Parable about a great storyteller.

There is a legend that the Creator, having created a new masterpiece - the Earth - a very long time to admire it. It is much longer than its previous creations. But on the Creator and the Creator: to dwell on the contemplation of something, even if it is divinely beautiful, he could not. He waited for the others, has not yet started They Worlds, Universes, Planets, Creatures.

The creator has left the newborn beautiful earth, when I noticed that the world began to occur ... history. Nowhere else he did not see this, and, moreover, had not heard. And for a long time without thinking, the Creator separated himself from the divine part, called her a great storyteller, and sent to Earth to be able to listen to stories from the life of the people of Earth.

Great Storyteller, taking human form, wandering among the people mingled in the crowd, looked into the hut, listening to the conversation and remembers everything. After his heart accumulated enough stories, he left in the field, went to the cradle of soft grass and looking at the cleanliness of the bottomless blue sky, began to tell. Aloud.

They say that sometimes a great storyteller stories were funny - and then laughter rumbled in the sky of the Creator. When the Master of the Word said that the death of the two lovers separated - heavy rain: it's creator empathized unhappy love. Once the Great Creator narrator told of how amazing the children of the Earth. Creator smiled broadly, and the sky appeared a bright rainbow.

So it turned out that the history of the meetings and learning about first kisses and dreams of lovers Great Storyteller was saving on the night. The sky was strewn with shimmering, mysterious stars, similar to the kind eyes of the Creator. Sometimes flying comet, leaving a silvery trail of cosmic dust. Moon dimensional, step by step, making his mystical ritual slowly appearing over the horizon, solemnly seated on his throne, and then also grandly leave their temporary quarters.

And when the love story was particularly good, as she tenderly embraced her entire infinity of the Creator, then that's when the stars fell. Creator wept quietly, listening to the narrator skilfully presents untold.

It is said that a great storyteller was the forerunner of the writer. Rather, it is. For in the beginning was the Word ....


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