Scenarios of the fate and role options in this world for everyone

At all times, all the people thought: "That was the time before!" With age, the human life seems to be getting worse and worse. He recalls his youth, when all the paint was juicy, vivid experiences, dreams doable, the music is better, the climate more favorable, the people are friendlier, even the sausage is tastier not to mention health.

Life was filled with hope, brought joy and pleasure. Now, after so many years, people are already not getting the same joyful experiences from the same events.

For example, going on a picnic, party, concert, movie, party, date, vacation at sea, everything has the same quality, if the judge objectively. Holiday fun, interesting movie, the sea is warm. But still, not the same. Paint faded, emotions are blunted, the interest waned.

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Why, in my youth things were so great? Is the perception of the person with age dulled? But with age, the person does not lose the ability to laugh and cry, perceive colors and tastes, to distinguish truth from falsehood, to distinguish between good and bad. Or the world really is heading into the ditch?

In fact, the world itself is not degraded and becomes worse. The world is getting worse for this particular person. In parallel with the line of life, which the person complains, there are lines that he once left and where still good. Expressing dissatisfaction, the man is configured to do the worst of the line. And if so, it really draws on these lines.

In accordance with the principle of Transurfing, the space of options is all and for all. For example, there is a sector where life for this person lost all their paint, and for others remained the same. People radiating negative energy of thoughts, falls into this sector, where the scenery of his world has changed.

At the same time, for other people, the world remained the same. And don't even have to consider such drastic cases where people became disabled, lost home, loved ones, or drunk. Often during the life of the people, slowly but surely slides on the line, where all the colors of the scenery fade. Then he remembers how everything was alive and fresh many years ago.

Being born, man first accepts the world for what it is. The child just remains to be seen whether it may be better or worse. Young yet very spoiled and fussy. They just discover this world and enjoy life, because they have more hopes than claims. They believe everything is now good and will be even better.

But then come the setbacks, the person begins to realize that not all dreams come true, that other people live better, for a place under the sun we must fight. Over time, the claim is more than hope. Discontent and whining is the driving force that push a person to fail lifelines.

In terms of Transurfing, the man radiates negative energy, which transfers it to the lifeline corresponding to negative parameters.

The world is getting worse, the worse you think about it. In childhood you haven't pondered over this world good for you or not, and took it all for granted. You just started to discover the world and not so abused by critics. The biggest offense was to address your loved ones who, for example, bought you a toy.

But then you start to seriously resent the world. He began to have to satisfy less and less. And the more you make claims, the worse was the result. All who have survived adolescence and lived to maturity, you know that sooner was much better.


Young yet very spoiled and fussy. They just discover this world and enjoy life, because they have more hopes than claims. They believe everything is now good and will be even better.

Vadim Zeland


Here is such a harmful paradox: you meet with an unfortunate circumstance, expressing dissatisfaction, and as a result the situation gets even worse. Your dissatisfaction comes back to you threefold boomerang. First, excess capacity of discontent draws against you equilibrium forces. Second, dissatisfaction serves as a channel through which the pendulum pumping of your energy. Thirdly, radiating negative energy, you move on the appropriate line of life.

The habit to react negatively is so ingrained that people have lost their advantage over the lower living creatures – consciousness. Oyster also reacts negatively to external stimulus. But man, unlike oysters, can consciously and deliberately regulate his attitude to the outside world. However, people are not taking advantage of it and responds with aggression at the slightest inconvenience. Aggression he mistakenly interpretered as its power, and in fact, in fact, he just fluttered helplessly in the web of pendulums.

Do you think that life has become worse. However, those who are young now, life seems perfect. Why? Maybe it's because they don't know how good it was when you were their age? But then were people older than you that just complain about life and remember how good it was before.

The reason is not only the property of the human psyche from the past to erase the bad and leave the good. After all, discontent is directed to the fact that there is now, because it's allegedly worse than what was before.


