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We all something boimsya.I our fears may have a completely different nature. From arachnophobia (fear of spiders) to social phobia (fear of people). But do you know what fears were not given and do not give to live in peace for many historical figures and celebrities?

George Washington

Tafefobiya (fear of being buried alive) pursued by George Washington, the first president of America. He was also commander of the armed forces put their lives at risk in order to save others, defended the country from British soldiers. It seems that such a person must be fearless? But Washington had a serious fear - he is terribly afraid of premature burial. This was evident especially in the last days of his life, in 1799, when the president made his assistants to promise that they bury him only after two days of waiting. Tafefobiya was spread among the aristocracy and among the people who lived in the XVII - XVIII centuries. Although nowadays it is not so well-known phobia, a situation where a person were buried prematurely, did occur.

Woody Allen

Panfobiya a pathological fear of everything around. And if the fear of some particular thing brings a lot of trouble, this fear - a real punishment. And Woody Allen collided with him - his fear of a truly limitless. In his '74 actor and screenwriter is afraid to virtually everyone. In addition to standard phobias such as fear of insects, confined spaces and heights, it is also more unusual experiences and fears. These include fear of animals, bright colors, peanut butter and elevators. Also, Allen recognizes the drain in the shower drain should not be positioned in the center of the bath, namely a corner, and the banana before adding to the breakfast cereal to be cut precisely into seven parts.

Richard Nixon

Nozokomifobiya (or fear of hospitals) pursued the 37th president of the United States is experiencing a panic fear of hospitals. He believed that one day he found himself in the hospital, already did not get out of there alive. In 1974, Mr. Nixon found a blood disease, but to treatment, he refused to go. Doctors warned him that in the case of hospitalization, he will die. Just as Nixon was able to convince to go to the hospital. This fear is quite common.

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock horror afraid to eggs, in other words, suffering from ovofobii. He said that the eggs had just cause disgust! The famous Hollywood producer and director and his entire life and did not try any of the eggs, he even refused to look at them. Hitchcock claimed that there is nothing more disgusting than to see the yellow liquid derived from the round white object. It is unclear how such a rare fear could develop such a person.

Sigmund Freud

Fear of ferns and weapons did not give to live in peace Sigmund Freud, a neurologist who has created many famous theories and founded the psychiatric school of psychoanalysis. He argued that the fear of weapons is a sign of delayed emotional and sexual maturity. This is a common fear of people. But fear of ferns - a completely different matter. It's hard to say where the roots of this growing fear because Freud talked about him almost nothing. It is unlikely that as a child he had a mental trauma in some way related to the ferns.

Oprah Winfrey

Fear of chewing gum can be seen Oprah, Queen of daytime TV. The beginning of this phobia was laid in childhood, when my grandmother TV stars collected gum and laying them on the table in a row. It was so frustrating to Oprah that she began to feel the fear of chewing gum. She even threw a plate, seeing in it a piece of gum! Oprah does not allow anyone to chew gum in the studio. Amazingly, everything and try not to give her trouble and go to a meeting.

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood suffered from hydrophobia (fear of water). This famous actress just terrified of being in the water. Though the reasons for this fear of the unknown, they say that he appeared after Natalie's childhood in the film fell from the bridge into the water. This fear of the actress stayed for life. In a sad irony, Natalie, falling from a yacht sank.

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton a lot of fears. Firstly, this director, musician, actor and writer suffers from hromofobii - afraid of bright colors. He also feels the fear of antique furniture. Any furniture made in the first half of the last century makes him terrifying. Once Thornton was in the restaurant, furnished with antiques, so he could not eat and drink, Thornton was even hard to breathe there. But that is not all. Billy also experienced the fear of clowns (koulrofobiya). His badly frightened one kind of painted faces.

Nikola Tesla

Fear of jewelry and microbes pursued Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor, known for his work on electricity and electromagnetism. He was germofobom, so avoid touching the people and everything that might contain germs. The scientist was washing his hands very often. He also experienced the horror of jewelry, especially in front of pearl earrings. Tesla just could not bear pearls. Everything else he preferred number 3 or a multiple of three. For example, hotel rooms Tesla always chose only such principle.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Aelurophobia (fear of cats) suffering from Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, a political leader and a great leader. Do not believe it was a joke. Napoleon was afraid of cats to death. But the reasons for this phobia commander known. This fear is familiar to many world-famous rulers - Hitler, Mussolini and Julius Caesar.


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