How to choose YOUR stuff

In this article we will talk about how to distinguish the genuine aspirations of the soul from false targets, which very often trying to impose on us pendulums. The problem is that a false target, in spite of its attractiveness, will not bring you personally nothing except frustration.

In pursuit of a false goal, you either will not achieve anything, and effort you expended will go to feed the pendulum, or, reaching the goal, make sure that you don't need it. Is it worth it to miss a unique chance, this life, and to spend precious time to fix the bugs? Despite the fact that life seems long, it quickly and quietly goes away. It is therefore necessary to learn how to find Your goals that will bring happiness to you personally.


The most striking and simple example, and at the same time exercise the ability to define their purpose is the search for clothing. Remember, there have been occasions when you've bought seems to be the right thing, and then it turns out that you no longer like, or is not, or is defective. And it happened that you saw the thing, immediately without hesitation bought and happy with it to this day. The difference between these things is that the first of them – a stranger, and the second is Yours.

The first thing that seemed attractive was intended for another person, but not for you. Perhaps you saw her from a friend or on a mannequin. If the thing looks good on others, it does not mean that it will do you. And it's not your fault, and your dignity. Very bad to be a mannequin on which everything looks good. A strong impression is not the conventional beauty, a well-accentuated personality.

Know this is you without me well known. But you long to go shopping and suffer, not knowing what you buy. Knowledge of styles, fashion sense, even good taste, do not help. After a long search, you still not quite satisfied with the purchased item. In order to always find exactly what you need, you need to learn to distinguish Your stuff from others. How is it done? You won't believe how simple!

First, never suffer the problem of choice. Here you are clearly violating the balance. The more you bother about it, the worse the result will be. No need to look at things and analyze their advantages and disadvantages. The mind should not participate in the selection, because the mind and its thoughts are not you, but the plaque from the influence of pendulums. Just go and see the exhibition, thinking of nothing.

First you have to understand in General terms what you would like to purchase. Details to submit is not required. The only description should be the type of clothing. For example, if you need a coat, just set a goal to choose a coat, and no more unnecessary conditions. Let the thing chooses your soul – it is much closer to what you really are. She will not miss the slightest detail and always on time will show you to Your thing. You'll know it as soon as among the many things to see, but rather feel that which inspires you with special sympathy.

Again, no need to analyze why the thing you like. She just likes you and all, about her we can say "this is what you need". You'll buy it without hesitation.

Even if you have been looking for and cannot find, no doubt, in some shop is Your thing. Not in the third, the tenth you will find it. She is waiting patiently for you, so that you will have patience, don't rush about, do not torture yourself with doubts and don't reproach yourself. And that confidence was absolute, I will reveal the secret of distinction strange things from yours. It's as simple as reliable.

As I said, in the process of choosing you should think about the advantages and disadvantages of things. But then came the moment when you have to tell the seller its a "Yes" or "no". At this point, you are a very sweet sleep even if you feel that it is not. Especially strong your dream in that case, if the number of the seller or your friend something you say about things.

While you make a decision, only works your mind. It analyzes the advantages and disadvantages, builds his concept so that it was rational and persuasive, but at the same time listens to the opinions of others. The mind is so absorbed in this process that the feelings of the heart attention is not draws. In this sense, the mind was fast asleep.

So let 's not bother him until, until he will make the decision. But the decision has been made. At this point, nobody will listen, Wake up and aware that the feelings you felt when the decision was made? The state of emotional comfort will show the relation of the soul to a decision of the mind.

Peace of mind, as you know, can't give a definite answer. The soul does not always knows what she wants and can also fluctuate. If the thing you liked from the first glance, and you felt it right away, then the soul said, "Yes."

But then the mind is included and begins to analyze and justify the choice. If the result of the analysis of mind also said "Yes", then the thing Your. But if the thing you liked at first sight, as a result of rational justification, then it is necessary to pay attention to the slightest discomfort. The soul always knows exactly what she wants.

If you hesitate, if anything in this thing you have is mild anxiety or discomfortabout if runs the light shadow of a doubt or oppression –it's not your thing. The mind will convince you and colorful to paint all the advantages. If you've caught myself trying to convince myself, trying to convince them that it suits you and a style and size – ready without regret to give up this thing – she is a stranger.

A definite criterion of choice is a simple phrase: if you have to persuade, so the alien thing. You know, if a thing is Yours, you don't have to persuade yourself.

Finally, whether in the process of choosing to listen to the opinions of others? I don't think so. No one except you will not be able to choose Your thing. If she liked you unconditionally, can be absolutely sure that the other person is seeing it from you, will be delighted.

About prices I can only say one thing: Your thing does not necessarily lie in expensive stores. But if it comes to that, Transerfing will help to remove the monetary issue from your life. If you define Your goal and will achieve it, and not money, then the money will come themselves, and in abundance.

As you can see, the process of selecting things covers all the basic principles of Transurfing. You walk around the store, through the exhibition, just watch and not set myself the task to find. Therefore, you give up the desire to achieve the goal. You calmly acknowledge that Your thing you are somewhere waiting and you know how to distinguish the from the stranger.

Hence, the importance at a minimum level. You Wake up immediately after the decision is made and realize how it all happened. It turns out that you are acting consciously and decide the game scenario. Taking the final decision, you rely on the state of mental comfort.

You can't go wrong because you have a reliable support in this precarious world – the unity of soul and mind. Finally, you much simplify your task if you're not hard to do the planning, to commit and to stubbornly stick to their line, and will trust the flow of options. Life is easy, if you afford. You are calm and not insisting you take their.

Well, now you have a simple and powerful technique. Can safely go to the store, and even if you did not buy anything, then you have saved yourself from someone else's things. You will be calm and confident, because you know that Your thing lying somewhere waiting. You will certainly find. Don't forget that before your lips fly off "Yes" or "no", you need to Wake up and be aware about their feelings.


That You automatically wonder:

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As we pull on other people's problems


In the case when you are choosing clothes for yourself, but, for example, for a child, this technique does not work. Rather, it works, but not with such precision. Your soul will not be able to choose a thing for another soul. So here it is to be guided only by considerations of practicality. But at the same time, give your child the opportunity to choose the thing yourself. Children, unlike adults, are able to find Their stuff.

Of course, this technique is applicable not only for clothes, but in any other case, when you have something to choose for myself. And I would really hope that the book you hold in your hands is Yours. published


Author: Vadim Zeland




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