Vadim Zeland: Man gets what awaits

The mind can lay down a new house from the old bricks. But to get a brand new, that is something that can not be constructed out of the old, it can not. Fundamental discoveries in science do not come as a result of logical reasoning, as well as an inspiration, as the information from anywhere.

The same goes for ingenious inventions. Good music is not composed the music selection, but comes as if by itself. Masterpieces of art are not the result of professional technical design and inspiration are born.

If the mind is understood all that he wants to tell a soul, humanity would get direct access to field information. It is hard to imagine what heights would reach our civilization in such a case. But the mind not only knows how to listen, but also does not want to. Human attention is constantly busy or objects of the external world or the inner thoughts and feelings. Inner monologue almost never stops, and is under the control of reason. The mind does not listen to weak signals of the soul and its authoritarian repeats.

The soul, unlike the mind, does not use symbols. She does not think and does not speak, and feels or knows. Since the mind began to think through abstract categories, the relationship between the soul and the mind gradually atrophied. In addition, the mind is constantly busy with his chatter. He believes that everything can be reasonably explained and keep constant control over all the information. only vague signals that the mind can not always be determined with the help of their categories come from the soul. Vague feelings and knowledge of the soul drowned in vociferous thoughts of the mind.

The mind thinks using established notation: symbols, words, concepts, schemes, rules. Fundamentally new knowledge is always very difficult to find the symbol. When the information obtained from unrealized sector still has no reasonable signs, the mind perceives this information as a kind of strange knowledge. If it is possible to introduce new notation for this knowledge, or explain it in the framework of the old signs, born opening.

When the mind control gives the slack to consciousness erupt intuitive feelings and knowledge. This is manifested as a vague presentiment, which is also called the inner voice. Mind distracted, and at this point you feel a sense or knowledge of the soul. This is the rustle of morning stars - voice without words, thoughts without thinking, without a sound volume. You know something, but vaguely. Not a thought, and feel intuitively.

The mind is constantly engaged in the generation of ideas. The voice of the soul is literally drowned out by this "myslemeshalkoy" so intuitive knowledge not readily available. If you stop thinking and just jogging contemplate the void, you can hear the rustle of morning stars - the inner voice without words. The soul can find answers to many questions, if you listen to her voice.

The soul often knows what awaits her. And she's trying to say in a weak voice on this reason. But mind it almost does not hear or do not attach importance to the vague premonitions. Mind captured pendulums are too concerned about solving problems and convinced of the wisdom of his actions. It takes a strong-willed decisions based on logical reasoning and common sense. The soul, unlike the mind thinks and says - it feels and knows, therefore, does not make mistakes. How often do people suddenly remember later, "because I knew (know) that nothing good will come of it!»

The soul has two fairly clear feeling: emotional comfort and discomfort. The mind has a notation for these feelings: "I feel good" and "bad me", "I am" and "I'm worried," "I like it" and "I do not like." The soul has access to field information. Somehow, she sees what lies ahead in the not yet implemented, but the impending sectors. If she is in the mood for an unrealized sector, she knows that it is there waiting: pleasant or unpleasant. These feelings of the soul mind sees as the vague feeling of emotional comfort or discomfort.

The challenge is to learn how to determine that says soul is the mind at the time of the decision. It is necessary to punish her caretaker that he paid attention to the condition of the soul comfort. Here you have decided. Order reason to shut up for a moment and ask yourself, good or bad to you. Now bow down to other solutions and then you ask yourself good or bad. If you managed to get a definite answer, "Yes, I feel good," or "No, I feel bad", then you hear the rustle of morning stars.

A person can come to terms, and beg for their own destiny, addressing their requests to either the pendulum or to some higher power. Pendulums zastavlyayutPrositelya work, and all his life he bends his back, receiving a modest livelihood. The petitioner naive appeals to a higher power, but they are up to it and do not care. A person can also take the role of the offended, that is, to complain and to demand that he allegedly owed. Offended creates the potential discontent turns against himself equilibrium forces and actively spoil their fate.

