Enjoying Nakadai. Part 3

Sixty million six hundred thirteen thousand four hundred twenty

photo: © Anatoliy Beloshchin

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Day 5th.

In the second “cave” day, we were in the depths of the cenote: “Temple of souls” or another name of “Skull”. Two large sockets open to the sky so that there's no Hiking downhill. There you have to jump from a height of three meters already fully equipped and need to get out by a ladder made probably before the arrival of the conquistadors to the mainland.Thirty two million nine hundred thirty six thousand two hundred forty five

Here were found several fragments of a human skeleton are related to the category of archaeological artifacts. According to legend, it was a place of sacrifice by the Indians, and to get out of here do not appear to be possible, unless you only know how to fly. The eye socket of the skull from the edge of the water and extends deeper into the great hall with the ceiling. According to one of the local old-timers here recently killed several free-divers (diving to depths of breath-hold). They expected that they have enough air before the next open space – not calculated.

This is perhaps the landscape most beautiful and unexpected cave, if even here they can be compared. It really comes a feeling that I am inside the human body. And around — whether sharp bone, or the villi of the mucosa of the soft tissues of the body.

Nine million two hundred thirty five thousand one hundred one

At a depth of 15 meters amazing effect - contact of two environments — fresh and salt water. In this place of their mutual penetration almost completely disappears visibility. This effect is observed in the absolute transparency of the fresh and salt water. Fresh-salty mixture begins to be like a thick mixed glass, the light is reflected and scattered in all directions, and we find ourselves as if inside a dense frosted glass. And only when a deeper immersion in salt river reappears transparency, and suddenly becomes cozy and warm. This is because of the salt water in the lower layers of the cave from the ocean, which she reported to be a couple of degrees warmer freshwater in the upper layers of the underground river.

Thirty three million nine hundred sixty four thousand nine hundred sixty three

Day 6th.

Third day of cave diving. In the morning we head to the one referred to in the land of the Blue Hole. This is the correct large hole in the ground, which is even visible from satellites, and it is of meteoric origin. There is a version that a large prehistoric meteorite which here once unimaginable long fallen near ocean Bay, and is still resting there in the center of the round water-filled crater at the bottom of this 80 metre well, and in this essay on the underwater island surrounded by salt river are fallen trees.

Somewhere at 25 meters fresh water mixes with ocean water. The entrance to the village of lake soft if melted. Likely, the edge of the pit were smoothed even the descent of the glaciers under the curtain of the ice age. And around this cenote (called Angelita "little angel") is a dense and vibrant rain forest with colorful birds and vines leading down to the lake meteor crater.

Twenty seven million four hundred fourteen thousand six hundred fifty eight

As expected, we first we examine the map and discuss the plan of your dives. We will dive to a depth of 38 meters, having a layer of hydrogen sulfide, then visit some caves on the way up. Then just "float" in fresh slightly clear water over the formed in the middle of the crater island of picturesque fallen trees actively produce hydrogen sulfide, it creates amazing visual effects, like the mist over the river. We examine the entry into the water. Yes, here the lake is not transparent. There at the end of the dive will be another surprise that is promised to our cave guide.

Fall to the bottom in a light green suspension of live fish lake – glide in full space. So amazing to get to weightlessness after the indicated transparent labyrinths of caves. We go as much deeply, remembering about the almost complete loss of visibility in the expected two-meter mixed environment. I struggled in his fall to keep up with the guide in this yellowish turbidity, and for him, my guide remains the only weak spot of a searchlight which from me at arm's length. My flashlight turns into Firefly, and I still have time to think: what's this gene which floats behind me, though, there is something visible?

It turns out that it was at this point we got lost and emerged from the impenetrable cloud of mist in the zone of visibility above, to find us at the rising bubbles. Having an offset layer, we are again enveloped in a nice warm bath, now savoury and transparent waters. I well and learned carefully to follow the guide, which is not very much worried about the participants. He methodically, as a military man, had a briefing before the dive, and under water, and especially anyone prefers not to control, and not be an instructor and guide. In this boundless space — is a matter of life. According to the instructions, if lost can not find the group, it needs to emerge. And here I so understood, the relaxed atmosphere of trust which is a guarantee that everything will go as it should.

It's not like a Hollywood adventure movie, where the characters are hysterical and intense control mixed with panic. No — in life otherwise, life is not emotionally stable people do not climb in depth, and not going to the top and watch Hollywood movies on the couch with popcorn and think that they have attained life, and after in social networks movie quote actors who themselves were never really in terms of which starred in the movie. Life she really is not like it is cinema and books. The most delicious moments of adventure fun to experience a internal, but they are not spectacular, but spectacular for cinema, not typical for extreme situations.

