What does the person's birthday. All to the point!

Tell me what day you were born, and I'll tell you who you are!

# 1

"Number one" - and that's it. It is a sign of creative, creative, original and very independent people. Their self-sufficiency has two opposite faces: on the one hand, it is self-assured person, which often serve as an example to others; on the other - individualists and egoists who are not ready to reckon with another's opinion. Often act as initiators and leaders - in their strong innovative spirit and determination. They are quite ambitious and willing to take risks to achieve their goals. Among the negative features: impulsiveness, arrogance and stubbornness. Due to the nature reserve, it is very difficult to demonstrate the fullness and depth of their feelings, even the closest people.

# 2

Second number of people are born, which distinguishes hypersensitivity. Any request by the even unfamiliar people, they would not be left without attention. "Deuce" - the symbol of balance and a strong union. This is an excellent business partner, colleagues, friends and companions of life. Love story, like a fairy tale - it is about their relationship. "Two" often act as mediators and arbitrators - they are excellent diplomats: honest, educated, sensitive. And it is the sacred number of artists and romantics. These people work well in a team, but at the same time, are not inclined to take the initiative and do not like to be provided in the spotlight. Their excessive shyness is often the biggest stumbling block to solve important problems. At the other extreme sensitive nature - the tendency to get depressed

. # 3

"Treshki" - a sign of artistic imagination and creative intelligence, communication skills and empathy. It is a symbol of neutrality and cooperation. Third born of indefatigable optimists who know how to be happy and enjoy life. For them, the characteristic state of eternal love. Holders of a great sense of humor. Endowed with a great intuition, through which perfectly identify the most important thoughts and ideas. By "treshek 'opinion should listen very carefully. As in twos, their sensitivity sometimes goes to the other extreme - in moments of sadness, they are prone to dipressii, exaggerate minor problems ...

# 4

Responsible, conscientious, serious and reliable people who are not afraid of challenges and are doing everything to resolve them safely. Ambient is a fast read, not by chance against the "quads" are often heard calls for help, and they do not fall on deaf ears. Born on this day, people have a brilliant business reputation. Own work they are able to make a solid state. It seems that there is no case that would be beyond their strength. Many of the "quartet" gravitate to the exact sciences. These people are sober to any setbacks, seeing failure as an inevitable part of the life experience. From their own mistakes, they know how to extract the right conclusions and, in consequence, favor. Moreover, any difficulties and obstacles in the way of a kindle in them the excitement and force, to spare no effort in that at all costs to achieve the desired.

# 5

"Five" - ​​a symbol of freedom in numerology. And the people born under this number, know perfectly well how to use it and to dispose of the destination. "5" - a sign of avid travelers and adventurers. Very sociable, curious and versatile people. Often a digital mark of genius. Those who are born on the fifth day inclined to mysticism. They are attracted by all the mysterious, strange, unknown ... The main advice that it would be desirable to give "five" - ​​slow down! Do not make hasty conclusions from the situation and do not rush things. Your impatient nature and desire for rapid decision-making can play a cruel joke with you and make miserable.

# 6

It is a sign of love and understanding, honesty and loyalty, family and friendship. In people born on the sixth of a very highly developed sense of responsibility, artistic talents, desire for the humanities. They are generous, thrifty, help others: practical advice, and often money. "Six" - wonderful friends who can be trusted with the most intimate secrets. However, this number is associated with a blinding jealousy, and with the position of zealous owner. They are quite stubborn, intrusive and susceptible to flattery.

# 7

The sign of wisdom and intelligence, which is often dominated by the senses. Not by chance the people who were born "lucky" numbers seventh (and they, and the truth, always lucky!), Love to read, all the time ready to learn something new and to connect his life with intellectual activity. They have a strong potential in science and inventions. Fans of privacy perfectionists. On the negative side of the "Seven": stealth, passion for disputes, sarcasm, tendency to isolation, stubbornness, irritability

. # 8

In numerology, it is a symbol of power, patronage, executive powers and control. People who were born the eighth of the month, often find their vocation in politics, become experts in the field of corporate governance, and feel very comfortable in a position of power (by the way, it is reflected in sex). They are self-centered, greedy for praise, dreams to achieve universal recognition. "8" - a figure that represents a high income and material success. Do not try to put pressure on the pity "eights" and call for their heart - remorse alien to them. To hell with the sign "minus" can include excessive ambition, rigidity (not to say cruelty) in respect of employees and the impatience of the people as a whole. Big money and dizzying earnings are "eight" to spoil.

