They say everyone is afraid of something. Someone height, someone dark or spiders. Consider the most unusual fear that people suffer ...


Claustrophobia - one of the most common phobias, fear of confined spaces. It is a special condition of the person when he experiences an inexplicable anxiety, fear or panic when in a closed room. The term comes from the Latin claustrophobic «claustrum» - «locked in place" and the Greek «phobos» - «fear».


Acrophobia (from the Greek. Akros - "top") - an uncontrolled irrational fear of heights. It belongs to the category of specific phobias related discomfort and space motion


Fear of water, we can say this is one of the most natural fears or phobias. As well as fear of heights, water - this is something that should be treated with respect and caution.


If a person is afraid to get sick phobia or fear of fear haunts, one can conclude that he is suffering phobophobia. It prevents to understand the nature and essence of a particular fear. This anxiety disorder is directed by itself. This phobia is closed on itself and ceases to be associated with specific situations. A person with a phobia of the body is constantly in a high voltage, and increases the likelihood of the fear of a new attack.


Its feature is the fear to get back and catch a disease which at that time it was impossible to cure and thereby die. Such a man is afraid that the time machine breaks and come back in the future will not be possible where such diseases already know how to treat.


It is the fear of tickling the bird's feather. It can occur if a child in such a way tickled as a child, and it was very unpleasant.


People suffering from this phobia fear the kind of inflated balloons. They start to panic at the thought that a balloon can explode unexpectedly. They are filled with horror when they are asked to inflate the balloon, as well as pursuing the fear to fly on balloons into the sky.


Fear of numbers. The man begins to think that in his life there are numbers that have a special significance for him. For example, many people are afraid of panic "13" and all that it involves. Accordingly, for the people suffering from this phobia, the number - it's coded information that carries something good or bad.


Somnifobiya - the fear of sleep. People suffering from this mental disorder experience fear at the mere thought that they would have to go to bed. Most often, the disease manifests itself in children, but sometimes overcomes somnifobiya and adults. According to some reports, she was exposed to even Stalin himself. Tom may have different causes: intolerance nightmares, feelings of helplessness or fear of being buried alive, as it was Gogol. In any case, the feeling of fear does not allow you to sleep, and, as you know, awake people start to go crazy.


Kaliginefobiya - fear of beautiful women. This is a form ginefobii, general fear of women. The same kind of makes a person afraid is the best of the fairer sex. Such social phobia can be extremely damaging to the person, depending on the level of damage. Symptoms include shortness of breath and release shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, nausea, sweating, panic attacks and feelings of fear. Kaliginefobiya although there is more often in men, but can occur in children, adolescents and women.


The nature of this phenomenon, as the fear of the dark (or niktofobiya) genetically inherent in man since ancient times, when darkness and danger are directly correlated. Primitive people that live in caves, were their lives at serious risk by staying overnight in a precarious shelter or alone: ​​a source of serious danger lurking night person at every step.


Skoptofobiya - a funny word means answered by a serious problem: the fear of looking ridiculous in the eyes of others. Not dressed, made a mistake in the behavior, say something reckless. Under these terms are often hidden fear of being himself. And the paradox is that this fear lies in our works of Mother Nature in the form of self-preservation.


1. obsessive fear of his own death. At the same time the more active the patient avoids anything that might remind of death, the fear became more intense; 2. any fear of his own death, cause painful reasons. Generally speaking, the fear of death is typical, with a few exceptions, all the people for whom death is the end of existence in any form. Influence of the fear of death in the way of thinking and behavior has been insufficiently studied.


One variety of phobias - fear of married life / pathological fear of marriage (marriage). Connected with the problems of psychological and psychosexual plan.


Fear of churches has to fear shrines in general and is based on a negative experience or awed.

It is surprising that even religious and deeply religious people are exposed to such fears. Of course, it makes their lives unbearable.


The fear of being buried alive. Some people even bequeath displayed on the surface of the grave a bell on a string, just in case they wake up in a coffin.


