Accumulated on the soul? A simple and very powerful method for solving the problem!

The changes always start with yourself. If we think and act in new ways, while the world around us will reflect what is happening in our mind and the brain. After all, "like attracts like" - the outer world is a reflection of our inner world

. And the children?

Children perceive and reflect the experiences of their parents and continue to beliefs and emotions of the family clan. Often, they have a sense of guilt because of the actions of their parents or family members, and therefore children need to be told that this is not their fate, as mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. and they are in no way to blame. All this is on a subconscious level.

If you start to change your life, or rather his approach to life, from a biological point of view, you need to set yourself a lot of questions and answer them honestly at extracting from the depths of the subconscious, what you do not want to remember or feel ashamed and hurt you. If you can do it, it will be the beginning of the healing process.

Here you will find exercises to work with them, relatives and children.

The question we can ask ourselves:

Do I have a conflict loss (loss)?

When I can not swallow anything ...
... "Is stuck in my throat»?
... "It can strangle me»?
... "This is my eyes zaviduschie and grasping hands»?
When I felt a physical infirmity?
When I lost my territory?
When I was intellectually crushed?
Once in my life I wanted to disappear?
When I could not count on yourself?
When I had to be transformed?
What role can I not play?
What I can not tell?
When my ideas were ridiculed and denied surrounding me in mind ...

... "I'm standing at the blackboard before class»?

... "My partner kidding me»?

... "My parents always pulls me and corrected, screaming that I was a fool and a madman»?

When I worried obsessively conflict ...

... "I touched unpleasant remarks from the spouse or parents»?

... "I have unfairly punished»?

... "I realized that I was a freak»

... "I'm afraid that I'll make a little money and not achieve success»?

When I save the plans and take back the words, it is due to the fact that ...

... "I have something happens at home»?

... "I forgot to pay the bill on time»?

... "We have postponed the wedding»?

Above what I too often reflect ...

... "I am ashamed that I have terrible handwriting»?

... "I do not know how to quickly write»?

... "I have too many mistakes in the letter»?

... "I do bad writing to express himself»?

... "I never got to write as fast and good as all»?

When I was forced to do something against my will ...

... "I had to obey their parents, feeling powerless»?

... "I turned to the sports school team, after I went back»?

... "I had to keep quiet, and so wanted to speak»?

... "I had to tell the truth against their will»?

... "My parents, friends or spouse abuse my good attitude to them»?

... "I have to do housework when you do not want»?

When I thought to exhaustion of the conflict, not knowing how to solve it ...

... "I could not tell her husband that more do not like him and want to go»?

... "I was seriously ill and did not want to tell my partner»?

... "I could not make the right choices and worried about it»?

... "I was more physically weak, compared to my peers»?

... "I am very worried about work, children, school»?

... "I can not stop working, because it must fulfill its perfect»?

When I said to myself, "Calm down!» ...

... "I had time to stop talking, because I was carrying nonsense»?

... "The teacher laughed at my writing over the fact that I am not able to express their thoughts»?

... 'Friends could not listen to my stupidity More »?

When I felt the lack of connections between thoughts, body and soul?
What situations of resistance and disgust I experienced?
When I was blocked and in some sense?
When I was doing everything too fast or doing a lot of things at once?
When I was afraid to die and felt isolated and alone?
When I felt suffocated as if someone wants to strangle me?
What I had experienced nervous breakdowns?
When I was pretending?
When I put down the authority of the father?
From what I have in my life saved?
When I did not know where to go?
In what situations I could not find a practical solution to the problem?
When I could not go beyond the conflict?
When pressed on me, I could not express my opinion on this matter?
When other people have suffered from me?
From what situations I could not get rid of, like dirt?
In what situations I experienced physical threat to life?
When I wanted to get rid of the feelings, I did not want to see and hear?
What was the most severe stress in my life? How do I resolve it?
When I realized that finally lost something?
When the events of my life have plunged me into depression?
When I wanted to leave something at home (behavior, words)?
When I experienced humiliation fall?
When I could not save those I love?
When I ignored?
When I most vividly imagined future?
When I vaguely imagined that something or someone?
When something or someone has betrayed and disappointed me?
What it was in imminent danger of my life?
What is the danger for me in the past and may in the future?
What I do not want to see in your life?