Warrior, pick a fight, it takes a more productive position, but his life is difficult and takes a lot of effort. How could any man resist, he just wrapped tightly in a web. He feels that he is fighting for his destiny, but in fact only waste energy. Sometimes a person wins. But at what cost? The victory put on public display, and all once again convinced that laurels are not so simple. It creates and strengthens public opinion: to achieve something, you need to work hard and valiantly fight

. The petitioner and offended helplessly adrift life. Warrior, on the other hand, is trying to fight this trend. In fulfilling these roles, a person acts is extremely inefficient. Transerfing offers a completely different way: do not ask and do not ask, and go get. To get rid of the pendulum, it is necessary to abandon the internal and external importance. If you do, the obstacles to the goal just withdrew. That's when you can not ask, do not require and do not fight, but just go and take.

Reason seems to be that he thinks sober, but in fact it just goes racing on pendulums. Now imagine that you will not resist the flow and do not make for extra twists, but not float limply like a paper boat. You deliberately move in harmony with the passage, notice the rocks encountered, noise, hazardous areas, and only smooth movements keep the chosen direction. Steering wheel in your hands.

External causes important reason to seek complex solutions of simple problems. Inside the importance of convincing reason is that he thinks sensibly and take the right decision. Determined decision of mind - it is in most cases meaningless slapping hands in the water. Most of the problems, especially small, take care of themselves if you do not interfere with the current options. It already contains a solution to all problems. Current options - a luxurious gift for the reason that he hardly enjoys

. The current options are the path of least resistance. The optimality is already incorporated in the structure of the field information. Nature does not waste energy. Mind captured pendulums, constantly distracting from the flow. Seeking difficult decisions simple problems. Everything is done much easier than it seems. Surrender to this simplicity. By the waterfall leads you to the mind, not for options.

In every issue of the encrypted key to its solution. The first key - to move along the path of least resistance. People tend to look for complex solutions, because the perceived problems as obstacles and barriers, as is known, it should overcome with exertion. You must develop the habit of choosing the most prostoypodvernuvshiysya solution to the problem. All you need to try to do so as it is the easiest and simplest way.

When you have entered a state of equilibrium with the surrounding world, just follow the flow. You will see a lot of signs that will lead you. Release the situation does not become a party, as a bystander. Each time, as soon as you need to find some solution, ask yourself: what is the search path is the easiest solution? Choose the easiest way to search.

Each time, as soon as someone or something distracts or confuses you on the way, not in a hurry to actively resist or evade. Try to pass yourself out and watch what happens next. Each time, as soon as you need to do something, ask yourself, and how to do it the easiest way? Let the case be made as it is simpler. Each time, as soon as you offer something or prove their point of view, do not rush to give up and argue. Maybe your mind is not aware of its benefits and does not see an alternative.

Activate the caretaker. Please watch and only then act. Go down into the audience, do not rush to take control and let the game evolve independently as possible, under your supervision. Do not peel your hands in the water. Do not interrupt your life to move with the flow, and you will see how you felt better.

Influence has no sign, and your attitude towards it. Man gets what to expect. He made such a possibility in his script. That is why the probability of triggering signs increases. If you believe in omens, they will participate in the formation of your life events. If you do not believe me, but I doubt the effect will be weaker, but still will. If you do not believe and do not pay attention to them, they would not have on your life any influence.

When the options for making a turn, guiding signs may appear. The sign is different from the usual phenomenon in that it always signals the beginning of a transition to a qualitatively another lifeline. There is a feeling as if something is wrong. Signs are pointers, they tell us that something has changed, something is happening. The phenomenon, which occurred on the current line of life, as a rule, not alarming.

Definitely interpret the signs is very difficult. There can be no certainty, even in that event, to attract your attention, it is a sign. We can only take note of the fact that the world wants to say something. For example, it turns out or not have time or not'll be able or not, good or bad, dangerous or not. The interpretation of the sign should be kept to only hint at the version of the response of the "positive" or "negative." For greater accuracy should not count.

