Average electrical treasures amassed millions

January 4, 1994: the house of the deceased electrician riot police cordoned off for three days and three nights experts describe treasures and transported them to the local museum.

Miroslav Egurnov were now curator of the museum Ilyin, then he came to the house of one of the first.

 - The situation seemed very poor, - she says, - the terms of dirt, greasy stove, mangy wall ... And then - rare cases, filled with rare books. On the table - a rusty bowl and some cup with a silver spoon XIX century. And over the stove - the icon in a silver frame, which has no price.

On the site was a second home, which is not immediately noticed. We were about to leave, but someone decided to check out what's there. They opened the door - opening up to the ceiling laid bundles of waste paper. Behind them was the room where the real rarities were dumped in a heap of dust and dirt. The same is true on the second floor, where Ilyin was a workshop. I have already captured the spirit! I had to call the trucks.

Collection Ilina furor. Someone praised her temper at $ 40 billion. Later the price dropped to a billion. But as a simple hard worker able to assemble a collection, which said the entire world ?!

01.Podpolny billionaire Alexander Ilyin was eating in a soup kitchen, but in private collections preserved masterpieces.

MASTERPIECE FOR sack of flour
Electricians Alexander Ilyin died in October 1993 at the 74 th year of life. He never married, he had no children. He did not let anyone in the house, do not make friends, met with women who did not drink, did not smoke and did not make a career. Once, in a conversation we were talking about the family, and he snapped: "How can I bring into the house of a stranger ?!»

The collection was his only passion. And the woman he loved - Catherine II, whose portrait brush Dmitry Levitsky Ilyin kept in his workshop.

Then, in '93, beside him were his nephews Irina and Andrei. Both are currently over 60 of them, like my uncle, were left alone, not daring to bring to the house of another. When officers carried bags value, they were silent, gritting his teeth. Nephews uncle's shared passion. Apparently, it has been infected by all this strange family ...

Future treasurer Alexander Ilyin was born in 1920 in Rybinsk family proletarian Boris Ilyin and noblewoman Natalya Rimsky-Korsakov. His mother has since before the Revolution remained a good collection, which became the basis of the treasures electrician. According to Vadim Orlenko collector, Ilyin, Jr. before the war all of Moscow walked on foot, peering into the windows of apartments and saying a word to the owners of paintings and icons.

When it came to June 41st ... No, he did not become a German policeman, as shown in the "dragon's Syndrome." But the front did not go - say, that paid off. Why feed the lice in the trenches, if you can wrap the war years to their advantage?

 - One of the most valuable things in his collection - a silver cup Ukrainian masters Ivan Ravich, - says Vadim Orlenko. - Ilyin he told me how I traded it for a bag of flour in Leningrad. It was right after the breakthrough of the blockade: for the meal then you could buy anything.

In 1944, the future billionaire clandestine catches theft products. I do not imagine, probably dragged - exchange. By law, Ilyin was threatened three years. But he left after only four months. Also I bought off? History is silent about it.

In Kirovograd Alexander Ilyin he appeared after the war, his father was transferred to the local maslozhirkombinat.

 - In his own words, he brought two containers of things here, - says Vadim Orlenko.

Future collector goes to college, he became an electrician and worked in this capacity until his retirement.

02.Prototip this hero TV series Alexander Ilyin (above) his collection himself.

COLLECTOR - the same drug addict
"Dragon Syndrome" is filled with mysteries, chases and gunfights. On a plot of the show of wealth, hidden in the basement, they did not belong to the collector and the party and the KGB bonze. But was the real Alexander Ilin custodian of gold Party? Among the local lovers of old Ilyin was a figure known, and people who knew him personally, have no doubt: his collection he collected himself.

 - If I did not know that Ilyin is the house, I would have thought that he was a homeless person, - says the collector Ivan Anastasia. - He dressed very poorly and sloppily. The usual grimy robe or jacket, coat, tarpaulin work boots. Pants on the same robe, cap. In the hands of always mesh-string bag. Zubov he did not have, but he did not care. When talking normally remove sunglasses and headband chews. Not a pleasant sight. But everyone knew that he had the money are found. On a good thing he had always found them.

