Enjoying Nakadai. Part 6

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Day 10th.

In the morning before the appointed time Oscar, Jean, Dora and I sat at the bar and wondered whether there will be a miracle and will be the captain of the port or "all in our hands." When near we parked the jeep and got out captain, we understand that today in his hands. Was most happy with the Oscar and picked up two more from the dive centre, they began to ship the aqualung in the back of the jeep. The captain with a satisfied smile March cat invited me and Dasha to sit in the cockpit, and men in the back of the jeep. He apologized for a "comfort" referring to the bad roads, which can take only the jeep of all the cars in its fleet. The men reacted calmly to the idea of riding in the back of the jungle, it was clear that they had to do the first time.

We soon left, the captain took pity on me and began to teach me Spanish, saying that it's so simple and telling that one of the languages he learned through his girlfriend that motivated him to teach a few words a day. Yes, LOVE is powerful stuff — really accelerates learning.

We drove for a long time on the road, after you turned onto a paved dirt road through the dense seeking to absorb the trail of the jungle. Periodically diving in the large puddle, releasing the fountains of the wheels to the delight of the men in the back. There they shared their men's stories and technical tricks about their Hobbies, discuss equipment and share enthusiasm about familiar places on the planet on which they happened.

The way we periodically ran animals: saw a raccoon, a Fox, a squirrel and a ferret. Tropical jungle gave way to the coast and a coastal strip we stopped to look at the point pointed to by the captain, protruding above the water part of the ship. But for some reason got into the car and drove on. On arrival, (for me personally absolutely not clear where), it suddenly began to rain and the wind picked up. So we stayed in the fishing village and patiently enjoyed the smell of seafood, waiting for the captain will be able to find the boat and our man catch us marine edibles. But the weather again changed the mood and we descended to fisherman's cuisine is very tasty and true after almost 3 hours journey. Returned at sunset is beautiful over our planned large birds... And suddenly the captain all of a sudden stopped at almost 100 years old abandoned manor house located directly on the beach. The captain told the men that we with Dasha asked for lobster, and Oscar with the Gene went hunting with underwater spears as ikhtiandry at sunset. We with Dasha were on shore in the captain, well-known local artist and an Indian who works for an Oscar. Men very time kindled a fire of palm leaves — it helped to negotiate with the mosquitoes on non-aggression. I photographed the bloody clouds on a background of silhouettes of palm trees, blue water shiny and chiseled profile of an Indian on our team, so we spent the time waiting hunters.

Went back to the hotel after sunset in the pitch dark. Late at night I came out of the Bungalow to take a walk with the recorder on the coastal paths between the palm trees and remember in deserted empty coast its most vibrant experiences and tell them the wind from the sea.


Visit the Mayan pyramids.

In the morning we went to the “big” city of Playa del Carmen. Like a long journey, they are entirely a movement of my body and soul. And most importantly — a sense of the correctness of what is happening.

On the way from is located just outside mahahual to Playa del Carmen is Tulum, where the remains of the ancient city built in the era of the dawn of the Mayan civilization. The government of Mexico has turned the archaeological site of Tulum in a scenic Park. Some of the buildings are very well preserved and resemble the Egyptian pyramids, only they are much smaller, and some were only foundations. Without immersion in the culture of the people do not understand the purpose of some of them and accents such orientation of buildings. Having described a circle through the Park and down the path going through the jungle linistea we with Dasha were arguing about — so all-taki will be executed or honored the winners of the game similar to modern football the Aztecs? Dasha insisted that the execution of the winners could not, except that the losers be the outcome of a victory would undermine the incentive to win.

"There is the instinct of self-preservation!" — Dasha insisted.

"Dasha, if the Indians thought white people we would not see it as a different culture," — said I, — "Notice how they refer to death, their very different from many peoples of the world and what positive they have skeletons and skulls. Think Death them – much about another."

Attitude to death resonates with Japanese culture and samurai traditions. By the way of the samurai – a military caste. In this worldview, Death is a gift, like Life, is a gift. They are not enemies – there is no antagonism in these two properties of all living things. The samurai, as the Indians to die at the peak of its life – the highest good fortune. And if the samurai face the shame of death at the hands of the enemy, he defeated not to become a victim, the heroic gesture, kills himself, what adds a plus to your karma, thereby making his last spiritual struggle. And then, out of life raised by the energy of the winner - owner not only his life and his death.

