Vadim Zeland: as your negative attitude can ruin your life

Each person is constantly swirling in my head any thoughts. If you let this process take its course,you take the top of negative thoughts, because we are most concerned that frightens, disturbs, disturbs, oppresses or annoys.

So for millennia formed the human psyche under the influence of a destructive pendulum, which is beneficial to keep a person in fear in order to successfully manipulate. That's why people vaguely imagine what they really want, but I know you don't want.

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To give vent to negative makemessage means to join the game of a destructive pendulum and to radiate energy at its frequency. Is a very bad habit.

In your best interest to replace it with another habit – consciously control your thoughts. Whenever your mind is not doing anything special, for example, you are riding the bus, just walking, or doing work that does not require concentration – include a positive thought. Don't think about what you are unable to reach – think about what you want to achieve, and you get it.

Let's say you don't like the house in which you live. You say to yourself, "I'm sick of this house. I here all annoying. That's when I move to a new place, I'll be happy, and yet I can't help myself – I hate it!" Keep in mind, with such thoughts you will not get what you expect. Even if moving to a new place – the question is solved, in a new house you will find plenty of disappointments.

Okay, you say, but I leave the barn and move into a luxurious mansion! What other disappointments can wait for me there? On this account, don't worry. The more animosity you have for the shelter you house, the more unpleasant surprises awaiting you in the new Palace. And trouble be of various kinds.

The cranes will break down, paint peeling, walls crumbling, the neighbors to pester – in General, it will be all to save the parameters of your negative radiation. New house or old – what's the difference? There is always a lifeline to all amenities, where you will still dissatisfied. In the space of options for you there are many luxury homes where you will feel like hell.


If you have nowhere to move, then the more you will remain to live in hateful surroundings. Because you are not tuned to the frequency of that line of life, where you will find the home of your dreams. At the moment you think about what you don't like, radiate negative energy, and it just comes to the line where you are. So you have to be stuck with her until then, until you change the frequency of their radiation. But this is not so difficult.

First, humble yourself and refrain from the discontent and hostility. Always and everywhere you can find good sides and reasons for the little joys. Let the house you do not like, but you have to be him, at least thankful that he gave you. On the street the wind blows, the rain. The house takes it all on himself, but you protects and warms. Unless at least it is not should be grateful? If you are currently grateful for what you get, if you have a love for all things that surround you and help you to exist, you radiate positive energy.

Then, if you wish, you may expect to improve their conditions. And when you move, be sure to thank all that were around you. Even those things that you throw away deserve. At such moments, you broadcast to the world positive vibrations, and they will come back to you.

Second, think about the house you want to have. It is more difficult to do than to get irritated from the things surrounding you at the moment. But the goal is worth it. What better accustomed to react like an oyster, to external stimuli, or to make a small effort and change their habits? See brochures with pictures of houses, go shopping in search of furniture, live all the thoughts of what you want to have. We always have that firmly holds our thoughts. Our thoughts always return to us like a boomerang.

I can give many examples of how your negative attitude can ruin your life. Let's say you are going on vacation to the South. Now, where you live, the weather is just disgusting. You are on the street, cringe from the cold wind and dip in the rain. Clearly, the joy of this weather it's hard to feel. Then be at least neutral, to ignore the destructive pendulum. If you are actively expressing their dissatisfaction with the weather, it means that you take a pendulum and swing it even more.

You say to yourself: "That soon I will come to the South, and going to enjoy sun, warm sea. And now, damn this swamp!" So, with this attitude you're not set on the line of life, where you will find a heavenly delight. You go there and not fall. You have already a plane ticket there? So what? You will be the only destination, but you'll find bad weather or other troubles. Although, things will get better once you tune into the positive frequency.

Obviously not enough not to feel negative energy. Need to not emit such. For example, you in frustration yelled at someone. You can be sure, after that you will have any trouble or problem. In this case, the parameters of your radiation satisfy the lines of life, where you experience irritation. Here's to you and moves it.


Our chaotic thoughts have tremendous energy potential

As we pull on other people's problems


On these lines the density of the troubles above average. No need to comfort themselves with the excuse that, say, this trouble and it was not inevitable. I don't need to convince you or to prove something. Just watch for yourself how any negative reaction followed by a new annoying things.

The conclusion is very simple and clear: you are always on those lines of life, the parameters of which meets your energy radiation. You let negative energy be in trouble in your life. You radiate negative energy – it will come back to you in the form of new problems, like a boomerang. published


Author: Vadim Zeland




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