03.Vypusk "Komsomolskaya Pravda" dated February 16, 1994 - a few days after the withdrawal of resources from the house electrician.

 - Where? - I asked.
 - Savings on everything - says Anastasia. - Collector, like a drug addict, to deny itself even in small things, just to get a "dose" - a rare thing. So was Ilyin. He ate free - because I worked as an electrician in the trust canteens. I do not buy anything, not to go to the doctors. Even dumps climb. And private orders fulfilled: repairing and sockets, and books with icons restored.

Profession electrician suit Ilina best. On the captured German motorcycle he traveled from village to village area and went into the house under the pretext of checking counters. I slipped into the hallway, looked ... "What an interesting icon of you!" - "Yes, my grandmother was left." Keep church utensils Komsomol and Communist was shameful, many gladly gave the opium of the people for a nominal fee.

 - He went to the cemetery as a job - says the artist Anatoly Pungin. - Find fresh grave and then administered to a widow or widower. Posoboleznuet, offer help, and he instantly view the property. If there is something worthwhile, gently begin negotiations.

Collector dragged into the house all that represented at least some value. Here you can find microscopes, telescopes, samovars, records of the early twentieth century, gramophones ... This Ilyin did not sell anything - it was his exchange fund.

 - I once saw him faded sheet with the logo of the US Army, - says Anatoly Pungin. - "Why are you?" - I ask. And he said: "Somebody needed - to change».

Ilyin managed to change even with the Soviet authorities. The regional museum showed me an act of the 49th year: The Commission decided it possible to exchange books from the museum belonging to Ilyin. Museum gave the church books, and an electrician - editions of different years, including, for example, the anniversary issue of the magazine "Ogonyok».

04. The old church utensils from home Ilyin were taken by truck.
Photo: courtesy Kirovograd museum.

On the verge AND BEYOND
Portrait of the collection is stored in Ilyina Kirovohrad Regional Library. Director Elena Garashchenko shows me the most valuable items. That is the gospel on parchment 1390 - 1410 period. Ilyin got it from some bumps in Moscow for restoration of another rare edition - the history of France from the private library of Napoleon. But the Bible of Ivan Fyodorov - Electrical traded it in Odessa on multiple orders.

 - How many books in his collection? - I ask.
 - Seven thousand with a small - meets Elena Garashchenko. - That old books, and relatively new. Especially valuable - about a third of.
Books have been the main passion Ilyin. He could mess around for days, restoring some rare edition. And he did this, according to experts, great.

 - He really dug into the garbage, - says the artist Emilia Rudenko. - I was looking for there old women's boots, leather which could make trouble. And the old stoves, they were part of a thin copper, suitable for coinage. You could make a very durable gilding technology, using potassium cyanide. When I found out - I was stunned. Well it's poison, say, instantly! And he laughs. "I once gave a hen drop - says. - She immediately Bryk - and died ».

It should be noted that Ilyin often acted on the brink of a foul. And even beyond. Among the seized at his house were found the objects stolen from the store of the same local lore muzeya.Ne to know where they could not Ilyin.

He says Vadim Orlenko following case. In 1961, before the second closing of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Ilyin restored gospel for its abbot. As the board asked to pick up something from the books. And the abbot gave him a key to the library. The same day, troops cordoned off the monastery, not allowing priests bear values.

 - Cordon stood a few days - says Vadim Orlenko. - All this time, Ilyin in a dirty robe and came out, no one paid attention to him. And he endured his belt rare books. "So - he says - I saved them from destruction».

I said in the regional library, how many books in the collection of laurels Ilyin. Answer: 114!

After the death of Ilyin turned out that he often took in the temples of icons for restoration and return copies made familiar to the artist. What is it? Salvation icons? Perhaps it is because Ilyin thought ...