The world is getting worse, the worse you think about it. Vadim Zeland


So, if you accept the fact that life becomes every year all worse and worse, it means that the world has long had to just fall apart. How many generations have passed since the beginning of human history? And each generation believes that the world is worse!

For example, any elderly person will tell that before Coca Cola was better. However, Coca-Cola was invented in 1886. Imagine how disgusting it now! Maybe the taste perception fades with age? Hardly. Because the elderly has become worse and any other quality: furniture or clothing, for example.

If the world was the only one at all, then it would be enough only a few dozen generations, and then everything should just fall into hell. How to understand this paradoxical assertion that the world is not one at all? We all live in the same material world of alternatives. But the options of this world for every person on your own.

On the surface are clear differences in the lives: rich and poor, successful and sinful, the happy and the unhappy. They all live in the same world, but the world is for everybody. Here, it would seem, everything is clear as that there are poor and rich neighborhoods.

However, differ not only scenarios of destinies and roles and the scenery. This difference is traced not so obvious. One person looks at the world from the window of a luxury car, and another from a trash bin. One at the festival of oars, and another is concerned about their problems. One sees a merry company of young people, and the other a cheeky gang of bullies.

They all look the same, but the resulting paintings are very different, like a color film from black and white. Each person configured on your sector space options, so everyone lives in his own world. All of these worlds overlap each other in layers and form what we understand by the world in which they live.

Imagine a Land where there is not a single living creature. The winds blow, the rain, volcanoes erupt, rivers flow and the world would exist. Here man is born and begins to see little things. The energy of his thoughts gives rise to material implementation in a certain sector of space options – the life of the person in this world. His life represents a new layer of this world. Born other person – there is another layer. A person dies – layer disappears, or maybe transformirovalsya, in accordance with what happens there, beyond the threshold of death.

Humanity is vaguely aware that there are other living beings who are allegedly in some kind of parallel worlds. But let's for a moment assume that living beings in the world do not, yet. Then what energy gave rise to material implementation of the world where there is no living creatures? We can only guess. Maybe if you die the last living creature, then the world will disappear? Can anyone confirm that the world exists if no one is in it? After all, if no one can say that the world (in our sense) is, then, about the world as such cannot speak.

Well, rather, further into the jungle to climb and will not leave all this philosophy to philosophers. Don't forget that Transurfing is only one of many models. All people's ideas about the world and life in it – no more than a model.

Do not forget the importance and don't create external the importance of Transurfing. Otherwise, you can become an apologist for the useless ideas and to prove the truth of his worldview. Truth is an abstraction. We know only some of the manifestations and patterns. And our goal is only how to make practical use of our model.

Back to the worlds of generations. Every person throughout life is reconstructed from one sector of space options to another and so transformerait layer of their world. Because people are more willing to Express dissatisfaction and radiates more negative energy than positive, there is a tendency of deterioration of quality of life.

Could age to amass wealth, but happier from this becomes. Paint decorations fade, and life is happy less. A representative of the older generation and the youth drink the same Coca-Cola, swimming in the same sea, skiing on the slopes of the same mountains – everything seems to be the same as it was many years ago. However, the senior was confident that before everything was better and younger now everything is just fine. When the young man gets old, history will repeat itself again.

In this trend, there are deviations, as in the worst and the best. Sometimes people with age only begins to feel the taste of life, and sometimes quite prosperous sinking into a deep hole. But overall, generation more or less unanimous that quality of life is deteriorating.

So it moves the layers of the generations. Layer of the older generation is shifting for the worse, and young is late, but moving there too. This shift occurs in steps, each time starting with an optimistic position. That is why the whole world turns into hell.

Each person has his own layer, which he chooses. A person really has the opportunity to choose a layer, which he does. You are already becoming clearer picture of how he does it to their own detriment.


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And how to get your old world back on the line, where life is so full of colors and hopes, as it was in childhood and adolescence? This problem too can be overcome. But first we need to understand how we go with those prosperous and hopeful lines where we can ask, "Well, how did you come to such a life?" published


Author: Vadim Zeland




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