If you have to constantly overcome obstacles, then you go through someone else's door

If the path to the goal you have to constantly overcome obstacles, either the target is selected by someone else, or you go to the purpose through another's door. The only thing in life that can be considered important is the definition of Your goal and doors. Tending to other people's goals, you can spend a lifetime and not achieve anything. There is nothing sadder than a recognition that all the efforts spent in vain, and life is a failure.

The stereotype of forced necessity brought to such an absurdity that you would think that life is a period that all must serve, or labor service, which all have to work.

Man is so accustomed to the necessity that the true leanings of the soul retract into the farthest corner of consciousness to better times. But life ends, and better times did not come.

Happiness is constantly looming somewhere in the future. About the stereotype says that the future has arrived, it is necessary to win, earn, achieve. People often refuse from your favorite things for material reasons. Cases are divided into Hobbies and actual work which needs to generate income. Along with the production of false targets, a forced necessity is another method pendulums in their attempts to lead man away from his path.

In fact, even on a hobby can make good money if that's Your goal. If you have to abandon your favorite things just because it's not profitable, then you should clearly determine whether this case is related to Your goal. Turn your favorite thing your life on a holiday, or not?

If this case cannot be attributed to Your goal, so it is impossible to say definitely that it brings you income or not. But if you are sure that is Your goal, then it will certainly bring into your life all the attributes of comfort. When the target coincides with the door, the person no need to worry about material wealth, he will do if he wants to.

However the false stereotype of forced necessity gives man to devote himself entirely to his goals. This is corroborated by many examples. There is such a weirdo, walks on all the necessary work, and in his spare time creates something or invents. Him not think that his creations could be expensive to sell.

He lives in poverty, convinced that the piece of bread you need to work hard. But his fascination is so, "for the soul." See what's happening? Man is rotten at some boss all the time of your life – say, it is necessary to maintain existence. And the soul receives the crumbs left over from the main working time. So who do people live? For the uncle?

If Your purpose coincides with Your door, you'll be rich from his hobby. Reaching Your goals will attract the fulfillment of all other desires, and the results will exceed all expectations. You can be assured that in this world everything is made of mind, is very expensive.

Products of pure reason, by contrast, are valued very low. As you know, true masterpieces are born in unity of soul and mind. On the way to Your goal, you will create Your masterpieces, if you will not allow the pendulum to lead you away. In this case it's simple: you only need to quietly follow her path and not to succumb to the tricks pendulums. Sooner or later, you will achieve great success.

Somewhat more complicated is the case if the target and the door is not the same. Although before coming to this conclusion, think well. Your goal is not can complicate your life. On the contrary, having chosen Your target, you greatly simplify your life and get rid of weight problems.

Do not hurry with the choice of the door. Would be the determination to have and the door. If you clearly have no idea where is Your door, work with slides and expand your comfort zone. Drop the importance, refrain from the desire to achieve the goal. As soon as you allow yourself to have the external intention will offer you a suitable alternative.

Your door is the path that will lead to Your goal. Once you have identified Your target, ask yourself the question: how does this goal can be achieved? External intention will sooner or later reveal to you the various possibilities. Your task is to find among them exactly what Your door. Consider all possible options. Each variant must be subjected to a test for a state of mental comfort. Here you can follow the same principles as when you choose.

Suppose your objective implies that you are a well endowed man. Then you need to decide what you will become wealthy. After all the money is coming not just to the person, and the fact that he is. It can be: the star of the show-business industrialist, the financier, the outstanding specialist, the heir finally.

So what you want to be? You need to find Your way to riches – what is in your heart. What it is, you must ask the heart, not the mind. The mind is a product of society. But society rests on the pendulums. The society says: "Become a celebrity, politician, rich – it is prestigious." But since your happiness for the pendulum is not of interest, it will not help you to define Your niche in this life.

Mind and friends tell you what to look for a paying job as a lawyer. Everyone tells you that becoming a qualified lawyer, you will earn a lot of money. You really want to earn a lot of money, but this door may be a stranger to you. Through this door you will find yourself not there.

If Your goal is chosen properly, then Your door will open such possibilities that you never dreamed of. Suppose your query is your house, car, good salary. Entering the door, you get so much that your previous requests seem ridiculous. But it is necessary not to make the wrong choice Their doors.

Take your time and do not take the time to choose from. You will spend much more time and effort wasted, if you hurry and make a wrong choice. In defining the purpose and doors can take months. During this time, you will need to observe a kind of "post perfection" – to strictly follow the basic principles of Transurfing. You've already met them.

First and foremost is awareness. You should be aware of about the motives of your actions. Whether you are working deliberately, knowing the rules of the game, or helpless subject to the pendulum?