Kontreltotofobiya - a strong and almost overwhelming fear of possible sexual harassment, from the opposite sex. Everyone is afraid of something in your life, and more recently to the experts drawn an increasing number of people who are afraid of sexual harassment.


A specific phobia is the constant, irrational, obsessive fear of bathing, washing or cleaning. Ablutophobia usually more common in children and women than in men.


From the title you might think that this fear be in the subway, but it's not. People suffering metrofobiey covers the fear of poetry. They shudder at the thought that they will recite poetry or listen to someone.


Due to modern technology and the fear associated with the Internet. Some people with this strange phobia afraid of malware, spam, and others believe that even an ordinary web search can be fraught with many dangers.


specific phobia, which is inherent in more men. It is a pathological fear of Tiffany. While many argue that this includes in-law and fear. But others are strongly against such an interpretation of the words, explaining that women's fear in-law does not reach the size of a phobia.


It is considered very strange phobia of all. People suffering from this phobia, convinced that the ducks have to fear, as the world's one of them is constantly watching them. Perhaps the emergence of this phobia is associated with some shock that the person experienced in childhood. This could be a meeting with the aggressive behavior of ducks or geese, or fear of their terrifying cry and flapping of wings. The symptoms of this phobia attacks are dizziness, nausea and panic attacks.


It is such an interesting word of 33 letters called the fear of long words. This fear makes people sick, the appearance of sweat, broken heart, breathing quickens.


By stubbornly obsessive fear zemmifobiya concerns - fear of large excavators, namely a large mole. This phobia is unusual and little known. People suffering from it are likely to have experienced previous traumatic event associated with moles or rats. So then they see these animals as a direct threat to their lives.


This pathological fear of crucifixes and crosses. Such people are very difficult to persuade on the right path with the help of religion. They have an aversion to the church built into the subconscious, and it is virtually impossible to instruct on the right path with the help of religion.


(Gk. eisoptron - mirror phobia). Obsessive fear, the fear of mirrors. The symptom can be observed in the structure of BDD syndrome (anti-symptom mirror when the patient is afraid to see the alleged change occurred on his face).


fear of work. It is an inexplicable fear of steady work. It is unlikely that such a diagnosis you will be able to find a job, but if it acquired on the job, it will be iron argument to get paid for doing nothing.


This fear of the surrounding trees or forest is quite widespread. One of the problems when working with this phobia is the one that patients hide this disorder, fear of being ridiculed, and in response to insults. Persons with fears literally gripped by fear in the midst of a dense forest. They begin to feel trapped, choking feeling. There is fear of attacks, anxiety, panic rising. Avoid trees can be a pretty difficult task.


This phobia is defined as an irrational fear of the dance moves. Often the person is afraid that it will cause to dance or he starts to dance. This phobia is associated with social problems - shyness, fear of large crowds. Symptoms include shortness of breath or palpitations, irregular heartbeat, the same nausea, sweating and panic. The man thus a "fossilized", unable to move, or tends to leave the place of the dance.


Fear of fog. That fear is exaggerated fear innocuous, seemingly, a natural phenomenon. This disorder can cause extreme panic in patients. Some individuals even so passionate escape from the fog that moved deliberately in those geographical locations where there is little rainfall and low humidity. People with this phobia highly developed imagination, they see the fog surrounding the horrible vision. Some may see it even deep tunnels, crazy feeling a sense of fear.


Fear of prostitutes or venereal disease. This fear is also irrational. The phobia has existed for a few generations, it got its name from the island nation of Cyprus, also called syndrome has venerofobiey, named after the Roman goddess of love. People with this phobia have a deadly fear of sexually transmitted diseases. This disease is serious enough, the patients with him experience a feeling of horror and fear, panic, they tremble and anxiety, people are quick to wilt and lose consciousness.


In this case, a person experiences a fairly intense and irrational fear of alcohol. People suffering from this phobia, not only to avoid any options themselves with alcohol consumption, but also the part of all who are drinkers. For these patients are totally unacceptable any situation where there are alcohol - weddings, family celebrations and other festivals. Usually people with metilofobiey once, but in real life to get some injury associated with alcohol consumption. Perhaps it was the abuse by parents or private unpleasant memories.