Miroslav Egurnov, the current curator of Ilyin, opens a massive door. The room on the shelves - lamps, censers, the salaries for the icons and the icons themselves, silver utensils ... This is only part of the collection - all in a museum in 4000 seized the house Ilina items. Surely no one in the city knew that a simple electrician kept a treasure?

 - The fact that he has a very valuable thing to know everything - says Miroslav Egurnov. - And when a few days after his death in a secondhand bookshop appeared his book, it was decided to withdraw the collection. Otherwise, it just would have gone abroad in parts. Created by the Commission, we received the decision of the court and off. On the "UAZ" with three boxes. We thought at one time to take everything. But then we have nephews and threshold is not allowed. So I had to come back with the police. When we realized the scale, they were shocked.

 - For someone Ilyin all going? - I asked.
 - I think only for themselves, - said Miroslav Egurnov. - For such people, the main thing - it's possession. He did not even conducted catalog. Just I dump all together and enjoyed the fact that it belongs to him. And I thought, perhaps, that will live forever.

In about
How much is a collection
The question I ask all the specialists, which was able to meet in Kirovograd. But the direct answer has not received.

 - To find out the cost, one must first try to sell something, - explained to me the director of regional museum Natalia Agapeeva. - And we're not going to do it. In addition to our auction price may be one, but at the "Sotheby's" - vary significantly. But we are not interested in monetary value, for us, these artifacts are priceless.

The evaluation of a billion dollars, expressed even in the 90s, experts have rejected. According to the chief curator Paul Rybalko, Ilina meeting is likely to cost ten times less. But even in this case, this collection - one of the largest in Russia. And certainly no one electrician in the world failed to collect this.

Question - edge
Why seized values?
The official reason was the inability to ensure its proper storage relatives Ilyin.

 - This collection is of national importance - says Miroslav Egurnov. - All over the world there are norms according to which in case of danger of loss of art objects, they will be confiscated.
Also nephews Collector's direct heirs are not recognized: Electrician billionaire because even did not leave a will.

Collector's niece Irina Podtyolkov: "We tried to blame the murder of his uncle»
Nephews Alexander Ilyin Irina and Andrei Podtyolkov live on the yield of the street, where he died, Alexander Ilyin. Both 60, Andrei Ivanovich suffered two strokes and almost never gets out of bed. I knew that all the 19 years they do not communicate with journalists. But he decided to try to meet with Irina.

Harvest - is a small sector of private houses at the walls maslozhirkombinat. Former home Ilyin could find difficult: the tablet is so rusted that it is impossible to make out the inscription. The plot was quite deserted, like the two red brick house standing on it. It seemed that no one lives here, but knock on the porch came Irina Ivanovna - overweight woman in a blue quilted jacket and a long skirt. In the billionaire heiress, she does not look like.

I'm talking about what happened after the death of Alexander Ilyin.
 - You have no idea what we went through! - Irina spoke warmly Podtyolkov. - A week here stood with guns. The house opened the floor, looking for some diamonds. Half of the dishes have been killed, some paper burned right there in the yard. And my brother and tried to blame the fact that we have killed his uncle. Even his body was dug.

Criminalist came from Kiev, understood and said that uncle died of natural causes. But we are still questioning dragged on, wanted to blame that we did not cause him to doctors, not assisted. But in the clinic, then everything is fixed: Causes! In general, they not only robbed us, so even drank blood. And at the grave of Uncle promised to put a monument! So what? As there was a cross that we have set, so he is. And we have no money for the monument. And so I had to sell the last to survive.

 - Have you tried to sue? - I asked. - Trying to achieve the return of property or at least compensation?
 - First we tried - sigh Irina - but very quickly realized that no lawyer wants to defend us, and no court is not willing to accept our application. Everyone was afraid. We like outcasts. But what have we done? We just lived here and held each other, and one of us did some monsters.

05.Nesostoyavshayasya heiress of the richest collection of Irina Podtyolkov believes that the state has robbed her family.

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