People with extraordinary abilities (13 photos)

People have always wondered what lies beyond ordinary perception, that is not available to most. However, together with interest and the fear was present due to the lack of reliable information and uncertainty. Recently, paranormal or unusual ability of people to become the subject of social and scientific research, philistine gossip and newspaper publications. What kind of abilities? Where did they come from?

Despite the fact that the human body has been well studied by physicians and scientists still remain mysteries that are beyond our understanding. There are many amazing event occurred with ordinary people and published in the press. Some events simply can not be explained by modern science.

So, perhaps the most famous case occurred when her mother was walking with her young son and distracted. The child ran out into the road and was hit by a car. Seeing this picture, my mother rushed the baby to help him and lifted the car. This is the case in our time more often described by scientists as proof that the human body has hidden abilities.


One quite famous case occurred during the war. The pilot of the bolt got into the mechanism jammed steering. Under pain of death he became a pilot with all his strength to pull the handle and miraculously was able to straighten out the plane. After landing mechanics carefully examined the management and found the cut bolt. As a result of examination, it was found out that in order to cut like a bolt of force it would take 500 kilograms.

One man was walking through the woods and accidentally stumbled upon the sleeping bear. With fear he grabbed a log lying there and ran towards a nearby village. When the danger had passed, he threw a log on the ground, caught his breath and looked at him. It was a huge tree trunk, which he then could not pull one out of the way. The man could not explain even to himself - why he grabbed this log.


But such incredible stories occur not only when it comes to their own salvation.

There is another case. When the child fell from the 7th floor window, his mother managed to grab with one hand while the other she held on to a brick cornice, with only two fingers - index and middle. Her manner was so before the arrival of rescuers who then hardly unclenched her fingers.

70 year old woman of 13 kilometers has carried on the back of his 40 year old son got into an accident, never stopping or lowering it to the ground.

Some researchers argue that people use their abilities only 10%. And that applies both to the body and to the brain.

He demonstrated an amazing ability to physician hypnotist Vul - he had the ability to inspire at a distance. Vul sent a letter by mail, in which his hand was written the word "Sleep!" If before the patient has been taking on this doctor, upon receiving the letter, he immediately falls asleep.

He possessed an uncanny ability entertainer of French Michel Lotito - he can eat all that you see. When he was still a child, he "ate" a TV and a 15-year-old began to entertain the people with money, eating rubber, glass and metal. Because Michelle ate plane (though his eating took about 2 years), it made the Guinness book. Biologist K. Richardson can be held in a cage with lions, all night. For unknown reasons, the Lions take Richardson for her. Thai Ngoc from Vietnam since 1973 does not sleep - it started after he had been ill with a fever.


Phenomenon Monica Tejada.

Such unexplained phenomena in our world are many. An amazing phenomenon scientists demonstrates Monica Tejada from Spain. Under her gaze even bend metal objects.

No tricks here is not present. The sealed glass jar, scientists placed a steel wire. Monica, however this did not prevent a strong thread in the bent shape of a dinosaur with mouth closed. Devices during this process documented fever girl and her blood pressure reduction. This combination leads doctors to a standstill. This EEG showed typical of a sleeping man biotoki. Monica has another gift - she can diagnose the disease.

In New Jersey, on the outskirts of Trenton in the 40 years he lived 90-year old man named Al Herpin. His shack was no cot or bed - in my entire life Al Herpin never slept. The old man, who lived to that age, experienced doctors who examined him. Appetite and health Al Herpina were good, average mental ability. Of course, after a day of work, he was tired, but could not sleep. The old man sat in a chair and read until you feel refreshed. After the restoration of physical strength, he again set to work. Explain the chronic insomnia patients their doctors have not been able, they were unable to explain the source of his longevity.

The case, which occurred in a Russian village. There lived an old sick woman named Matrona. She had not heard, not seen, and almost did not go. One night, her house caught fire. The whole village came running to the fire. What was the surprise of people, when they saw how the old woman climbs over a high fence. And in her hands she held a large trunk, which later could not pick up a few men. Where are the boundaries of human capabilities? And do they do?


In Mexico City, at the Olympic Games in 1968, the athlete named Robert Beamon could leap almost 9 meters. Of course, it seems impossible, but the record was beaten by Robert. A record that was set in the year 500 BC in ancient Greece, it looks absolutely fantastic - FILE athlete then jumped almost 17 meters in length.

