Spontaneous stop age-related changes

In Germany, Halle lives an unusual and one of the most amazing people on the planet, his name is Jacob Tsiperovich. The essence of his story is in 1979 as a result of poisoning this man survived the state of clinical death. Clinical death lasted one hour or so, which in itself is absolutely impossible, because cells of cerebral cortex die within 3-5 minutes after the heart stops, but the most interesting not it, but that when he awoke a week after the incident, the man has lost the ability to sleep — and not just to sleep, he couldn't even lie down.
He had only to take a horizontal position, like some force literally threw it up and it lasted 16 years.And all these years, he was in a state of absolute insomnia, which from the point of view of medicine and of all our knowledge about the person – impossible.

In 1995, he started yoga, and through meditation and other Eastern practices, he managed to force your body to take a horizontal position, but not more than 2-3 hours. But the most unusual thing in this story that all these years this man totally changed in appearance. He is now 58 years old but more than 25 it is impossible to give, and this leads to some reflection.


But most importantly, after the experienced clinical death, his body temperature does not rise above 34 degrees.

Many experts believe that this is the cause of his youth. Unfortunately, the German science as well as Russian, can't say about anything.

Jacob Tsiperovich was born in 1953 in the city of Minsk, graduated from high school, then worked as an electrician in various organizations of the city of Minsk and all his life until 1979 was no different from the lives of such as he young people.


In 1979, due to severe poisoning his heart stopped and despite all the known medical terms it is within an hour was in a state of clinical death. After an hour heart it's working again, but it only came in a week. When he awoke, he realized what happened to him something incomprehensible.

He couldn't even lie down. He had only to take a horizontal position as he was immediately so we threw up and could not be any effort to overcome this condition. In addition, six months he could not speak, it was paralyzed. Something strange was happening with the body temperature, it did not exceed 33.5 degrees. Six months later we had fully recovered, but the voice was completely different, as if not his. Others became even thought. The brain was stuffed with strange and incomprehensible knowledge and the whole world seemed completely different.

Then came other strange, inexplicable and incomprehensible. He stopped to feel his body all the time it felt like he is in zero gravity, and what is most unusual, all the items suddenly become lighter than they were before. He jokingly could move a huge closet full of stuff or do push-UPS from the floor 10,000 times, or like a toy with his little finger ten times to lift a two pound weight.

Strange there was so much that he now can hardly list them all. For example the whole thought process happened in verse form. Then began a very strange perception of Jacob as if reading their thoughts, but not literally, as if they were read aloud, and in some other, inaccessible to the ordinary understanding level. He seemed to penetrate the shell of a man with whom I talked and started to feel just the same as he.

When Jacob turned 40, he suddenly realized that time had stopped. This was especially noticeable when he met with classmates, and they when James was disconcerted, it is not something that looked youthful, it has not changed at all, one iota.

Now Jacob 58 years, but it looks the same as the pictures, 1975. At the moment he lives in Germany and is one of the most famous unusual people in the world.

What happened and how to explain it? Probably it is the only case where fiction has become reality. Or is it a reminder to people – what they know little about themselves.


We offer to Your attention an interview composed of questions from site visitors E1.RU

Question :Hello!

I would like to know if you saw during clinical death?

(Heard stories about corridor fly to the light). If you have seen, then describe briefly.

Thank you.

Author :Lena

Response :what is described by Raymond Moody in the book life after Life largely coincided with my feelings, but it's only the first few moments ( tunnel, bright light, vision, proishodyaschego around my body ), then there was something more that I could not fit into the framework of the prevailing perceptions and descriptions of people who have had similar. I turned into the light that kept changing its shape and color, and the light substance with great speed I raced through a giant spiral, stopping from time to time on some of her threads. During these stops I feel like I absorbed a powerful stream of fragmented and strange information. It had everything: past, future, present. But the thread that it all sweeps through me made it clear that the time which passes on earth here is not matter and therefore past, present and future simply do not exist.

Question :Maybe you know who we are and why, and what should we do?

Author :Anton

Answer :Everything that exists in the Universe is part of the picture, which was planned by the Creator and creating it, he put a certain meaning in any, even the smallest detail of his creation. People are all the time trying to open the secret of his origin, not realizing that this secrecy and hiding is the main condition of their existence. What we need to do? To fight the evil. This is the meaning of our stay on this planet.