# 9

One of the most sentimental of representatives of the calendar month. Devoted friends, romantic life partner, interested business partners. The "nine" well-developed talent as a writer - do not give him an abyss. One of the striking features - generosity. It is noted by all who are familiar with these representatives. It is easy to forgive insults and are easy on the shortcomings of others. Responsible staff who never fail to launch a new project. The only thing missing scattered "nines" - more attention to their own finances. Any amount of money in no time disappear from their hands.

# 10

One of the most controversial figures. It is a combination of two sacred numbers, the meaning of which is reduced to the expression. "Either all or nothing" People born under the "10", are accustomed to act simply and bluntly, they avoid intrigues, complicated twists and cunning plan, and always chose the most obvious and true way. They have a pure soul and big heart, very popular with his friends and always pulls the attention of others. Council "desyatochku" - visualize your goals and dreams: you must submit and examine them in detail, so that they fulfilled

. # 11

No other number does not have as strong spiritual component, as the number eleven. Since childhood, they choose a path of inner development and charity. Wealth worry them in the least, they are, above all, take care of your soul. These people realize the power of words, so carefully weigh all that talk, and never give idle tips and advice. To their opinion, really should listen carefully - you can be sure they have evaluated all the possible consequences of such a decision. Their inner borders on the psychic intuition.

# 12

From the number one people born on the 12th, took a strong will, positive attitude towards life and neugosayuschuyu energy. But Deuce - inner harmony, balance of power, a brilliant organizational skills and communication skills. Twelve - a sacred number for the whole of humanity, and this fact can not be written off. More than a thousand years ago, it was his chosen for determining the time of day, dividing the year into months and length measurement (foot = 12 inches). Not coincidentally, it is on these representatives often have a special mission - they can change the world for the better

. # 13

The most controversial number in numerology that represents the transformation phase. Born thirteenth of people can not leave anyone indifferent. Carriers of this digital code lifetime striving for perfection in their lives are constantly taking place some changes: both in personal life and at work. The word "stability" is clearly not out of their lexicon. One of the main disadvantages of its representatives - intolerance towards others. After a big quarrel, they rarely give a second chance, even if the other person that clearly deserves. In addition, they are quite lazy that often prevents them from achieving their goals.

# 14

This number belongs to those who believe in absolute freedom without any restrictions. Do not even try them in something to limit, they will disappear from your life forever. Pretty hot-tempered - it is better not to get him a hot hand, is possible to obtain. In a fit of rage is absolutely out of control, as later regret. A characteristic feature - a strong sexual arousal, bordering on lust. More passionate lovers very difficult to find. Very amorous, even in a stable relationship always keep another person in sight. Carriers of this digital code often suffer failure in business - this number is associated with the loss of material goods. They should treat their finances especially economically, and it is best to entrust the management of their reliable partner, whose aura is able to repay the adverse events.

# 15

Under this number are born inventors and visionaries. By nature they laid plenty of talent from engineering to poetry, many of which can be successfully implemented in the profession. However, to meet the challenges they often do not have the patience and self-discipline. Any difficulties and problems taken too much to heart. However, to express openly their discontent not used, preferring to remain silent. They are extremely sensitive and reacts very sensitively to the slightest criticism. The representatives of this digital code is highly developed empathy and compassion - they are much more responsive feel another person's pain than most, it is difficult to come to terms with the situation of oppression of the weak and helpless

. # 16

Personal number 16 says that its owner - a deep thinking person analytic warehouse, nothing gives his true feelings. Responsible, educated, sensitive, generous, in its own mysterious and independent. It has a great intuition. Responsible and binding by 200%. As a young man is not afraid to express their opinion on any occasion - openly and with dignity, but, alas, then often has a reputation all-knowing and upstart. Over the years, more goes into itself and becomes more restrained, closed, unsociable, careful. He hates superficiality, if "16" decided to start a relationship - it means that he feels a strong and serious. This is a very sensitive and loyal partner.