Three million one hundred thirty thousand six hundred thirty

photo: © Anatoliy Beloshchin

Love to create in the training of the mysteries which I have, it is this atmosphere of calm confidence to the people and what is happening in any social landscape and extreme we go, whatever "doing" didn't show — the most delicious bright and spectacular is going on inside the participants of the mysteries.

During ascent from a depth of 40 meters it is necessary to observe some rules are very important: to emerge gradually and to hang out somewhere at twenty feet for 3-5 minutes to give the solution in the blood of nitrogen gradually from there out. Otherwise, with the rapid ascent may lead to injuries of the lungs and "boiling" of the blood. The outcome is fatal, it is called the bends. That there are such horror stories in the diver's reality.

When began the ascent, it started and the most spectacular. Slowly after a layer of mixed dark waters, it was as if we emerged and soared above the underground river in a light mist of hydrogen sulfide. We circled the dais with him laid on fallen trees, which singled out the fog in the lower layers over the salt river flowing at the bottom of freshwater lakes. All this was illuminated by lanterns and somewhere up there was green midday okoem the lake our cenote Angelita. After admiring a mystical underground of the island and its dark river, so similar to authentic mythological river Styx, which according to legend, Charon, the conductor of transported souls to the underworld, we were climbing to the next, and the rise seemed endless.

Hovering in the water, I found that a circle the Blue hole somewhere in the depth of 15 meters there is a ceiling, wreathed with marvelous chandelier covered with crystals, sparkling in the light of the flashlight. And underneath another cave and round like holes in the cheese vertical tunnels. Here in this narrow passage, and left our guide with two cylinders behind to my complete amazement. Gene marks has showed me that I need to swim for the guide. But how? There cannot unfold!!! Three times pereproshit gestures, I followed the guide, although not understand his ideas, and I was scared. But in these moments I trust the experts helps the memory of that dead body more problems than with the living. I need to trust them, no matter how strange it may seem, their proposed idea. There are people interested in my welfare, and I believe them.

At the end of the tunnel was glitter and light from the projector guide. The guide was waiting for me in the expansion of underwater caves and amazing crystal covered walls of this natural temple, in which were several narrow vertical tunnels. Then he sent me to the exit, I swam head down, and surprisingly easy popped to the free water. Our Life time in this cenote was coming to an end and we swam to the surface of the lake to settle on a five-meter depth, to clear the blood of accumulated nitrogen.

I have enough air with the stock, since my low weight even during active swimming under water and running for fish consumes less oxygen than other larger divers. So I don't save air movement. And can afford to play more than others.

Coming to the surface, we were surprised to learn that sanarova with us group (by the way, it was the Russians), decided not to go to the underground river. I agree – that's was dumb, and there is not take those who have less than a hundred dives. I often play the role of exceptions that the rules on who is bound to the fate of plays.

Because up there, where will not everyone is a professional, incessantly ironic to thank God for allowing me the honor.

Twenty three million five hundred forty seven thousand six hundred eighty eight

The next cenote CAR WASH, is translated as "Washing machines".

Flocks of fish was the first light entertainment, they were swimming in the water is so transparent that gray-white of the back of the big stones seemed to Stoke, although they were six meters. And under the vaults of the Bank opened the large halls of the caves with a rare but powerful columns of stalactites, and niches with shelves, on which were carefully displayed artifacts of archaeological finds.

In the cave we introduced the conductor, unwinding nylon thin rope. The guide fastened it, winding stalagmites in the corners. As in a fairy tale we followed the witches ' ball which was unwound military underwater shaman, so we could come back for the clue. Sometimes we come across passages with "road signs" where it was in the pictures clearly explained that you are there waiting for death in a cloak and with a scythe, or a skeleton with an aqualung and flippers. It was the black humor of the drivers is understandable to all, the message at the same time in all languages. Even the elephant — intelligent mammal, seeing the skull of his brother in fear runs away.

Eighty four million six hundred eighty eight thousand two hundred ninety nine

In this Cenote we have finished our cave dive. We said goodbye to a retired Navy submariner. He sincerely was delighted and impressed by my fearlessness, as not many women are immersed, and the more immersed in the cave. And I understood that he simply built the route of the expedition and the first of six dives, and colorful and complex, were intended just to check readiness for the challenge of cave diving.

I guess because our guide looked so carefree, because it was sure that his strategy is correct. And I, as a psychologist, sympathetic to extreme psycho, you know that the quality of the external contemplative serenity just sets of professionals that possess his subject, from those who want to seem, but it is not.published 

To be continued...

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