The most unusual finds at the bottom of the ocean


The ocean floor is home to the most amazing things. A lot of people who have dedicated their lives to the search of ancient treasures, forever buried in the ocean floor. These waters are stored in a legendary sunken city.

Yonaguni. This ancient island is located in Japan. It was discovered relatively not so long ago drivers. This underwater complex had taken refuge at a depth of 27 meters. Externally, the design is a kind of platform with steps, which gradually becomes a terrace. These terraces are entirely covered with a complex ornament composed of triangles. After studying the findings, the researchers concluded that this design was created about 2 – 3 thousand years ago.

Ancient Heraklion. No one had about this city presentation of up to 2000. At this time it was discovered in the depths of the ocean. At the time the settlement was an ancient port city. Through it, ships could reach Egypt. In the first century BC there was a terrible earthquake, which resulted in the Heraklion was razed to the ground and buried at the bottom of the ocean.

Treasures of the Third Reich. This finding is a world record for the extraction of gold located in one place. The weight of the treasure is 61 ton. In 1941 production was taken by the Nazis on the famous ship SS Gairsoppa. When the value was considered missing forever. So it was as long as the company Odyssey Marine Exploration has not allocated substantial funds for their search. The surface has raised, to date, about a fifth of all precious treasures.

Cursed emeralds. To detect them are not fortunate enough Jay Miscovich. A man who dedicated his life to search for ancient treasures. Why can you not lucky enough? Yes, because ultimately, the man committed suicide. The find was discovered off the coast of Florida. They are estimated at several million dollars. In addition to media discovery soon caught the interest of the feds. All subsequent events have transformed the lives of newly minted millionaire in a nightmare. All this drove him to suicide. This event was the beginning of the reputation of the discoveries, dubbed "the damned emeralds".

Antikythera.An ancient computer. This find was recovered from the bottom of the ocean in 1900. Anticarsia mechanism, as it is called, is considered the most important discovery of the last century. As stated by scientists, this thing is the first analog computer, with which the ancient peoples of Greece had made a breakthrough in astronomy and mathematics.published


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