The world ocean level will rise by four meters

Melting ice shelves may trigger, scientists believe that the increase in the water level in the oceans, at least three and a half meters. Such a conclusion was recently made by scientists, analysts, decided to conduct a study of the Antarctic ice shelf.

Under some assumptions, bearing already quite formal, in the near future, the water level in the oceans will rise to a value of four meters, and it is dangerous.

Recall that the study of Antarctic territory ice shelves has continued for over 40 years and today scientists observe the really dangerous changes that can trigger a critical issue in climate change on earth. They do not exclude the fact that this situation is associated with anthropogenic factors and ozone holes, but that's another story.

Ocean acidification and natural selection as rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the ocean absorbs more and more of this substance. As a result of this process, the ocean becomes more acidic. Ocean acidity has an impact on all marine life, but the amount of this effect remains controversial. Most studies of ocean acidification have focused on measuring the impact of this process on a limited group of living organisms. In a recent study, the team from Macquarie University, has been checked several

Russian carrier rocket fell into the Pacific ocean It was a bad day for running Russia satellite, which fell into the Pacific ocean. The commercial launch from an ocean platform of the carrier rocket Zenit-3SL lasted only four seconds after takeoff, and the Intelsat IS-27, intended for delivery to low earth orbit, plunged into the ocean. The satellite Intelsat-27 was to serve the two American continents and Europe, while over the Atlantic ocean. The reason for the failure remains unclear, but Roscosmos has already announced the beginning of the investigation.

Ocean on Jupiter is a very deep Ocean on Jupiter is very deep Though, their existence lasts only tens of thousands of years before freezing and subsequent migration of water "down," explained Clara Kolosova, head of the research group of Charles University in Prague. Scientists studied the processes occurring in Europe and several other planets under a thick layer of ice there is an ocean of water or the ocean of other liquids.



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