The interpretation of omens and signs - a thankless task. Too unreliable and unclear. The only thing you can do is take note of the sign, to increase their vigilance and the superintendent to be more careful. Do not worry too much, and attach great importance to the signs. However, if you've been paying attention to the sign, it is not necessary and neglect. Maybe he carries a warning that we must be careful, or to change their behavior, or to stop in time, or choose a different course of action.

For example, I'm in a hurry, and I was blocking the way to the old woman with a crutch, and I can not get around it. That should mean such a sign? most likely, I'll be late. Or here's my bus, which is usually going slowly, now for some reason, flies like mad. Apparently, I'm somewhere I had gone too far and should be more careful. Or here's plans did not give in, there are some obstacles viscous, the case moves with difficulty. Maybe I chose a dead end road and I do not have to go there at all?

Signs can just wake you up from sleep and waking to understand that you may act in the interests of a destructive pendulum and to the detriment of themselves. Interpretation of even innocuous symbols, as a warning not to be excessive. Prudence and conscious, sober look at what is happening, will not be denied. The main thing is to care does not turn into anxiety and suspiciousness. You must take care not to worry. Handing yourself out, act impeccably.

The most clear and precise guiding signs - a phrase people thrown as if by chance, spontaneously, without forethought. If you consciously try to impose their views, you can skip it by ear. But if thrown spontaneous phrase, which is a recommendation to do something or what to do, take it very seriously.

For example, you accidentally dropped: "Take scarf, catch a cold." Surely, if you do not obey, then later regret. Or are you concerned about some problem, but you someone in passing throws unimportant for your recommendation. Do not rush to brush aside and listen. Or are you sure he is right, and someone casually, not on purpose, to show you that this is not so. Not upryamtes and look around, if you lupite hands in the water.

Mental discomfort - is also very clear sign. Here you need to make a decision. Stop and listen to the rustle of morning stars. And if your mind is already made the decision and you remembered the rustle of late, try to recall the feelings you experienced when taking a decision. These feelings can be described as a "feel good" or "I feel bad." If the decision was given to you with reluctance, if there was an oppressive state, then it is definitely "bad". In this case, if the decision can change, feel free to change.

The mind is always trying in every way to justify and prove their case. Here you stand before a choice: "yes" or "no." The soul tries to timidly objected: "No". The mind is aware that the soul says "no", but pretends not to hear and convincingly proves, based on "sound reasoning", "yes". A simple and reliable algorithm for determining mental "no": if you have to convince yourself and to persuade to say "yes", it means that the soul says "no." Remember, when your soul says 'yes', you do not need to persuade herself.

It is necessary to constantly watch what signs takes you around the world. But we should not try to see the signs everywhere. One need only take note of the signs to ipomnit that they may be guiding. Once you have forgotten, you immediately take in turnover pendulums, and you can become a victim of circumstances. Pay particular attention must be checked desires and actions that can radically change your fate.

Current options frees the mind from two unbearable burden: the need to efficiently solve problems and to constantly monitor the situation. The mind, in any case will make mistakes, but they will be much less if he died his diligence and possibly allow the problems resolved without active intervention. This is called a release situation. It is necessary to loosen his grip, reduce control, do not interfere with the flow, give more freedom to the world around them.

Trouble in mind that he is inclined to perceive events that do not fit into his script, as obstacles. The mind is usually all advance planning, calculates, and if then the unexpected happens, begins to actively deal with it, to fit your event under the scenario. As a result, the situation is further aggravated. The mind is not in a position to plan the perfect event. Here also it is necessary to give more freedom to the river. The course is not interested in how to break your destiny. It is inappropriate.

Expediency, the mind's eye, is when everything goes according to pre-planned scenario. Life often presents people gifts that they take reluctantly, because they did not plan them. That reluctance to allow rejection of reason in his scenario does not allow him to take advantage of ready-made solutions in the stream flow options. Manic tendency of the mind to keep everything under control makes life a continuous struggle over.

