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There will be many photos, numbering continues from the first part.

For those who are in the tank - the first part of travel is laid out here. Read a must! Who has not read - not kamentah! You have been warned!

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Did not expect such an interest in this journey, very pleased that you are so appreciated our adventure, my author's text and notes Stepan. We tried for you, dear readers. If you continue to be sloppy and not funny - not much beat)

Thank you all for the feedback, kamenty Here are the best of the first part


A fucking masterpiece. For one only idea worthy of respect. And since it's all been put into practice - stood to applaud, shake your hand and is very sorry that he could not be in a difficult moment near feerichiskimi stupid ass adventurer, so pour them a couple of liters of benzyl-tyschёnku put on another merry way well and a hundred killometrikov to throw a fucking goal implicated in poluobmarochno-drunken state, implicated in spermotoksikoza and insisted "I am not weak" cherished dream.

Guys, I envy you white envy (and I'm very sorry that youthful recklessness with age becomes much weaker sense)


Lads, lads, you heroes (current does not become conceited).

But most do not do so, you can earn the Darwin Award)



Shit, that's fabulous dolbaёby You do not even know whether there is such an expression in a good way. I is even the third day binge does not come to mind. Kolis, honestly, what drugs are taken?


You know what, two crazy kid? Little me on Yap makes full score dick to work and eager to read a few pages just amazing (!!!) of the story! Handsome !!! Our people!


Read mestati getting through, eyes wet ...


As well as exclusive video from the car market, where I am studying to ride - the very first minutes of driving a moped, bought an hour ago, a week later went to sea.

Plans to go to Europe this summer, I decided to collect money in advance, vote) Posts'll be right from the front. Who envies - zhrite bile, go to the forest)

Let's go!


All arrived. We are on the sea.


We camped in a tent camp. All machines come on, we're on a moped. Therefore, pay only for tent 150 p day, dolphin free, it is also the sea, this sweet home! Put up a tent, parked moped.


In the tent, laid out when things have Shurika accidentally fell out of his pocket condoms. I was so scared looked at them, then laughed - YOU why they took only two of us, what do you th ... I was going to be?

From the shore was 50 meters, all costs very tightly to each other. Amid the chaos, there is a playground. At the site there are cafes and attractions. And so all along the coast. Rides - this ranges, children's entertainment and of any crap with darts and balls, all mixed up with the tourists, Russian and non-Russian, Georgians, Chechens and Tajiks. Non-Russians like even more. The men, women, sexy girls, tanned mountaineers and mopedisty! The phrase "feeding the Caucasus" has got a real sense - these smiles shyly Caucasians make millions of rubles a month on the black coast.

Foto46 47


What we did not have to be completely happy? ALCOHOL !!! In a way, we drank only 2 bottles of beer in Saratov. And oh God, we're at the beach bar found cheap wine. Imagine, it's worth it 80 p per liter and the quality is better than any. Paradise for alcoholics. Felt their finances, money left over 1500 r. Immediately realized that this was only enough to get drunk and die proudly. On the way back we clearly this was not enough.


We took a liter, then second, then third. Then strayed from the account. With this wine went to the pier (long concrete path that goes into the sea, where the ships moor). The guard would not let us. Because the pier is impossible after 8:00 ... How loudly we laughed, we also reckless. We got into the water and still drunk climbed onto the concrete pier with water. walked on it. Even a few times with him jumped. The next day found traces of the concrete pier for yourself. My whole body was tattered. Then Shura told me as I sat on a moped, which stood near the tent, and flew straight into the tent with a moped.


We are constantly called and told us all where we are and how we can get there. Imagine a crowd of tourists watching the surrounding one-man show, or rather two. The entire beach drunken cheers rang out over the phone - yes, we are on the sea! Yes, on a moped! yes, 7 days! so tired! yes, happy! Yes, the money came from, if you want us to go back ... do not want ???


Everyone already knew how to call us, where we live, what they ate, what they lived. When we woke up the next day, then woke up already famous on the entire beach, we have discussed, we point the finger at, come to see our moped.

It was our first day at sea. These were the emotions. We felt like the characters in the film as Jimmy Kerr. When we saw the mountains Dzhubga, we realized that we realized his dream. And when we arrived, we were just really happy. For ourselves, we were heroes for what you did. We are really tired to perform feats every day.

Our sea - it all our way, it's not just water and ashore. At sea, felt every minute of our way, it was the result of our extreme adventure.


Sea water - is all the water we drank in the way, all rain down on us. Beach sand - it's all dust, which we ate on the road, beach pebbles - all the bricks that flew from under the wheels of the moped. For us, the sea - it is the totality of our desires and dreams. We were able to put that -That really their journey to the sea - drive, courage, risk and adrenaline.


