How to build a solar panel with their own hands

What for you is to be a farmer? For me it's independence. Independence from various kinds of sanctions imposed by different countries. Independence from rising prices for food, as all can be grown at his farm. And, of course, is independent of the energy and growth of prices for it, whether it is though the thermal or electrical. In one of his articles, I wrote about how to build their own hands a biogas plant, but it is for those farmers who keep livestock, but what about those farmers who are engaged in vegetable or crop?

Come to the aid of solar panels and homemade wind turbines - one of the types of alternative energy sources. In my opinion, everything should be together. Wind charge the battery when there is a breeze, but there is no sunlight, the solar panel on the contrary.

The principle of solar cells:

To understand how to build their own hands a solar panel, you need to understand the principle of their work. This allows you to select the appropriate material for the purchase. I believe that it is necessary to know the following:

Solar panels work by photovoltaic cells, which are monocrystalline and polycrystalline. It is often referred to as solar cells solar cells.
Solar cells collect their own hands is unlikely to succeed, so will have to buy them anyway. I was looking for them in Russia, but unfortunately now all made in China.
In the video below an excerpt from the scientific program of the solar panels, it told a bit of history, and how solar cells work. At the end of the article is a detailed video on how to assemble the solar panel with your hands.

Once you have learned from the video on the principle of solar battery, we can draw some conclusions:

In single crystal photovoltaic efficiency is about 13%, but it is advantageous only in the case where the amount is high enough sunny days.
In Russia, these panels, I think to put not profitable, so there polycrystalline solar cells, their efficiency is about 7%, but they work best with a small amount of cloudiness and sunny day.
Now there are technologies that allow you to make solar cell with an efficiency of over 40%.
About one cell will produce 2.7 watts.
The price of polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar cells, in principle, the same, as it is the same for solar panels.
You have to understand how much power you need and, on this basis, the calculation is the required number of solar panels, but talk about this in future articles. It is important to know that solar panels can be used directly, so if you need to boil water in the kettle 2 kW, then this will require 20 panels of 100 watts. But if you use rechargeable batteries, you can do 3-5 batteries, which charge the battery after the kettle boils water.

It should be noted that the batteries are often the same as, and the panels themselves. If you use solar panels for lighting, then you can get 200 watts panel and put in the house energy saving light bulbs.

Putting solar panels with their hands

Before assembling the solar panel with your hands need to make the frame for the battery. As the protective layer and the surface transparent plexiglass is used in the frame, and can use conventional glass, but it is not so reliable. For body use aluminum corners.

Important to pay attention to soldering of solar cells in a circuit depends on the extent to which work well the solar panel. Solar cells are soldered to the wires that will facilitate the task, but soldering is necessary in any case. The pre-applied flux and solder.
For information on how to assemble the solar panel with your hands, see the video below.

A bit about the economy and profitability of solar panels build its own hands
Searching the internet for the assembly of solar cells solar panels to buy them in Russia, found them at 3200 rubles per 38 pieces, I think it is not profitable, because now there are panels for 4500 rubles, the difference in 1300 will reduce your time and effort.

But if you search the Chinese solar cells, it can be found at 4500 rubles per 100 pieces. Of the 100 pieces can be assembled has two panels at 100 watts. In this case, the profitability of buying photovoltaic cells on the face. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the video below is the assembly of solar cells, size 125 * 63. On the Internet I found a Chinese solar cell the size of 156 * 156 can use them to collect 4 solar panels 100 watts.

As I promised, a video about how to build a solar panel with your hands. It is shown in detail the principle of soldering and sealing.


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