Question: Good afternoon. Very impressed with Your biography

I wonder this: how is life in everyday life for the person with such abilities?

Does not interfere ?

If it helps, what does this mean?

In any case – it's great!!;-))

Author: Nadia

Answer: Hinder or help my ability? I never ask these questions. I just took it all for granted and live in harmony with all that is happening to me, because I know that it is useless to resist.

Question :Hello Jacob!

I wonder whether all the others you have learned after clinical death and whether there were people the appearance of which is familiar to you, and you do not know?

Thanks for the reply.

Good Day To You.

Author :Tamara

Answer :After returning from there, I was concerned about very different problems. The inability to lie and, as a consequence, a complete lack of sleep led me into a state of fear and panic, and it's been more than a year before I realized that in such an incredible state to live possible.

Question :Hello, I would like to ask the following question: would You like to live like or you liked what happened after clinical death(you vyglidit young)

Author :SLAM

A :Liked or not liked, this is probably not the same definition in this situation. I must live as I live, and the fact that I do not change externally... of course it's nice.

Question :Good day!

Very interesting that You saw during that hour that your heart was not working and during the weeks that You not come in yourself?

I mean maybe a vision of some sort or dream?

Sincerely, Eugene!

Author: Eugene Soldatov

Answer: To the question about his first sensations I have already said, and what happened then? This week I spent after coming back from it, was completely erased from my consciousness, but I think, at this time the brain is trying to consolidate in some of their structures, obtained information.

Question: James, good day

Do You believe in God?

Are You afraid of death?

Author: Inna Leonidovna Timonina

Answer: Yes, I do. Am I afraid of death? Used to be afraid of, and now know that when we leave here we come.

Question: Hello, Jacob!

1. Do You attend Church? What religion are You?

2. Do You have love?

Thank you. Sincerely, Irma.

Author: Irma Sobinov

Answer: When I want to turn to God, I turn to him and I do not need intermediaries.

Love I have very large, it is my wife and my son.

Question: have You ever heard of astral projection? Read a book by Robert Monroe “journeys out of the body”

Author: Sturgeon Vladimir

Answer: the Book of Robert Monroe, I didn't read as something you read.

Question: do You Have psychic abilities? If so, how You could use them for the benefit of others? Such a rare gift shame to waste on trivia.

Maybe applying Your skills in the field of fight against terrorism prevention of terrorist attacks ?

Thank you.

Author :Handel Natalia

A: right Now hundreds of people say this so I say nothing.

Question: what did you see at this moment.

Author: Andrew

Answer: To this question I have already answered.

Question: Dear Jacob Tsiperovich! Hello! Read about Your fantastic change. It's interesting and zahvatyvajushche. And how do You, personally, that change carry? What You touch not quite everyday, yet not understandable, You are not afraid? Or are You all clear, so simple, easy and free?

When I accidentally felt that you can touch to something mysterious, is not known, it scared me, I thought I might go crazy, but as much and attracted.

Author: Svetlana Volkova

Answer: the changes which happened to me at first I was scared and worried, and the fear of losing his mind certainly was, but then came a clear vision of the entire picture and then it became easy. The man is afraid as long as something doesn't understand. Understanding the problem brings relief from it.

Question: 1.Do You have plans to publish my impressions (write a book)?

2.Would You like to get rid of the changes?

3.You have the desire to put their abilities for the benefit of mankind?

4.Can You initialize (“infect” their abilities) of others?

5.The future already exists or is happening? If it is happening, by whom?

Author: Popov Pavel

Answer: About the book, I have such plans.

I'd like to get rid of the changes? If I do this, then so be it, and I'm already very used to these changes, as did 25 years.

And what about the good for humanity... If humanity wants to, why not.

Among the vast array of information obtained from the transferred my experience, there is such which gives the ability to stop the flow of internal time ( that can infect other people if you have the desire and the will)

Question: 1. How do You assess what happened?

2. Scary to You?

3. If You have a lot of puzzles, do You know that God speaks not in riddles?

Do You believe in Christ, and that he “speaks” to You in Your heart about what happened with You?