Scraps of consciousness somewhere in the cafe ate


decided to play table tennis. Shura I won, I was very offended and went nowhere drunk. Went for a walk in the jungle of tents and attractions. Poor remember walking, remember came to music, dancing in the cafe, then hike my body fell asleep ...



The same number, but the next day, because of this day was not. Sunday was just as it always is - together with a hangover. We woke up in the morning, I do not even remember what it was like in a tent on the beach. What a joy to wake up in the morning and did not untie the rope with his feet on a moped, not to rush anywhere and slowly moo mmmmmm ... give mineral water!

Day, the heat, the sun and the sea. We brushed my teeth and went with white teeth into the Black Sea. Swim and bring tourists in adequate body condition. Began counting the money and no money, and the destination path Anapa, and paid only for the tent per night. The latest money eaten in the cheapest cafe.


Began to think where to get the money. As previously mentioned, we placed an ad, where we throw off the money, if someone is willing and able to help us. Slowly the money started coming to cell - for 300-500rubley. And then pipets crept unnoticed - it became clear that to drain money from Beeline at stake, we must first eV in an Internet website. And all subsequent operations can be carried out by SMS. And the money from the cellular to the card come the next day. Subsequently, we have made - were sending sms, the money would come the next day to the card. But the first time we needed the Internet!

We have got your mopedik and went to the village hoping to find Lermontovo Internet to drain money from the cellular to the card. In a moped, by the way, gasoline remained at 20 km, and we were the last 60 rubles. We decided to spend it on the Internet to Monday we had money. In the village we found Lermontovo Internet, but found here such pepelats.


Had to go to NOVOMIHAYLOVKU for 10km.


There we found online gaming facilities, merged at stake money around 2000P. Let's go back to the village Lermontovo to see on the card suddenly something is from old stocks.

We were lucky - about 500 rubles we found on the map back in the tent camp, ate and saw the attraction - gum. This is where people throw up up. Huge slingshot, catapulting the unfortunate guinea into the sky as Gagarin. I gave the last 200 rubles, the money will come tomorrow on the card. Attraction gum I liked, I heard people screaming and I realized that I, too, want to. There are young guys, and they especially periodically free bullet girls to those screaming the entire beach.

Had the misfortune to say that jumping with a parachute. Man unidentified Caucasian ethnicity clipped me and stood holding the trigger. After my words, he just grinned and ran ... I was in heaven, so that I saw there Anapa, obmateril whole beach, I burst eye capillaries. And yet it was very scary, because this fuck said that if there is slack, so one rope is pulled away, hold on to the other, I felt that I hang out as nozzles in the wind. Bitches, here are able to scare.


For the last 100 rubles took wine and went swimming. Bathed until the evening.


By the way, when I woke up in the morning with a hangover that day, I heard a conversation in the next tent a woman - that poor boys, they have no money, that boys should be given a chicken to eat. Memories of a chicken that did not leave my head when we were looking for the money 2 times to eat, especially when spent all the money on the rides and wine. And here we sit hungry at night, there's no money. We even use the toilet, which cost 10 rubles, and went into debt and promised to pay tomorrow. Although a woman who embarks on a toilet, and there was no choice - we could zasrat entire beach. So, I began to think, where is this chick with my chicken. When the stomach is stuck to the back, I heard a neighbor man says something to his little boy 8 years old boy with a knowing look came over to us and gave us ... tomatoes with bread. I laughed and said thank you and the boy and the man. And where is my chicken? But this thanks. Snack tomatoes with bread, I started already bored, as here in the next tent squealed woman - boys, I was looking for you all day, you were not, then I went myself, my children do not want to eat this chicken here is you want from me. And she gave us a whole huge chicken, which was already ours early in the morning !!! I pressed her to him, it was the most delicious chicken, awesome. We ate it and become happy. To celebrate, began to seek fines and scraped per liter of wine 100 rubles. Drank, bathed and went for a walk.

In the evening I got a call from an old friend of the channel "ether" in Kazan Anton Rayhshtat, said he wanted to make a report about us and to interview a friend Alina, which I used to buy a moped. She promised to work to look for them and to give an interview. I was not against national glory dibilov we are no longer frightened. Perhaps after watching someone proshibet on a tear, and he will help mopedistam.

We went to bed early, around 22, since there was nothing to drink.



We woke up early because the evening was sober. Went swimming in the sea, well at least for that money is not taken. Decided that after lunch it's time to withdraw from the tent camp. Went to Lermontovo removed money. Ate to the cafe, which is next to the most attraction. Already on the way back to the tent I persuaded Shurika also jump and at the same time ask the guy to avenge me. Shura jumped higher than I was even more mat. Well, of course the wine took a dip.