Heroic output on the rise for the Soul provides a further journey into the more highly spiritual state and the incarnation in the next life to the Highest possible Destiny for this human monad. Therefore, the Japanese ritual of harakiri or sepukku was the military instrument is not to let go of the life energy of the victim of fear and defeat. Because to perform it required fearlessness, pound will, clarity loyalty to the decision and the Supreme state of spirit.

And it is good to recall in this regard the love of Indians for human sacrifice. The best specimens of the human species has been such an Honor – what an honor and a gift to the gods were meant in their lives.

That does not sound like the motives of the Inquisition, in which the victim was recognized by the society with the sample of the worst breed of human, but the execution was a punishment.

Death as a punishment for the edification — generates fear, which was the basis of power and influence.

The death of the Indians was an act of recognition best. Death is not an occasion for Grief and a cause for Celebration in a culture that "polyublyaet" to go to Other Worlds to communicate with spirits and gods through herbs strength and shamanic rituals. Knew this culture that the end is always the beginning, and nature is abundant. To mourn means not to respect the power and the path of the deceased tribesman, because they celebrated and congratulated each other at the funeral. The tradition to rejoice at funerals still exists today in many native tribes on different continents.

Dasha listened and understood that I did not need her consent. And I knew that I now it's not how it really is, and the fact that she is the example of the Indians can see how different meanings can be people.

We can make one and the same action from opposite motives. Such a discovery, once made, can help greatly to understand the other person in this, (maybe the only) life. But this aim she was not given let it be a place for their own realizations and insights.

It is not important what there the Indians happened or did not happen, but will the insight from contact with culture. The insight that can be derived as a theorem to be used for optimization of the processes of your life, release your fears and gaining greater happiness.

A Pat on the tortured road of a lion cub in the hands of the photographer to the Parking lot, we got in the car and drove to Playa del Carmen.

Staying at the hotel "the moon and the Sun", the beauty of the design which can be described for a long time, I can only say that I smiled real turtle on the entrance and in the room lying on the bed, towels folded in the shape of crocodiles with cubes of soap in his mouth.

Dinner was supposed to be in the "right place" with lobster. Lobsters – huge lobsters, about life I learned from Dasha. It is, families live under rocks. But gin said that in civilized countries, they are not caught until they reach a certain size, and the hunters float with a line to which is applied caught lobster. If he does not reach the specified mark, it is without regret, let go back to grow in the ocean. Such are conscientious and caring, it turns out, there are fishermen-hunters on the planet.

And I know from the time when I was in Cuba that here without regard lay neighbor who tries to steal from the state, or to violate any established law for everyone, or order of things. This culture respects the rules, and the desire to fulfill them here — the question of his honor.

How interesting how people on different continents! In our country, which created rules are not really for the people, a matter of honor is often considered the opposite of dishonesty against the state. For example, theft in all sizes, the state is regarded as the courage and power to violate established laws. And also encouraged solidarity to cover the middle who breaks bad laws, created NOT for the people.

How does the notion of conscience from morality of its rulers! Different peoples of conscience can be considered the opposite of human actions. Here the language barrier and frequent disagreements in families with different upbringing and the more mentality. Hence the different, and sometimes polar, views of conscience.

Conscience it is, as a gyroscope which is seeking to prevent blockage alive moving system, from the distortions of one-sided development. System I called here as one individual and society are uniformly colored eyes. So, the gyroscope is called Conscience is intended to align deflected from its Spiritual Course system. He tends the person in the opposite direction from suddenly appearing and destroying the balance of power. So there are moral clichés, which are usually and quite often work for the benefit and restore harmony. Working with such clichés have passed the test of time, call the mentality of the people. Because the conscience is always connected with the idea about "Good" (beautiful, moral, ethical – underline.) For example, where there is a tendency of the rulers to ruthlessly squeeze the people's resource, then courage and honor is to thwart destructive of human welfare curve to the laws of such anti-human State.