Agyrophobia experiencing panic fear of roads, highways, trails and highways, so it is very difficult to live in the city, especially in the city. Name phobia comes from the Greek word «gyrus», which means "gyrus, the whirlpool." There are several varieties agyrophobia: fear of highways and roads, the fear of narrow country roads, the fear of crossing the road in the wrong place, the fear of crossing the road in the right place (on a zebra or a traffic light), the fear of crossing the road alone, fear of crossing busy (desert) streets . Oddly enough, this phobia is not related to fear of cars.


Fear cook. The name of this extremely strange phobia comes from the Greek «mageirokos» - a man who knows how to cook well, cooking. This mental disorder can paralyze a person's life, to destroy his personal relations and undermine health (mageyrokofob not able to prepare a normal healthy diet). People suffering from this phobia experience shyness, fear and even chefs, cooks and anyone who knows how to make an omelet.


Pediofobiya - irrational fear of puppets. People suffering from this phobia, afraid not just scary dolls and dolls of all, without exception, from the PUPS to Barbie. In fact, pediofobiya - is the fear of any artificial imitation of living beings, so pediofoby also afraid of robots and mannequins, making it difficult to shopping, especially for women. Pediofobiyu not be confused with or pedofobiey pediafobiey - fear of children.


Each of us at least once found himself in an awkward situation in a foreign company, when you have to keep small talk with strangers or unfamiliar people. And nothing - survived. But there are people to whom the thought of such a situation terrifies. It deipnofoby. They experience the panic before the conversation at meals, so rarely go to visit and do not invite yourself. In earlier times, strict rules of table etiquette reliably protects us from the awkwardness or rudeness random interlocutors. Unfortunately, these rules are forgotten. In modern society, all the rules, rituals, and so-called formal minimized, which makes us extremely vulnerable.


Demonofobiya - irrational fear of evil demons, ghosts, vampires, monsters and other evil spirits, which does not leave a man, even in daylight. Sufferers demonofobiey often realize that their fears have no basis, but, nevertheless, any mention of demons of all kinds makes them panic. They are afraid to go alone into the woods to be alone at home, or sleep without a light. Such people can not even look at without a shudder of horror poster advertising, and about how to see it, and there is no question.


It's very, very rare phobia certainly deserves inclusion in this list. At first glance it may seem that arakibutirofobiya invented some wit, but it is not. Unlike other phobias, get rid of arakitubirofobii very simple - you do not have peanut butter. But if you imagine that you are six years old, and parents every day stuffed with you a peanut butter sandwich, you can understand how, in the future, this constraint may result in serious psychological trauma, and even cause panic attacks when a person sees the peanut butter or feels his scent.


it is the fear of sitting, which can result from the disease hemorrhoids in particularly severe. Sometimes katisofobiya develops as a result of violence, during which a person was forced to remain in a sitting position, or injury after a man accidentally sat on the sharp or hot objects. In some cases, katisofobiya is a consequence of other phobias - such as fear of public speaking. Manifestations katisofobii: sweating, shortness of breath and loss of spatial orientation.


Fear not understand the meaning of reading. Sometimes you sit, read, and do not know about that - the reason for this can be anything, for example, think of something else, in such cases usually say that the thoughts were somewhere far away, and maybe the text is really very complex (technical) and to understand it is not enough education in any field.


Panic fear of the knee. Holders of such a strange phobia fear knees. Strange course, that they worry? But these people are not persuaded, they avoid all places where you can suddenly see a chance bare knee.


Koulrofobiya - a strong panic fear of clowns. Most often, this phobia comes from the fact that clowns are not predictable, and to predict their effect is simply not possible. Habits clown little awkward that on a subconscious level is perceived as the behavior of mentally unhealthy person, the result is a fear of clowns.


Hardly ill nefofobiey so happy "Belogrivov horses" from the cartoon "Tryam! Hello! ", Because the type of cloud gives them sovereign horror. Hardly joyful images stand up in front of them when they are watching the white flakes in the sky. Rather, they are monsters ready to attack them at any time.


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