And they began to gather. All saw us off with good words, I wish a happy way. Who waved his hand, who said farewell, who just smiled, who gave way to the tomatoes. Went to Anapa, you need to drive 150 miles. Given that the rate somewhere 45-50 km / h will go about 3-4 hours.

Way to Anapa:

We set off along the way was Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk, and could certainly stay there, but the principle went to Anapa. Terrible thing to go on a streamer down the mountain. Lucky that the road was good. We drove and enjoyed the views. Poor Dolphin with all its horsepower two somehow climbed into a very long hill, then to a little rest on the descent.


Like to Check-in Gelendzhik, because that is where met my mom and dad when they were young. But understand that if'll pick, we will lose time, come to Anapa at night, and we have no idea where we were to spend the night in Anapa. Got to Novorossiysk, at the entrance met a group of bikers.


They somehow they looked at us mysteriously, whether an inscription on a backpack their confused, or something else. Stopped in Novorossiysk and ahreneli since accustomed to the scenic routes. It was a city, dusty, dirty, at least an extreme center, forgive me novorossiytsy.


At one of the traffic lights next to us stayed cool biker on his wonder-horse. He had torn jeans with holes, but it was evident that they buy such. And I immediately looked at my jeans - they were all tattered way up to 7 days, and I went with the whole of the Kazan. On each knee was a huge hole. That's only then that I realized what is difficult and expensive to make so rare clothes.

Took a direct route to Anapa. After three hours of periodic stops to stretch your neck and a smoke, we still got to Anapa. At the same time, our goal has been achieved, we were in Anapa !!!

Thanks to everyone who believed in us.


Anapa - resort town.

Clean, beautiful cheerful town, is fundamentally different from Russian cities, all washed, clean, beautiful signs, a lot of attractions. In Anapa even stand there "Anapa - Republic of childhood»


there comes a lot of kids relax and parents with children. All educated and cultural, in order to enhance security in a lot of law enforcement officers. There the road clean, wash the streets, full of flower beds, lawns green (not yellow as we do, which bums sleeping and lying gobies). They are put in their way, they care about cleanliness, thus attracting potential visitors. In Anapa sense of reality quite different, they have a very different view of the time, they are more friendly. A resident of Anapa can wake up in the morning to collect sea shells ordinary on the beach, go to the crowded place and start selling them at 20 p / piece, and so live.

Charge them with positive energy and feel great. There's work as such is not a lot, everything is based on tourism, staff cafes, entertainment and leisure, so they make a good summer to winter rest well.

But back to our trip: the dream was realized. The goal was achieved. Decided to call in the camp where I worked plavrukom month ago. At 18:00 we were in the camp: Hello, I'm your aunt.


There was a driver Eugene Kazan and a couple of people who a month ago, worked with me. I also wanted to see the guys from Rostov police officers who were on duty in Anapa, and lodged in the camp, but unfortunately they were on duty. "Camp PRIAZOVETS" Kazan, and staff too, from Kazan. Driver Jack, knowing the road, knew better than anyone how difficult it was to reach us from Kazan to Anapa. Smoked together, laughed heartily.

19:05 Sasha phone rang, rang Sasha's best friend, with the words - you beggars !!! She briefly tells us that just the whole of Tatarstan at the beginning of the traditional seven-hour news release via the "ether" in Kazan came the release of the two guys who went to the sea and left without money, that is about us. Unfortunately, never took account of this story, but all lie not give Kazan - the plot was! Still remember me on this record. Such as riding in a taxi and got to talking about the trip to the sea, and the taxi driver and I said - by car easily, I'm here in the summer on TV saw two boys on a moped drove.

During the story made it clear that the guys need money and we should help them. Sasha, listening to calm his girlfriend hung up ... and then it started! I was flown with the words: "I am now the whole Kazan, like a bum," and so in that spirit. What happened next is difficult to describe, because in the next half hour, we started calling friends and close friends, with questions with questions and stuff. I honestly tried to explain Sasha, that there is nothing wrong in the end he agreed with me. After all, the world is full of good people and our friends will help us Kazan, and all enemies must be the goal. Yes, if we all knew in advance, we would not have gone and would spend the summer at the cottage.

It just so happened that the story seen both our mother. I called my mother, who thought that I had left on the machine. I was able to calm her down, then laughed together. Sasha's mother called and scolded him, very worried. But his father did not say, because my father was ill, and she did not want to scare him Sasha's adventures.

About how!



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