On another continent, will be my honor to lay morally "crooked" people – criminals, in the sense of State-based prosperity of his people. Honor here is to stop violators who attempt to tear down a properly working laws created for the good of the people in this country.

In the sacrificial and/or colonial country, there is usually trauma to the lack of resource. Here will be accepted at the offer of refreshments to disagree with the first, and to wait for the second. And if the person revealing polite, and the third sentence: suddenly, a helluva lot of hospitable host, and from his breeding he is malnourished. The consequences traumatized by war and famine for the people. Failure will be perceived as an act of caring — a virtual gift from the guest to the host.

When an external message is contrary to the internal request, that the conditions for manipulations — it is the back-bred courtesy, and not a natural integrity and sustainability. Double messages desorientiert person, but the desire to be ACCEPTED takes precedence and tradition to say the opposite to their wishes supported. This creates an internal field of the imaginary of security. In wounded and stratified societies a sense of Security and Community is more important than a sense of self. This means that there is to BE TAKEN is more important than to discover their true needs. Communication in this case will be more valuable than his Self.

SELF I referred to the ability to rely on the inner core of his "can do". Awareness of their initial loneliness (not to be confused with feeling of loneliness — of being abandoned). Self-sufficiency upon which we can confidently build relationships. Not while slipping to neurotic attachment two incomplete halves of one whole, afraid to lose one another because the integrity is lost too. On the contrary, to trust yourself and another as a Union of two Whole, self-sufficient systems, functional and apart too.

Willingness to sacrifice in a dependent relationship is welcomed as a virtue, and in times of war and crisis often do, is an advantage. In peacetime, the sacrificial behavior of the ones distracting from creativity to the world and people are closing on each other.

The fear of being rejected leads to the fear to discover their true needs, and develops in hints and indirect communication, and this is – in itself is manipulation, that is not a direct request and an indirect boost to desired actions. Which, even to the same encrypted hysterically-emotional appeal. Its purpose — to force the other to meet, creating a situation of charges or soften, turn his deception into their targets. In societies where enough of the resource of the warmth of communication, dominated by a healthy strategy of direct requests, messages or urgent requests – this style is Updating.

ACTUALIZATION – external a clear manifestation of an urgent and important needs, or a blatant symbol of his status/relationship without trying to soften the truth, without fear of being rejected or misunderstood; and without risk to offend the other by the present state of Affairs in their inner Universe. Also, you should know that UPDATING coexists with the ability to calmly endure failure. Quality that in our time, the "white man" is almost sidhai (Sidhu special talent from an enlightened personality, like levitation or telekinesis).

Returning to the table. Choosing a lobster, if you still remember what I read diaries of travel, I've been waiting to cook them. I comfortably settled in a comfortable chair fish restaurant, overlooking a boiling stream of people, proudly defiliruya at night the promenade of Playa del Carmen, and eagerly studied in a variety of bright and brightly dressed men and women. I perceived they were wonderfully different – bright, sexually turned on, handsome descendants of the conquerors and prisoners, with all the life-affirming energy emanating from them. I, deep inside, longed for the hard episheva words quality, which I have not found and still I liked them Because they were different compared to those to whom I was accustomed. They were the boldness and clarity in such a concentration, which I have almost never seen in Europe. I tried to understand, "from what place" they live, get used to their meanings and images. Snatched from the crowd of a couple and struggled to understand: these together because of that; and these are not together, and next; and these — they have been together and probably just travel. Dress, neckline, shoes: what?, and Yes about that... and that... of course, and without it? :

Brought lobster, they were fabulously tasty and tender. All the dishes on our table had lobster, and cooked different, emphasizing different taste especially tender meat of this inhabitant of the deep sea

While we were enjoying our food a couple of times, it was raining, spontaneously short and plentiful. January 2015, amazing rainy for this area. Usually there is a +26 and Sunny, as I was told by the old timers. Something is happening with Earth's climate?.. I found in 2014 — the coldest December in Thailand (+22-24) and in Ukraine at that time was the warmest Christmas in the Carpathians (+ 16).

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to be continued...

Author: Natalia Walicka

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