In New York in 1935, I was born perfectly normal-looking kid. However, he lived only 26 days. Once opened, it turned out that the child was absent brain. Although it is known that even the slightest damage to the cerebral cortex can lead to death.

The fact that in the world there are people who live with foreign objects in the body, one is not surprised. But an incident that occurred at a hospital in New York, it seems incredible. The hospital asked a man with a slight malaise. Doctors conducted a survey and found his body more than 250 items. Only the key turned in the patient's body 26 pieces. About that, where in his body as objects, not people said.

No less striking case occurred in a 12-year-old Russian boy who went to the hospital a little town with complaints of dizziness and weakness. On examination, doctors found a bullet in the heart wound. It is not known how the boy got a similar injury, and most importantly - how to survive after that. X-rays determined that the bullet is in the solar artery. The boy was rushed to Moscow, where the bullet and removed from the body. She made an incredible journey in the body - pierced lung and hit the heart vytolknuvshee it into the aorta. As the vessel moved to the bullet as long as the sun does not hit the artery.


The famous psychiatrist and neurologist Cesare Lombroso had a very solid reputation in the scientific world. In his book, "What after death", he told the incident that occurred with the 14-year-old girl. She's blind, but she had a completely new and amazing ability to see.

Dr. Lombroso studies have been conducted, which revealed that the girl sees the lobe of the left ear and the nose. To eliminate even the slightest possibility of participation of girls eye, during the experiment, doctors closed their dressing so that peeping is completely excluded. However, despite the measures taken, the girl easily read blindfolded and perfectly distinguish colors.

When near the earlobe flashed a bright light, she blinked, and when the doctor wanted to bring a finger to the tip of her nose, she jumped with shouts that he wants to dazzle. There has been a striking movement of the senses, which has affected not only the vision. When the experimenter brought a solution of ammonia to his nose girl, she did not respond. But as soon as he brought the solution to the chin, she jerked in pain. She could distinguish smells chin.

I must say that some people are able to fully control the ability of the organism. These include first Indian yogis. Perhaps the most striking ability of yogis is that they are able to stop the beating of his own heart. Yoga can enter yourself into a state of "death" - the work of the heart and breathing slow down, and other vital processes are stopped.


Yogi can remain for a long time in this state. So what are the hidden forces in man? Based on the foregoing, it can be assumed that the unlimited possibilities of human organism. It is only necessary to learn how to control them.

Diamond Tears

A woman named Khanum lives in Africa, he gained the nickname "Diamond" for its unusual ability to cry diamonds. Since childhood Khanuma cried. The first time was nine years old, when she first peeled onions. What a surprise it was the girl's parents when out of her eyes began to fall hard crystals instead of tears.

Dad was a jeweler and girls exposing small crystals are easily identified, they are real diamonds. The parents decided to keep secret the unusual ability Khanuma and dad daughter crystals used for the manufacture of jewelry in high demand. One customer became suspicious and handed the diamond to the examination, which revealed that the stone is of organic origin. The girl became famous all over the world. But scientists have not managed so far to uncover the mystery of the diamond tears.

Man - the ice

Not sensitive to any resident of the Netherlands Wim cold Hof. Due to their unusual abilities Dutch conquered the mountain tops in his underwear, floated for a long time in ice water and made many similar feats.


Doctors carried out a survey organism remarkable man, but the results of the studies showed no abnormalities in the body after a cold Wim procedures. Unusual ability Dutchman allow him to feel comfortable in those conditions that any other person will be fatal.

"Perpetuum Mobile»

Kid named Reth Lamba, who three years, has never in his life did not sleep. He is awake around the clock. Parents Reta of course, not happy with such capabilities son, but most of them are concerned about the health of the child. However, as shown by the repeated medical examinations, lack of sleep does not affect the health of Reta, the boy is healthy.

Recent studies have clarified a little picture. It turns out that the brain and nervous system of the child's wonder arranged in a special way, so that the boy did not need sleep, resting his brain during wakefulness.

Man - the reptile

Stories are cases where people have the ability to replace their skin to the next, just as do reptiles. Born in 1851 in Missouri C. Baskirk in childhood began to change the skin. The most amazing thing is that it's always happened in one day - on 27 June. The skin begins to coarsen, and then fall off in large chunks. With hands and feet, she climbed down like gloves or socks.


