Collector models Soviet cars

The man who does not just buy a copy in 1:43 scale cars and put them on the shelf, and makes exact copies of the legendary rally cars of the USSR or cars from the movies. Vadim Pokrovsky showed us his collection, now exhibited in the museum of the RSDLP, and told why successful person all that is necessary.
This "Muscovite" - one of the first models of Vadim has 1970

"Buy a model of the legendary rally car of the USSR is impossible, we have to make them yourself»
Vadim says he started collecting model cars as a child. Then there was the army, the institution, work - and he threw the case. Start again to collect copies of machines pushed his appearance in the sale of the series "Legends of USSR" in 2009. However, he began to buy the model only to their remodel.
 - I take the car model only as a template for completion, from which I make a copy machine, to remember my childhood, or have a story.

Often models that modify Vadim, linked with the Soviet motorsports. He says that his father was active in racing, was friends with the USSR champion in this sport, so the memories of childhood, our hero grabs.
 - And if we have to buy a copy of a foreign car, which won the world competition - not a problem, then buy a copy of some of the legendary Soviet rally car is impossible. Such models nowhere, so I'm wondering do exactly their conversion.
"Sometimes, to make one model, buy another 7 as consumables»
Vadim buys a copy of the Soviet conventional car in the proportion of 1:43, and then creates a copy of it with the history of rally car. First, he completely disassembled model, repaint, and then engaged in its parts and as a whole - bringing in an exact match to the original. For this part of the body model is cut to obtain a completely different form.

Vadim said that, for example, next to the yellow "Moskvich" (left), he was in the 5th grade at the track in the elections. Naturally, there was a great desire to recreate an exact copy

 - Photo rally cars I find on the internet, and when the conversion is mainly used plastic bank cards, tin, line and even guitar strings. Sometimes, to create an exact copy of the rally car, have to buy another copy to take from it a single element.
For example, says Vadim, to rally the Soviet VAZ 2108 in reality were put wheels on the Opel Manta, therefore had to look for a model just for the sake of the German car wheels. The cost of such a "consumable" - about 30 euros.

Initially, it was the usual "eight" from the series "Avtolegendy USSR", and Vadim made her a copy of a real racing car in those years. Half body reassembled from old cards, primed, filled, and covered with real automotive paint

The same car on the cover of the magazine "At the wheel" in 1987. Vadim said that apart from him no one has created a copy of the car

 - You know, it's a creative process, so the money here at work, I do not think so. It happened that as consumables to buy and 7 other models.
There is a collection of Vadim and model that was made entirely from scratch. We are talking about a rally version of the WHA in 2105, the body of the model which was melted wax.

So the car looks on rare surviving photographs

Thus it can be seen at the exhibition. The antenna is made of guitar strings and belts - from subtle matter. All stickers are printed in proportion to the original 1:43

Vadim also recreated several legendary race "Muscovites" 1960-1970-ies. Particular attention is drawn to the Soviet car racer, a tenfold champion Union Stasys Brundza - "Muscovite» 408.

Here's the car in the marathon "London - Sydney 1968».

Vadim said that he would be happy if the legendary racer, for which our hero was sick as a child, his signature on this model of car. According to the source, now Brundza is a member of the board of directors of the largest Lithuanian bank and the owner of Europe's largest collections of Cadillac

 - All of these cars I make a single copy for yourself. I, thank God, do not feel financial problems. There are, however, exceptions where I have 2 copies and one of them I put up for auction. But it does not pay, because the maximum that you can "acquire" - a US $ 5.
"A copy of the" Icarus "of Belarusian film bought for $ 500 for some reason, a resident of Volgograd»
Sometimes, according to Vadim, he is asked to do something on the order model.
 - Recently asked the people of Canada to make it the 21st rally "Volga", but found out how much it will cost delivery - sad.

Our hero is easier, for example, to make the model is not for sale, and at the request of friends or "a gift to good people." For example, sometimes someone from friends Vadim asks him to make an exact copy of their father's car as a gift for an anniversary.
 - One day I decided to make a surprise for a colleague's birthday and he made him a replica of "Volga" 3110, in which he drove in the army chief.
But once Vadim had to sell one of their best models. The fact that the party online forum collectors car models seriously ill wife and to raise money for the operation, all collectors and konversionschiki put up for sale one copy of their collections.
 - I put the "Ikarus" from the movie "The bus driver," and bought it for $ 500. Soon again I made this model for yourself.

An exact copy of "Icarus" from the movie Vadim recreated directly for Personnel movie

The exact model of the "Icarus" of Belarusian film for $ 500 bought ... resident of Volgograd.

Vadim also have a car from another Belarusian film. Interlocutor recalls how ran 3 times the film "Great Guy" Movies "Vanguard", and 40 years later recreated MAZ protagonist of the film.

Still from the film "The Great Guy." Even a broken windshield will be reflected in the copy you made our hero.

Vadim said that the factory model were terrible headlights. We had to buy the model of "Muscovite" 412 only to rearrange lights out in the truck.

 - This movie is so sunk in memory of those days boys that when on sale, a model of the MAZ, it was impossible not to make him a car in the film.
"Some people like to paint a picture, and I'm wondering it»
Vadim conversion does in his spare time from work. Says if given a model for a couple of hours a day, a week can get a decent option. Interested in how the family relates to the fact that its head in the evenings to disassemble and assemble cars.
 - With understanding. That's the meaning of a healthy family, and that it reigns understanding.
Trying to understand why a grown man with a good job, salary and own car is it all about.
 - Someone interesting to paint a picture, but I like it. I feel pleasure from the process, and when I see the result - I get great satisfaction. Of course, when the finished model is put on the shelf, loses interest in her, but after a while nice to pick up or to show someone.
There is a collection of Vadim lot of models for those who are not interested in any motor sport or cinema BSSR. Also, our hero makes conventional models simply copies of rare or interesting cars of the Soviet Union. For example, a car Truckers - "IL Combi».

Under the rear window can be seen the newspaper. This is a real issue of the magazine, which is reduced by 43 times the computer and printed

But if the "combo" is known to all, many do not know that the export of "eight" is often altered in England but in such convertibles.

Hard to imagine that once it was common model that is sold at a kiosk. Vadim not only set her plastic tent, but even the steering wheel moved to the right side

"I believe that people my age interested in what I'm doing»
We have shown only a small part of the models are the first exhibition of its kind in Belarus. Vadim said that they are with other collectors for a long time were to be shown to a wider audience.
 - This exhibition - not a commercial event, and the case was organized on a voluntary basis. No money from the museum we do not get how not to get any share from the sale of tickets. But we do this and do not have.
Collectors, according to Vadim, just want people to see that this kind of Belarus hobbies too. Therefore, they are willing to put their models without any guarantees for their safety and even without a contract of storage.
 - We are patriots of this case and really want people to see our models and perhaps join us. If Europe is very strongly developed, in Belarus for us almost no one knows.

The exhibition presents another collection of Vadim - car models made by Soviet factories

Vadim says that collectors model cars in Belarus - totally different people from truckers to colonels. Such people, according to the interlocutor, not much, and those who do not just collect model, but also how he deals with the conversion - even less.
 - To do this, because as a large sum of money needed, and a thorough knowledge of the vehicle unit.
Increase the number of both the first and second place, according to Vadim, you can use the exhibition.
 - More than confident that people my age boys were holding the same model. And I think if they saw the exhibition, then get busy collecting or conversion. But as long as they do not know that such a thing now in Belarus there.



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