Author: Olga

Answer: First, I assessed the incident as a penalty for some acts. But many years later I realized that probably it's still a gift. After suffering the first time after what happened so tortured me, turned into absolutely incredible things and brought me to a level where no one traveled.

Now I'm not scared because I think I know what's coming around the bend.

Question: And do You have the temptation to try to repeat clinical death?

Author: A. M.

Answer: When I was there I did not want to go back, but I was forced to do it, then I needed here. Such things repeat on demand from there.

Question: I would with pleasure died, and where you get energy for life?

Author :Anton

Answer: Each person determined his route and he needs to pass it. If very hard, it is necessary to carefully look around, there's sure to be a footpath leads to the spring and the meadow which will give us a break. See Anton carefully at the sides.

Question: How do you sleep, if you can not take a horizontal position?

Author: Orlova Anna

Answer: the First 16 years after the incident I spent in a state of total insomnia, my brain does not shut off even for a second. Doctors could not believe it, but it was a fact.

Question: if he Wanted to none of this with him never happened?

Author: Olga Komarova

Answer: Before Yes, now no.

Question: do you have the gift of clairvoyance?

Can view events in the future or in the past?

Author: Schetnikova

Answer: At the level of very heightened intuition this happens all the time.

Question: Good day

If You have a wife/sweetheart, kakona responds to man on there and not aging?

Author: Maria

Answer: I Have a wife. She is younger than me for 12 years and she calmly responds to what is happening.

Question: Jacob Tsiperovich, please tell me. You wouldn't happen to zombies?

Author: Ilya Lavrov

Answer: No, I'm not a zombie.

Question: do You regret what happened? Osusume if you're omnipotent?

 Answer: not Now.

And the Almighty I can not feel. I'm just a small part of this vast Universe, which gave me my fellowship and gave me the opportunity to look at the other side of life.

Question: Hello! I wonder what knowledge has become stuffed with your brain?

Author: Olga

Answer: I think I have partially answered this question. It was a very strange phenomenon. To explain it I can not, but will try to describe. After you exit the body and while passing through the spiral ( I described it in answer to the first question) I was literally pumped incomprehensible knowledge. They were chaotic, without any consistency or explanation. Just was given information that was related to some branches of knowledge, to science, to medicine, to philosophy. Provided analysis of many events which, I think, hasn't even happened. Very much I could not understand and do not understand still, but something was clear. In particular from the field of medicine. For example, I very distinctly remember an absolutely incredible design, which can be used with extraordinary ease to restore people's health and, if necessary, to prolong the life of almost any age. This design consisted of a certain number of cylinders would be dressed as each other but not in contact with each other. In the middle of the first, the smallest cylinder was placed. He was sitting on a round platform, which is not in contact with the shell of the cylinder was stationary. The cylinders rotate in different directions with a certain predetermined characteristics of the rotation. The speed of rotation of each individual cylinder and determine what was happening inside. But inside, that's what happened. Under the influence of unknown fields caused by the rotation of the cylinders, a man returned at any age. And no matter how old a person is, what his disease is and what happens to it now. Changing the characteristics of rotation of the cylinder, you can return the human body in any given condition. I don't know if it's possible to apply this knowledge now, but then so would I no doubt.

Question: What do You do now?

How to use your unusual ability?

Author: Anton

Answer: I Now very much involved in various Eastern practices for self-improvement and I need to distribute the energy flows.

Question: Hello! Jacob do you remember what happened when you were in a state of clinical death? you ever seen....?

what is your unusual happened lately?

Author: Ekaterina Kiseleva

Answer :the fact of the matter is that nothing special happens. Time seems to have stopped for me in 1979 and lasts a long, long day.

Question: is There any point in our lives, there is purpose, is there destiny? Why are we, why?

Author: Tatiana Kopylova

Answer: You ask questions to which mankind has thousands of years looking for the answer. Many people manage to find it, many not, and many do not even think about it. But it seems to me that the meaning of life is to try to make happy people around you. Then all will be well.

Question: I am interested in one question: WHO am I??

