Green roofs in France

The new law voted by the French Parliament last week, requires the owners of commercial property to cover roofs of buildings with plants or solar panels. "Green roofs" will provide the desired level of thermal insulation to reduce the amount of energy required for heating buildings in the cold season or cooling in summer.

Also Green roofs completely remove the problem of excess rainwater when it rains a lot of water rushes from the roofs into the storm drain. Plus, birds can nest on the roofs of these houses, it turns out that something similar to the urban jungle.

This bill was proposed by representatives of environmental organizations, but in its original form was proposed to be required to cover the entire roof area of the building, green areas, or solar panels. The parliamentarians decided to reduce the number of requirements. So, in the edited and final version of the law of the owner of commercial property are obliged to cover only a part of the roof of the building solar panels or vegetation.

Green roofs are very common today in Germany, Australia and Canada. For example, in the Canadian city of Toronto act "green roofs" was adopted in spring 2009. Popular such a project and the Norwegian architects.published



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