Follow the level of internal and external importance. Thinking about Your goal and doors like you already have. There is no prestigiousness, inaccessibility and necessity. Throw out any importance. What you have, for you commonly.

Refuse the desire to achieve the goal. Get – well, and will not work – then it's not Yours, and to grieve about. If you do not believe that the goal you have in your pocket, then advance to accept defeat. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Take in your life to lose, let it be under supervision.

Look for this door insurance replacement. Do not give up at once from the old door, don't burn your bridges, proceed cautiously. Don't put everything on one card. Keep alternate routes.

Do not stop to twist in thoughts a slide of Your purpose. Thus, you expand your comfort zone and tune into the frequency of the target line. External intention itself will throw you the information you need.

Don't miss this information, insert in the slide of Your goal and Your door. Skip all the data from the external world through this slide. Rate suits you or not. Listen to the rustle of the morning stars, not reason. Not sure what you think about it, but for those that you oppressed or inspires. Pay attention to the relation of the soul to any information. At some point she will tremble and exclaim: "This is exactly what you need!"

And again take your time. Expand your comfort zone and adjust his thoughts to the target line as long as Your aim and the door will not be possible to clear the concept. You must come to a clear conclusion: "Yes, I want it, and it will turn my life into a feast". Your soul sings, and the mind contentedly rubbing his hands.

If the soul already sings, and the mind still have doubts, again, expand your comfort zone. This will allow you to hack prevent false stereotype of inaccessibility and unreality. Do you know why the door seems unapproachable? Because she's locked on a false stereotype of inaccessibility, which sits in your mind. When you break the stereotype, the door will open.

I urge you to believe me, or yourself, or anyone else. You will never force reason to believe. The mind accepts only the facts. Now that the door was to the real reason you should go to a target lifeline. And this can only be done using a target slide.

At the beginning of Your line is just ahead, but the way to achieve it for the reason already really visible. To convince yourself and to fight the stereotype is useless. Breaking stereotype is not this. It collapses itself when the external intention will show you new opportunities to target line. So pay attention: don't try to convince yourself and don't fight the stereotype. All you need to do is systematically to twist in thoughts a target slide. This is not an empty speculative exercises, and specific movement toward the goal.

Don't forget that the material implementation is inert, and external intention cannot execute your order instantly. You will need patience. But if patience is not enough, then you crave to achieve this goal. Then start again and reduce the importance. You wish, then, to question the reality of achieving it. Again expand your comfort zone until then, until you see that open real prospects.

Pendulums can disguise Your door under cover of about the insignificance and low values. All you can do easily, naturally, with hunting – has meaning and value. You have no minor dignity. Any stupidity that is typical for you, and in the framework of stereotypes has no value, can serve as a key to Your door. Try to project their characteristic "frivolous" as a serious doors.

For example, if you have a reputation of "clown", then maybe you could be a great comedian. If you all say that you're useless, only know how to dress up and preen, then, maybe, Your door leads to the profession of a top model, makeup artist, or fashion designer.

If you are irritated by advertising, and you like to grumble that everything is done correctly and in your opinion, is necessary to present differently, then maybe it's not just your dissatisfaction, and a hidden desire to demonstrate their abilities in this area.

This particular examples. Your personal "worthless" quality can manifest itself in a wholly unexpected way. You will discover if you turn away from pendulum and turn to his soul. Think about it: if you really make their stupid actions with ease and hunt, so it must have some value.

All this refers to the process of selecting Your door. But suppose you are already well on the way to the selected target. Then there is one way to determine is Your door or someone else's. If you are on your way to the goal, get tired, lose energy, get tired, then it is not your door. On the contrary, if you cover the inspiration when you do work that brings you closer to your goal, you can safely assume it is a matter of Your door.

To distinguish Your door from a stranger can be another way. The door of a stranger can pretend to be Yours, she sort of opens up before you, but at the crucial moment slams nose. It turns out that on the way through someone else's door like everything is normal, but in the end, in the main, you will fail.

If this happened, then you walked through another door. This is the insidiousness of the pendulums, which are specially open to the public doors to lure more followers.

As a rule, on Your doorstep no one crowd. But even if you have met a lot of people wishing to go through Your door, this part, and you pass freely. Public doors are open to all, but run through them a few.

Remember again how pendulums create myths of successful career of stars and trying to subdue all rule "do as I do". People passionate Mirage, crammed all together in the same door, while their own next door are absolutely free.

However, before you can close Your door if you have grossly violated the law of balance. For example, your goal has for you too much importance, and all put on one card. This door can be opened again if to reduce the weight.published


Author: Vadim Zeland


Source: www.transurfing-real.ru/2016/09/blog-post_758.html


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