Author: Ivan Petrov

Answer: interesting Question, very simple and at the same time incredibly complex. Once I asked myself this question and here's what came of it.

I – day, I – night,

I am the heat, I'm a white frost,

I'm a mess, I'm a tall dream

I – I – heavenly canopy of blue,

I – life, bottom, I – life height.

I – MiG one, I am forever without limit,

In me one the flowering and decay,

I am the spirit disembodied, anguished body,

Freedom I and the most terrible captivity.

I – the two ends, and two starters,

When one does not judge,

But if one of them did not,

Would not live and me.

Question: Hello!

Do you remember anything from his life before the injury? During cardiac arrest did you have any visions? Do you have observations that waking up the next day, you find changes in your surrounding environment? The weight of the items abruptly decreased? Do you know how to fly? What dreams in dreams? If you can look past the obstacle? Or consider the area of another country? Can not to breathe, not to eat? Do you know how to feed on energy from the Sun? How you perceive your age, are there any sensations that you eternal 20-25 years, and always will be? Can you see the astral beings?

Author: Smirnov Alexander

Answer: You ask about the weight of the items. This is one of the biggest oddities that happened to me. I no longer feel the heaviness of his body, it felt as if I were weightless. This condition was not comfortable and in order to get rid of it I started doing push UPS. Sometimes I do push-UPS for hours at many thousands of times, but the fatigue never came, then I grabbed the barbell, kettlebell, that would at least like to bore yourself. At that time I lifted two-pound weight with his little finger 50-60 times. But it was no use, feeling of heaviness of the body never came. All this was accompanied by a very strange body temperature of 33.5. It happened to me in 1980-1981 Then the body temperature gradually rose to 35. Now I have never constant body temperature, the day she changes many times.

Sorry fly, I don't know how.

Question: After what happened to You there is in You a sense of harmony and unity with the world or on the other hand You feel uncomfortable? And if You have acquired some new knowledge, then please share them with the people.

Author: Ekaterina Bazanova

Response: After what happened to me, I had a new understanding of the world, and with it the harmony. With regard to new knowledge, Yes they are and much I give to people.

Question: You had to provide CPR to people in a state of clinical death?

Author: Tanya

Answer: No.

Question: You can laugh, but I believe you!

I believe that is what the human mind can not explain.

Cann you to communicate with the dead, particularly with my son Michael. He died 24.05.2000.

Author: Fedorova Valentina Yakovlevna

Response: I am very sorry, but unfortunately I do not have this gift.

Question: Hello, Jacob!

What do You consider the most valuable in his new life?

What is worth living?

Thank you for your reply, sincerely, Vera.

Author: Faith Grekhova

Answer: the Most valuable thing I have gained in my new life's experience with the strange and unknown world, which gave me the opportunity to take a fresh look at life. Worth living for the sake of their loved ones.

Question: please Tell me, have You experienced as you exit the physical body? Can You explain what's beyond physical life?

If so, did You meet with departed to the other world people?

Author: Julia

Answer: Yes, I did see there, beyond this life very much that still leads me into a state of awe and bewilderment. When I tried to tell the scientists and just people, it is almost always caused distrust and skepticism. There was a huge number of people, or rather entities that were in the same Svetogorska condition as I am. There was a very intense exchange of information, which is partly in common with our earthly problems, but mostly it was the exchange of experience of presence in the energy world. As I understand it, some of these entities were there tens of thousands of years, but these dates are significant only for us, and they have absolutely no value.

Question: James, good day!

Read about the unusual state, which have appeared after clinical death.

I would like to know Your opinion of the “unusual man” in the conventional sense, about the ability to influence human behavior with damage, the evil eye, treatment with the aid of the correction energy of the man himself.

Sincerely, Svetlana.

Author: Svetlana Lesenkova

Response: I understand concepts such as damage or the evil eye is nothing like the materialization of ideas in the energy cluster, which becomes property of the projectile, the destructive power of which depends on the energy of the person who sent it. In the same way you can send good energy, able to cure or protect the person. From the evil energy necessary to defend himself.

Question: Hello! When You change your perception, and consciousness as you began to treat people?

Author: Kuznetsova Nadezhda

Answer: With great tolerance and compassion.

Thank you for the interesting questions.


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