The name is the key of the soul and destiny, it is true, a constant reflection of our "I". Often we are called in different situations in different ways (at home, work, friends, loved ones, etc.), and it turns out that in such cases, you will be the patroness of another planet, but still the most important name is that with which you identify yourself.

Computational signs and celestial bodies are strongly interrelated. You can't count the numeric code, not taking into account the planet, which somehow affects both the life and the associated number.
Each digit from one to nine corresponds to the planet. This calculation enables us to know ourselves and others. Calculate your personal code, you can determine the planet that affect specific life. To do this, add up all the number of his name. The corresponding value of the letters you'll find below:
1 — A, AND A, S, B
2 — B, TH, T, S
3, K, U, Ü
4 — G, L, F, E
5 — D, M, X, S
6 E, H, C, I
7 — E, OH, H
8 — F, P, W
9 — W, R, U
For example, let's calculate the number of the name Ayla:
5+4+1+6=16 1+4+3+1+6+1=16 16+16=3+2=5
Having in this way a single number, it must relate to a particular planet to create the most complete picture of your destiny.
We are using only nine numbers. (Zero in our calculation is not used). Zero means that a given numeric cycle ended and began the next and higher level.
Any arbitrarily selected date can also be converted to its native number obtained cross-sum. This simple calculation is in a concentrated form similarly as in astrological analysis gives an opportunity to know yourself. Using such calculations it is possible to compare characters, determine which people are in tune with each other and which are in conflict.
Number 1: the SUN. Unit is the original source of everything. This number enter any other number. A people, whose planet-patron is the Sun, by nature a very strong personality, usually the leaders. They are characterized by impulsivity, they never go unnoticed. They succeed almost in any business. People of the Sun characterized by such traits as the desire for power, generosity, justice, responsibility, initiative. A harmonious relationship in this category will develop with people of the same group.
Number 2: the MOON. The moon gives the subject of her emotion. These people are open and naive. They easily come in contact with others and, accordingly, easily and quickly adapt to surrounding circumstances. They have a very developed intuition, through which reach your goals, not too bothering, do not climb ahead, and find a lighter, but no less worthy of achieving their goals. Nature in General is simple, but mood swings, to help get out of which can, for example, the first type, more strong emotionally. The lunar people are serious about family and marriage. They are loyal spouse, Thrifty. In addition, they are introverted, sometimes sullen and taciturn. Problems that they are trying to solve within themselves, often result in mood swings. Furthermore, individuals with the character, they are not so easy to make you dance to the tune of others. They are independent, diplomatic and responsible.
Number 3: JUPITER. Пл1анета Jupiter inspires them with optimism. They are respectful of others and expect the same attitude. These people like a magnet to attract happiness and harmony. They aren't pushy, but know how to succeed. Prone to soul-searching, and this leads to good results. They are fairly well understood in itself and can appreciate the personality literally from the first moment of meeting. Realizing that people are not perfect, they strive for perfection, but do not require the same from others. Stand up for those and help those who require assistance or support, disinterested, prone to traveling. Well in tune with your sixth or ninth types.
Number 4: URANIUM. Belonging to this category is very stubborn and wilful. They have their own ideas about the world and life principles that they follow, ignoring generally accepted norms of behavior. Their main quality is independence. They love nature and are looking for friends with similar qualities. Have many friends and always happy to chat with them. People of this type is movable, sociable, hardworking. They have an excellent memory, but they are often irritable and nervous. In addition, they have excellent organizational skills.
Number 5: MERCURY. People of this type possess in the highest degree vivid and quirky wit. They tend to take the initiative, like the novelty and frequent change of environment. They are alien to the routine. They undertake any work, and she literally burns them in his hands. All of Merkuriev it turns out, all goes well. The swiftness they have just in the blood. They are quick to make, quick thinking, quick decisions. People under the influence of the planet mercury, are drawn to knowledge, self-deprecating and know how to criticize friends, but do it gently and to the point, nothing offending person. As a rule, they all work, but if they fail in business, then they quickly get discouraged. The charm possessed by these people, replaces them with many other qualities needed in family life. They don't like to farm, but are interested in all aspects of life. People of this type find a common language with representatives of practically all types.
The number 6 is VENUS. It is quite natural that the representatives of this type of sensuous and loving, as their planet is Venus patron являет2ся. They are so adorable that it helps them in a very difficult situations when you need to show strength of character and resourcefulness of mind, i.e., qualities that by nature these people do not have. They love everything beautiful, sublime. Often seek recognition in a particular field of art. They always have enough money for Hobbies, as is very often married to wealthy people. Externally these people are very attractive, they have exquisite taste. They love the weight of the beautiful, but often arrogant. Often go over time, sensitive to new things. If they are facing any particular problem, it is able to exercise extraordinary diligence. But most of all they love to indulge body and soul rest. The peace-loving nature and easy-going. Can get along with any of the nine types.
Number 7: NEPTUNE. Neptune is interconnected with the Moon, so the people of Neptune are well in tune with the individuals of the second type. As a rule, they are compliant, with a gentle nature. Addicted to religion and philosophy. But impractical, which is characteristic of individuals with a philosophical turn of mind. So the money they are not found, and if there are, then quickly melt. Possess extraordinary mental abilities, they often produce brilliant ideas, but because of its nesobrannosti, Neptune fail to finish any of his undertakings. They are prone to gambling. By nature these people are very receptive and sensitive, to show others compassion and mercy. Physically, as a rule, weak, difficult to take decisions. They have a capricious nature, and they are difficult either to deny yourself. They do not accept the scandals and quarrels, as they have a delicate and sensitive soul.
Number 8: SATURN. Such people are alone, they often face misunderstanding from others. They look cool, but this is only a mask to hide his natural desire for warmth and well-being. The people of Saturn is not like anything superficial and do not make rash decisions. They are prone to stability, sustainable financial position. But all this, it is though possible to achieve, but only their sweat and blood, nothing comes easy. They are constant in everything: in relations, in habits, in the work. Old age most often financially secure. In addition, stubborn, which contributes to the achievement of any goals. These people are punctual, prudent in the best sense of the word, cautious, methodical, industrious. Typically, the people of Saturn dominate, not submit to themselves. They are always faithful and constant, they can rely on. Harmony is achieved with the second type.
Number 9: MARS. As the planet-patron of the people of this planet ready to conquer all on their own. If Mars meet any objections or resistance from, you'll never take them into account, rather, on the contrary, it will further harden them in the struggle. They will begin to fight these obstacles with renewed vigor. The people of Mars are brave and have an iron will, but often it happens that their impulsiveness, a tendency to act the move, not weighing their strength, ruins the whole thing. In addition, they are very proud of, that leads to problems in family life in General and relationships in particular. Possessing excellent organizational skills, Mars will not tolerate subordination. They are leaders by nature. They are enterprising, initiative, active and energetic.


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