 degrees. Build, the power of thought to the kind of house-like glass and almost transparent, look like a pyramid. Created from special material- and energy still something cosmic. Living on this planete- settlements, small towns and vstrechayutsya- to exchange experiences and information. Everyone is happy. You know, family? This is what we and our beautiful land, which we are building with you- already. Pozhalovat- Welcome to the New Earth! With Love, Aja.


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