From parent to child or to anyone who will receive it, or ... even yourself!

I apologize for the fact that I could not protect you when I needed.

Working with children and a

I apologize for the fact that I can not comfort you and explain what is happening.
I'm sorry for what was too young to be your mother.
I apologize for the constant or frequent arguments with your father.
I am sorry that my father left you.
I am sorry that your dog drugged.
I apologize for the fact that until ............... will express all that has accumulated on your soul.

If your child is, in your opinion, has increased, or is an adult, you can send him a letter (if you feel you can do it).

If your child is still small, or you feel that you can not deliver a letter to the addressee, then read it in front of a photograph to whom it is addressed.

Feel the changes that have taken place in you, in the child and in your relationship with him, after you have done this.

Re-read the letter again, if you still feel emotions, and once was not enough. If you already have settled down on the written, the letter burn or tear it, or delete this email with any pleasing for you.

This is a simple and very powerful method!

When disappears guilt, your communication with him and love will become clearer.


Take the big picture of your father or other person required for internal call. If this person is alive, use a color photograph if it is no longer alive -. Black and white

Write your emotional experiences (what I experienced and felt), periodically glancing at his face.

Hold this image in your hand in front of him, loud, loud voice to express what you have experienced and felt, thus striving to bring vivid memories about experienced events.

This can be done once and can be repeated as long as necessary to you. The number of repetitions does not matter, everyone has their own pace and intensity of the experience.

There are no clear rules to follow. But the method is very effective. You can also simply write about their emotions on a blank sheet of paper, and can on the side of the photo. It is important to fully reflect the emotional experience.


"All that you have done for me


Condemned, I was not pleased with me

Doubted me Not supported me

I do not recognize my right to exist

Everything that you did for me

Do not listen to

I do not show that you love me

Degrading, limited

He treats me like a burden

It refers to both the source of anxiety

Do not give me that something I was impatient, Thou art worthy to me

He said that I was slow on the uptake

I do not pay attention to my anger

You did not support me in my choice

I have not had anything that I would like to


Manifestations your love

I felt: unloved, rejected, restless, a burden, not understood, in the endless negativity and criticism, anxious and waiting for the anger in his address

. The consequences of all this in my life: lack of confidence, problems in relationships with other people and the lack of implementation


THIS EXERCISE IN NO EVENT is not a way to get even with someone. It is necessary in order to express and denote an emotional experience that was experienced in a relationship with this person.

We should not bother our parents' feelings. This does not prevent us to talk with them after the letter is written, sorry if you feel the need to talk afterwards.


1) Read the "plan \ purpose»

2) Before you begin to talk with the child, it is necessary to release the emotional charge (associated with his or her parents) in accordance with the "up-purpose." Children are not psychologists.

3) Explain to the child the story about the brain and the computer:

= Brain Computer

Explain to the child that his brain functions like a computer. Fruit experiencing all that his parents are going through, and these experiences - the "program" which uses the brain. Explain that now we will reprogram "program", because it is harmful.

4) Say: "That's your story»

5) "You took over a certain conflict»

6) "So are you behaving like this»

7) "But this is not your conflict. It does not have and has never had to see you

nothing. " 8) "You can no longer submit to the conflict»

9) "Everything! Done! »

This exercise can be performed with baby pictures HIMSELF OR WITH CHILD AND YOU CAN SAY IT ALL him in a dream.

Trial and error

Do not be afraid to try before you learn the correct technique of "Healing of Memories". In any case, you will not harm the child


Do not look into the eyes of a child. The conversation takes place with his subconscious, it is not necessary to achieve conscious awareness.

We wish you success on the right track!


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