Psychology of poverty or the Barriers to wealth

If sensibly to argue, as can rich simple man, born in the slums? Criminal path will not be considered, beautiful stories about millionaires, too. So, reasoning based on common sense, no nothing.

Then what is the use of such common sense? Transurfing does not fit into common sense, but it allows you to do what seems impossible.

Acting in the framework of common sense, people get the result. If the person was born in poverty, surrounded by poverty, got used to it and configured to the radiation energy at the frequency of his miserable life.

To adjust to the line of his prosperity very difficult if you have only hatred for their poverty, envy the rich and desire to be secured. Or not, I would say that having only these three things, go to the line of his wealth is almost impossible. Let's look at why.

Thirteen million nine hundred forty five thousand four hundred forty two

Probably one of the first discoveries of all children coming into life, is the fact that if you don't want something, it does not mean that you will be spared from this. Sometimes the soul just loosed a cry of despair: "But I don't want one! I just hate it! Why couldn't it leave me alone? Why is it always me?"

This question in outrage asking themselves not only children but also adults. In fact, it is difficult to accept that if you don't want something, it still happens, and if you hate it, it just haunts.

You can hate your poverty, your work, your physical limitations, neighbors, bums on the street, alcoholics, drug addicts, dogs, thieves, criminals, the impudent young, the government…

The more you hate, the more of this in your life. And you already know why. It hurts you, you think about it, and, therefore, radiate at the frequency lines of life, where the object of your discontent is present in excess.

It doesn't matter what the polarity of this radiation: "like" or "dislike". "Don't like" even more effectively, because emotion is stronger. On the other hand, the fact that you don't like, is to have a destructive pendulum, and therefore you have more sway with his own experiences.

Finally, if you actively hate, so creating excess capacity. Equilibrium forces will be directed against you, because it is easier to remove you than to change the world that you are not satisfied. Imagine how many harmful factors inherent in a negative attitude to life!


The more you hate, the more of this in your life. And you already know why. It hurts you, you think about it, and, therefore, radiate at the frequency lines of life, where the object of your discontent is present in excess. It doesn't matter what the polarity of this radiation: "like" or "dislike".
Vadim Zeland


Back to man born in poverty. He has the desire to become rich. But one desire, as you know, nothing changes. You can collapse on the couch and lazily pull: "Now here would be nice, a plate of strawberries. But where to take it, that's impossible, it's winter". About wants to become rich poor man.

If the person is not ready to act to get what he wants, he does not get it. And not he acts because he knows that nothing will come of it. It was a vicious circle.

Desire has no power. Just a desire can not even move a finger. This makes the intention, that is the determination to act. The intention includes willingness to have. People might say, "Oh, I shall never forget it! It's so easy, because I want to be rich!"

No. Again, between "want" and "be willing to" lies a deep abyss. For example, a poor person feels "at ease" in a rich environment or in an expensive store, even if struggling to convince yourself and others otherwise. Deep down he believes himself unworthy of it all. Wealth is not in the comfort zone of the poor, and not because being rich is uncomfortable, but because he is far away from that. New chair comfortable, but the old comfortable.


People might say, "Oh, I shall never forget it! It's so easy, because I want to be rich!» No. Again, between "want" and "be willing to" lies a deep abyss.
Vadim Zeland


The poor know only the outer side of wealth: luxurious houses, expensive cars, jewelry, clubs... If a poor person placed in such a situation, he will feel discomfort. And give him the suitcase with the money, so he starts to do all sorts of nonsense and, eventually, lose everything.

Frequency energy, which he translates, is in sharp dissonance with this life. And while he will not admit the attributes of wealth in their comfort zone, until he learns to feel himself as the owner of expensive things, he will remain poor, even if they find the treasure.

Another obstacle to wealth is envy. As you know, envy is so annoyed at someone else's good fortune. In this sense, nothing constructive jealousy in itself does not carry.

But envy is a very strong destructive element. Human psychology is such that if he's jealous of the fact that he would like to have it in every way trying to devalue it. That is the logic of "black envy," "I envy what he has. I do not, and are unlikely to appear. But I worse than him? So, the thing which he has – is bad, and I do not need it."