After it subsided with the old skin, it could be in her place to watch young pink and delicate skin, like the one that newborn babies have. For several years, Mr. Baskirk gathered "skin" collection.

Glowing patient

Anna suffers from asthma Monaro, in 1934, it looked like a fluorescent lamp. During the illness of her breasts came bluish glow. This phenomenon lasted for several weeks and has been documented by physicians. Sometimes the color of light changes to red and green. The explanation for this phenomenon to give no one could.

A psychiatrist has suggested that "the phenomenon is caused by electric and magnetic organisms that got quite a strong development in the body of the woman and therefore emit lights" - in other words, another way of saying: "I do not know." Another doctor suggested the theory of electromagnetic radiation by linking it with certain chemical components found in the skin of the patient, which was close to the then fashionable theory of bioluminescence.

Dr. Protti, who made a lengthy statement about their observations of the Signora Monaro, suggested that her poor health, along with fasting and piety increased the number of sulfides in the blood. Human blood beams in the ultraviolet range, and sulfides can be made to luminesce ultraviolet radiation - this explains the glow that comes from the breast Lady Monaro ("Taymc" May 5, 1934).


Anna Monaro

The proposed theory did not explain the strange frequency of localization or bluish flashes, and soon bewildered researchers finally fell silent.

Book Gould and Pyle "Anomalies and Curiosities in Medicine" for 1937 describes the case of a woman with breast cancer. Coming from the patient's chest area was light enough to see the face of the clock, are within a few feet ...

The book Herevarda Carrington "Death: its causes and related phenomena" there is mention of a child who died of indigestion. After the death of the boy's body was emitting a bluish glow and spread heat. Attempts to extinguish the brightness to nothing lead, but soon it stopped by itself. When the body is lifted from the bed, it was found that the sheet underneath it burned ... The only case of the emission of light apparently healthy individuals (not counting, of course, the saints) is described in the journal "The English mechanic" of 24 September 1869 .:

"One American, going to bed, found the glow of the upper part of the fourth finger of her right leg. When she rubbed her leg, the glow increased, and some unknown force moved apart fingers on it. From the feet came the stench, and how light emission, and the smell did not stop even when the leg was immersed in a basin of water. Even the soap could not extinguish or reduce emission. This phenomenon lasted three quarters of an hour, and watched his husband of the woman ».

Church refers to the phenomenon of "people-firefly 'approval. Pope Benedict XIV wrote: "... It is necessary to recognize the fact - the existence of a natural flame that sometimes becomes visible around the human head, and also seems to be true that sometimes from the whole human body can come fire, but not as a fire, rush up, but rather as the sparks flying in all directions ».

People - lightning

Normal human organism is able to generate small amounts, but not to accumulate electricity. However, there are people whose extraordinary abilities lie in the fact that they can store electricity in itself, but when the opportunity to dump it on the surrounding objects.


For example, in the journal "Predikshn" it published an article in 1953 in which it was told about the baby, electric shock doctors. During the whole day, he still maintained a voltage was dangerous to others.

But it also happens that the unusual ability to awake in people only with age. A Chinese worker in 1988 began to notice in my body some changes, but I could not understand it, as long as the current inadvertently hit his counterpart, knocking him to the ground discharge.


Muharyanov Reef - one of those people who were able to survive a lightning strike.

Back in 1965, in the Rif hit the fireball, and he miraculously survived. Over time, he began to see strange dreams, which soon began to come true - he began to wake up psychic abilities.

When it is completely recovered from the disease he fell ill his good friend. Doctors do not know what to do, and just shrugged their shoulders, and it was then decided to take the reef with their new capabilities. Just two weeks each to stand on his feet.

Live magnet

There are also people who have magnetism. The most striking manifestation of the case of magnetic abilities - Case American Frank McKinstry. His body is attracted to the earth. Particularly strong magnetism manifested itself in the morning. Frank had to move very quickly, without stopping, because his body was stuck to the ground, he stopped for a few seconds, and then the unaided man could not continue the movement.


Often people do not realize that they have some extraordinary abilities. Resident of Germany Erika Zur Strindberg discovered magnetic ability of the organism after watching the TV show, which focuses on the magnetism of the Russians, Natalia Petrasovoy.


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