# 17

What are they hardy! It's amazing how such a strong physical data are combined with vulnerable soul. You want to win their heart? Sincerely Show your love and affection - "17" does not tolerate falsehood and hypocrisy. Since childhood, their delicate nature does not hold water. They are very difficult to come to terms with failure. The word "no" in their address instantly makes them angry and even aggressive. If they are in something believe, to convince them otherwise would be impossible. They love the attention to his own person. Often act as the muse and source of inspiration for creative people.

# 18

Digital sign fighters for justice. Such people are willing to defend to the last, not only their own interests, but also the rights of their friends and colleagues. However, they are quite conservative - in any case based solely on the personal experience and knowledge, rarely listening to the opinions of others. "18" - the number of born aristocrats. They will suffer greatly and may even be depressed, if for some reason the stain its reputation and will do everything possible to restore it. These people are very concerned about their own appearance, and by how attractive they are seen by others. Rarely fall into funny situations, as are accustomed to act with extreme caution. In romantic relationships above all give mutual respect. Often these people have a deep emotional bond with their mothers, whose moral support and encouragement is very important to them.

# 19

"What goes around comes around". The saying that the best way represents the way people who were born on the 19th. Their life scenario reminiscent of the kingdom of mirrors. They should be very attentive to what they say and do. Any act committed (noble or despicable) ever goes to them completely - the fate of all constantly reflects and returns a hundredfold. Often, they are paying for the mistakes of the past. Vigorous, pragmatic and determined people. They prefer stability: in the family and in the profession and rarely break from their homes. Materialists to the brain and bones - for them is worth only what you can touch it. Success in any business they value only in monetary terms.

# 20

Strongly not tolerate loneliness - the more people in their environment, the better. Excellent speakers and good friends, work well in a team, happy to take an active part in public events. Love noisy feasts, concerts ... hospitable welcome, adventurous. Romantics. They love music and dancing, have a great creative potential. About such people say "minions of fortune" - many of their desires are fulfilled both MOVEN magic wand. Strikingly, but they often complain about their lives, are dissatisfied with their achievements. It is easy to fall under foreign influence.

# 21

Those whose birthday falls on the 21 th day - swingers, any look. Every day they are ready to be thankful for every day of its existence. Often they come from a wealthy family. The fact that the number 21 has to double their solstice symbolizes the prosaic character of the year. They are obsessed with money, which they obviously love. They make great economists, bankers and financiers. They should entrust the full management of the family budget. Attaches great importance to its own status in society and the position of his partner. They are cynical and ironic. Another weakness - it is sex, they are obsessed with. They are able to separate feelings from the animal instinct, so if your favorite change, they do so only at the behest of the instincts, hyperarousal and just to release tension.

# 22

Twenty-two - a sign of enlightenment. Those born under this number loves to teach others and do an excellent job with this task. Teaching and lecturing work created for them. "22" - the real scholars, open-minded which can only envy. They are by nature has a mission to discover and explain to others the most complex processes occurring both on land and out of it. Hence, for example, their desire for space. They are not afraid to take responsibility - and the words spoken, and for the committed actions. These people are sure to give praise and make them compliments on which they thrive. The person to whom the number of destiny - victor. However, success in life, he reaches not by chance, but thanks to the hard work. Among those who were born 22 th, many philanthropists and benefactors.

# 23

The mysterious number 23 is encrypted sense of adventure and constant movement forward. People born under this number, bold, swift, decisive, impulsive, sociable, and non-permanent. They have a great potential in the business, working in the financial sector and innovation. However, their talents are multifaceted, and they can be held in almost any profession, thanks to high intelligence, creativity and progressive ideas. They are full of optimism, enthusiasm and curiosity. The most important thing in life for them - freedom, they do not like to report to anyone. They have a tremendous force of attraction to the opposite sex, sensual sex partners. They are like a magnet that attracts the complex situations and problems. Therefore, their lives can not be called simple.

