People have long been attributed to numerical coincidences different values, and among them is the coincidence of the numbers on the clock. After all, everyone knows that the basis of the date, month and year of birth, you can learn a lot about a person, and if some figures are constantly catch the eye - it is definitely a sign

. What does match the numbers on the clock.

in vedic numerology experts believe that the numbers have a considerable influence on each of us and to underestimate the importance of their study is just silly.

Almost everyone noticed the same numbers on the clock, but few people know that there is an interpreter, who will help you decipher what these numbers you promise. The fact that such coincidences are nothing but a warning from higher sil.Prakticheski always they have something to tell you.

Especially pay attention to such a match, if they occur frequently in your life. If this is the same number, you can find the answer in the article about angel numerology. So your guardian angel trying to communicate with you. Different same number means that you have very good intuition and you are able to receive messages from the universe.

Guessing on the clock - the same figures in the first half of the day
. 00:00 - if your intentions are pure, you can make a wish, and it is sure to be fulfilled. It is impossible to think such desires that can bring harm to someone, such desires in this case are not fulfilled.
1:01 - soon you will get a nice message from a man
. 1:10 - started your new business will not bring the result that you expect
. 1:11 - you get the best offer. These are may be any proposal that will go on during these days, to give undesirable.
2:02 - the invitation to visit or another extremely fun event
. 2:20 - the day you need to suppress their anger and not to succumb to provocations. This can lead to serious problems.
2:22 - You know what you have to hide
. 3:03 - you will love
. 3:30 - to the disappointment of non-reciprocity or
. 3:33 - good luck and success. You will be extremely happy day.
4:04 - you need to look at the exciting situation you on the other side, and then you will be able to find a solution
. 4:40 - the day will fail
. 4:44 - you will find a reprimand from his superiors, a teacher or an older relative
. 5:05 - afoot against you bad things. Your enemies are on the alert, be prepared for the fact that they act honestly, most likely, will not.
5:50 - beware of water and fire. This day is best to have as few cases can be associated with them.
5:55 - meeting with the wise man
. 6:06 - if you are single, you will soon meet a soul mate and get married. If you are married, this day will be very successful.
7:07 - you are in danger from the man in form, it is likely to talk about military
. 8:08 - a good day for career success awaits you
. 9:09 - beware, you may suffer from theft. Keep track of your things or do not take the day with a personal value.
10:01 - meeting with a very powerful man
. 10:10 - to change
. 11:11 - you need to think about a possible depending on the person, or bad habits. Universe warns you that this could happen to you in the near future.
Match the numbers on the clock

Meaning the same numbers on the clock - the second half of the day

. 12:12 - This day promises success in his personal life
. 12:21 - an interesting acquaintance with a person of the opposite sex
. 13:13 - beware of the enemies
. 13:31 - to fulfill the desire
. 14:14 - good luck in love
. 14:41 -
trouble. 15:15 - You will get valuable advice in a difficult situation
. 15:51 - you can count on a whirlwind romance, but it will be short-lived
. 16:16 - Be careful on the roads and in all that is connected with the transport
. 17:17 - beware of robbery or attack the bully. Perhaps it is not necessary in this day to be late on the street alone.
18:18 - you will risk associated with transport. Be careful.
19:19 - success in all things for which you take
. 20:02 - beware of quarrels within the family. During the evening and the next day is better to be patient and not to succumb to provocations spouse or relatives.
20:20 - the scandal could break out within the family. Be prepared to minimize it.
21:12 - the beginning of something new. Perhaps we are talking about the pregnancy, and maybe you change the type of activity or will be engaged in the new project.
21:21 - a passionate affair or a favorable period for the restoration of relations with the spouse
. 22:22 - a new acquaintance, which will play an important role in your life
. 23:23 -. Dangerous Liaisons
23:32 - health problems
. In general, it should be noted that the pair of the clock have meaning only when you notice them randomly. For guessing the clock does not fit the situation, especially when you are waiting for some time to get the result you are interested in.


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