So the desire to be transferred into psychological defense, and then turns into rejection. Rejection is on a subconscious level because the subconscious mind understands everything literally. Consciousness devalues the object of envy only for the mind, for complacency, and the subconscious mind takes everything seriously. Here, the subconscious is a disservice, it will make everything not to get impaired and rejected.

So you can see what tenacious holding power of a man on a poor line of life. Even more dramatic events develop when induced transition from affluent to poor line of life. It happens that a wealthy man loses everything and is on the street. All the cunning of the induced transition to poverty is that the spiral unwinds it slowly, quietly, and then an avalanche, so that it can not be stopped.

This spiral begins with temporary financial difficulties. Note that temporary financial difficulties may be always and in all. It's the same usual inevitable as, say rain on a day when you are going on a picnic. If on this occasion not to fall into fury, depression, anxiety, or resentment toward life, the destructive oscillations of the pendulum without makeup, go out. Induced transition starts in that case, if you grabbed the end of the spiral. To spiral spun your response to the destructive pendulum.

Your first reaction is displeasure. For the pendulum is still too weak support, and if your emotions dry up, the pendulum will fade away. Another reaction is indignation, and this is stronger, and the pendulum cheered, he sends you information about what's in your financial difficulties someone to blame.

This second impulse you respond to negative feedback or actions to the perpetrators. At this point a destructive pendulum is already quite animated and begins a new turn of the spiral: you get the next salary is even less, or through the roof or you require payment of the debt.

Please note, at this stage you still don't realize that there is some process. You just think that there was an unfortunate trouble. In fact, this is a process that indutsiruet you yourself, in response to the oscillation of the pendulum.

The frequency of your energy radiation is reconstructed with more lines, where you successful, on the line where you are deprived and indignant. Therefore, you carries on the line corresponding to your new settings.

And here, your situation increasingly worse. All sides begin to do the bad news: prices are rising, things in your company are not going well. You are beginning to discuss the negative issues with friends and family.

The discussion is usually conducted in a destructive manner, that is, complaints, discontent and aggression against the alleged perpetrators. This is especially true in enterprises, where very bad things. There the day starts with a postulate that "no money", like morning prayers.

At this stage you're already completely captured by the spiral, your radiation tuned to the frequency of the destructive pendulum. Because things are getting worse, you are disturbed. The energy concern, despite its small size, is very well assimilated by the pendulum, it is all the more impudent.

In this state, you will inevitably create a surplus potentials dissatisfaction, aggression, depression, apathy, resentment, and so on. Now, when a destructive pendulum is connected to the equilibrium of forces, the situation is out of control and begins to develop an avalanche. You fear, and you roll the dice.

You like took hold of his hand and whirled, whirled, and then abruptly left. You flew off to the side, fell and remained lying in a state of shock. Terrible picture. And it all started with this little financial difficulties.

The pendulum does not need your money, he is interested in the negative energy that you radiate when money float away from you. As a result, when the spiral is turned, you lost a lot, and in the worst of all. Destructive pendulum you no longer interest you, there is nothing more to take.

Further events may develop in different ways: you will either lie on a failed life line, or start with difficulty to get out. Such an induced transition can occur both with the individual and with a large group of people. In the second case, as you know, this is not just a spiral, and the maelstrom from which escape is very difficult.

The only remedy induced transition is not at the end of the spiral do not join in the game of a destructive pendulum. It is not enough just to know how this mechanism works. He needs to always remember. Your Caretaker don't have to sleep. Odergivala itself whenever the habit, as in a dream, you take the game of the pendulum, that is, show discontent, indignation, anxiety is manifested, take part in destructive discussions and so on.


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Remember that anything that causes you a negative reaction is a result of the provocative actions of a destructive pendulum. In the dream is exactly the same: until you realize that this is a dream, you are a puppet in someone else's game, and you can chase the nightmares. As soon as you woke up, shook himself from his obsession, realized what the game is, all of you – the master of the situation and not become a victim of circumstances, while all around you are in the zombie state.published  


Author: Vadim Zeland




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