# 24

It is a symbol of security and loyalty. No more careful and cautious representative of the calendar month. Before deciding on the minimum step or act, they thoroughly weigh all the "pros" and "against" evaluate the possible effects and only then make a decision. Indulges in all serious - this is clearly not about them. A special place in their life takes a meal. Причем, проявляется это в разных аспектах: они могут открыть собственный ресторан или прославиться как гениальные кулинары. Об их образцовой дисциплине можно слагать легенды.


Жизнью этих людей управляет интуиция, граничащая с паранормальными способностями и пророчествами. В них заключен некий мистицизм. Это невероятно чувствительные люди, мнением которых пренебрегать ни в коем случае нельзя. Если такой человек решает в последний момент изменить свое решение из-за того, что «почувствовал что-то нехорошее» — не стоит списывать это со счетов, а лучше прислушаться без объяснения причин. Одними интуитивными способностями дело не ограничивается. В сумме два и пять дают семерку, а это символ интеллекта. Совершать безрассудные поступки не в их правилах.


В сумме два и шесть дают восьмерку, две замкнутые сферы которой образуют знак бесконечность. Это символ неразрывности связей. Это самые верные друзья и супруги. Люди, в жизненный код которых «зашито» число 26, берут на себя роль покровителей — для этого у них есть все исходные данные: волевой характер, мощная энергетика, талант руководителя, чуткость. Среди отрицательных сторон: тщеславие, стремление к безграничной власти и желание «подмять» окружающих под себя. Такие люди обожают порядок, в их дарит царит чистота и красота.


В нумерологии за этой цифрой закреплена сила исцеления. Ее представители находят свое призвание в области медицины и здравоохранения. Они отличные целители, нередко — сторонники альтернативной терапии. Обладатели «27» интуитивны, эмоциональны, способны к глубокому сочувствию, их не нужно учить состраданию — заботу о ближних, они ощущают каждой клеточкой души. Они никогда не отчаиваются, извлекают уроки из жизненного опыта и могут легко начать все сначала после провала. Подвержены сильным перепадам настроения, нетерпеливы, самоуверенны.


Цифра, которая символизирует закон. Те люди, чей день рождения выпадает на 28-е, обладают высокой степенью ответственности. Они вечно призывают всех к порядку и соблюдению предписанных правил. Быть прекрасным судьей или работать в сфере юриспруденции — написано на их роду. Другая крайность — сами за собой никогда не признают вины и склонны к постоянным обвинениям в адрес окружающих. Столь властный характер смягчает «двойка», которая наделяет их творческой фантазией и богатым воображением.


Число с огромным эмоциональным потенциалом. Нередко впадают в крайности (сегодня — люблю, завтра — ненавижу). Все дело в том, что цифры в их составе находятся на противоположных концах. Первая — делает их миротворцами и дипломатами, вторая — харизматичными искателями приключений. С деньгами им по жизни везет — они приходят к ним довольно легко: хорошо зарабатывают, выигрывают в лотереи. А вот над личной жизнью им приходится серьезно работать, постоянно влюбляются «не в тех людей», рядом со своим партнером часто страдают от чувства незащищенности.


«Тридцатка» — примета деловых, независимых и волевых людей. Обладают фантастический памятью, умеют отлично концентрироваться, «отключаясь» от окружающей обстановки. Возможности их интеллекта огромны, а проницательность и быстрота ума помогают справляться с самыми сложными ситуациями. Их жизнь насыщена событиями, рядом с ними не соскучишься. Если хотите беспристрастную оценку происходящего — спросите совета человека, родившегося тридцатого числа. Они не постесняются сказать в лицо всю правду и помочь дельным советом.


Знак целеустремленных и независимых людей. Не упускают ни одной возможности, которую предоставляет им жизнь. Особый индивидуальный почерк и творческий подход прослеживаются во всем, что они делают. Любое дело, за которое они берутся, будет доведено до совершенства. Это свойство помогает им завоевать высокое положение в обществе. Отличные организаторы самых смелых проектов. Не любят идти проторенными тропами, а всегда ищут новые пути и направления. Ценят стабильность и верность. Не пытайтесь их обмануть — потеряете их доверие навсегда.


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