The mind seeks to control not their movement with the current, and by the current. All that is not consistent, is perceived as a failure or problem. And it is necessary to solve the problem, and for that reason is taken with great diligence, creating new problems. Thus, the reason he piles up on your way a lot of obstacles. Often it is useful to loosen his grip and take an unforeseen event in your script.

Activate the ranger and watch, at least for one day, as your mind tries to control the flow. You something to offer, but you refuse. Something you are trying to tell, and you dismiss. Someone expresses a useful idea, and you argue. Do you offer a solution, and you mind. Are you waiting for one thing and get another, and express dissatisfaction. Someone's stopping you, and you come into a rage. Something goes against your script, and you throw in a frontal attack, to direct the flow in the right direction.

When you look back, you make sure that your control went against the tide. Proposals others were not meaningless. Arguing is not worth it. Your intervention was unnecessary. What do you see as obstacles, all those were not. Problems are resolved and so safely without your knowledge. What you got is not according to plan, it is not so bad. Accidentally abandoned phrases really are effective. Ваш душевный дискомфорт служил предупреждением. Вот это и есть тот роскошный подарок течения разуму.

Попробуйте ослабить хватку своего контроля и предоставьте больше свободы течению. Это не значит, что следует со всеми соглашаться и все принимать. Просто смените тактику: перенесите центр тяжести с контроля на наблюдение. Стремитесь больше наблюдать, чем контролировать. Не спешите отмахиваться, возражать, спорить, доказывать свое, вмешиваться, управлять, критиковать. Дайте шанс ситуации разрешиться без вашего активного вмешательства или противодействия.

Двигаться в согласии с течением мешают маятники. Они на каждом шагу устраивают человеку провокации, заставляя его колотить руками по воде. Энергия, затрачиваемая человеком на борьбу с течением, идет на создание избыточных потенциалов и на корм маятникам. Единственный контроль, которому стоит уделить внимание – это контроль за уровнем внутренней и внешней важности. Помните, что именно важность мешает разуму отпустить ситуацию.

Отпустить ситуацию во многих случаях гораздо эффективней и полезней, чем настаивать на своем. Стремление людей к самоутверждению еще с детства порождает привычку доказывать свою значительность. Отсюда идет вредная во всех отношениях склонность доказать свою правоту во что бы то ни стало. Если ваши интересы от этого сильно не пострадают, смело отпускайте ситуацию и предоставьте другим право колотить руками по воде.

Излишнее рвение на работе так же вредно, как безалаберность. Вы предъявляете к себе высокие требования, так как считаете, что обязаны показать себя на все сто. Это правильно, но если возьметесь за дело слишком рьяно, то скорей всего, не выдержите напряжения, особенно если задача сложная. В лучшем случае ваша работа будет неэффективна, а в худшем вы заработаете нервный срыв. Вы можете даже прийти к ложному убеждению, что не в состоянии справиться с этой работой.

Возможен другой вариант. Вы развиваете бурную деятельность и тем самым нарушаете установившийся порядок вещей. Вам кажется, что на работе можно многое усовершенствовать, и вы абсолютно уверены, что поступаете правильно. Однако если ваши нововведения повлекут за собой нарушение привычного уклада жизни ваших сотрудников, ничего хорошего не ждите. Это тот случай, когда инициатива наказуема.

Возмущаться и ругать можно лишь то, что вам непосредственно мешает, да и только в том случае, если ваша критика может что-то изменить к лучшему. Никогда не критикуйте то, что уже свершилось и нельзя изменить. В остальном, принцип движения по течению нужно применять не буквально, соглашаясь со всем и вся, а лишь путем перемещения центра тяжести с контроля на наблюдение. Больше наблюдайте и не спешите контролировать. Чувство меры к вам придет само.

Сторонний наблюдатель всегда имеет большее преимущество, чем непосредственный участник. Отказавшись от контроля, вы получите еще больший контроль над ситуацией, чем имели раньше. Когда вы двигаетесь по течению вариантов, мир идет к вам навстречу.


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