Hormones aging and hormones of youth: it is Never too late to start growing younger

"It's never too late to begin to become younger" Mae West

From ancient times it is known that with age, the hormonal level decreases. The inhabitants of ancient Greece, Egypt and India tried to restore the declining sexuality and increase energy potential, taking the extract of male sex glands of animals.

Today we know that the decline in hormone levels due to the development of diseases that accompany the aging process such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Some hormonal abnormalities associated with other age-related changes, such as loss of muscle mass, obesity and mental disorders. Most of these unwanted changes are now happening, not only because of the decline in the absolute level of hormones, but also due to the shift of balance between the various hormones.

All the hormones in our body can be divided into two groups: anabolic and catabolic.

Anabolic hormones promote growth and formation of tissue – for example, they are responsible for powerful muscles and strong bones. Perhaps you heard something about steroids-anabolic steroids – synthetic chemicals that are used by bodybuilders for developing strong muscles (and which are prohibited for use in the preparation for the Olympic games). But sex hormones, growth hormones and DHEAS (dehydroepiandrosterone) are the natural anabolic hormones – steroids, which almost always starts to fall after reproductive age.

Catabolic hormones, in contrast, cause tissue destruction. The main catabolic hormone is the cortisol, a stress hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. Insulin (produced by the pancreas) and estrogen (in men), to some extent, behave like a catabolic hormones. Unlike anabolic hormones cortisol and insulin (both genders), and estrogen (in men) usually decreases with age; in rare cases, the level may be reduced slightly or remain at the same level or in some cases, as is the case with estrogen in men increases. This leads to a hormonal imbalance, which plays an important role in the aging process.

Insulin is produced in pancreas in response to elevated blood sugar. You should know that the insulin is not always acts as a catabolic hormone. In small amounts it works as a hormone is anabolic and promotes the growth of tissues.

In large quantities, when eaten too much sweet food or food with a high glycemic load, it stimulates the growth of only one type of tissue is adipose tissue or simply fat. With age, the sensitivity of cells to insulin decreases, and its level increases. This is the main reason for the weight gain in the aging process. With age, the balance between hormones is shifted from concerned to catabolism.

Anabolic hormones – testosterone, estrogen in women, progesterone, growth hormone, melatonin and DHEAS contribute to the growth of tissues and to maintain youthful, therefore they belong to the hormones of adolescence. In contrast, cortisol, insulin and estrogen (in men) attributed to the hormones of aging.

Hormones aging

What steps can we take to maintain a more youthful balance between the two types of hormones? We suggest you start with a discussion of ways to reduce or even reverse the gradual prevalence of catabolic hormones.


Response the body's response to stress is rapid release of cortisol from the adrenal glands that makes hard work cardiovascular system and lungs, immune suppressing, slowing digestion, and reducing fertility.

A strong surge of cortisol raises your heart rate, allowing you to run faster, dilates the pupils, allowing you to see better, and improves blood sugar, improving mental abilities. But the constant emissions of excess cortisol accelerate the aging process, contribute to the development of diseases that destroy muscle tissue (sarcopenia) and bone (osteoporosis), cause sodium retention in the body and high blood pressure, increase blood sugar and destroy your immune system.

In patients with Cushing's disease (associated with excess cortisol) or patients for a long time taking synthetic forms of cortisol, develops significant loss of muscle mass and weakness bones. In the novel "dune" Frank Herbert said, "Fear destroys the brain."

In fact, the fear increases the level of cortisol which, as proved by research, leads to brain activity. For example, Dr. D. S. Khalsa demonstrated with the help of their patients with Alzheimer's disease, how chronic stress damages the memory.

As you can see in the image below, all steroid hormones (including cortisol) are synthesized from cholesterol. First, cholesterol is converted into pregnenolone, which can then go either progesterone or DEA, "mother of hormones" testosterone and estrogen. When stress is chronic or excessive, produced more cortisol at the expense of DHEAS, testosterone and estrogen. Normal aging is associated with a small shift to greater production of cortisol and simultaneously to reduce the formation of other hormones.

The easiest way to determine how well your hormones of youth are struggling with hormonal aging is the ratio of the level of DHEAS (anabolic youth hormone) and cortisol (catabolic hormone aging). Can you figure it out, passing the stress test of the adrenal glands that will also allow you to check the health of the adrenal glands themselves.

You can get a set for analysis by a physician or practitioner and you do not have to donate blood. Do you analyze the house, collecting saliva samples 4 times a day – when you Wake up, at lunch, dinner and before bedtime.

Normal is considered to be the result of higher levels of cortisol in the morning and gradually decrease throughout the day. Under the influence of chronic stress is the daily variation is often unnoticed and the result is almost a straight line instead of downward.

In the stress tests of the adrenal glands also calculated the ratio of DHEAS to cortisol. In young people this ratio is usually high, but older people are already lowered.

Special instructions for alignment relations include additional supplements that contain DEA, the use of herbs such as natural licorice, which is used in Chinese herbalism, Ayurvedic or herb the ashwagandha, as well as compliance with lifestyle, contributing to lower levels of cortisol, and diet with low glycaemic load, reduced stress, regular exercise and a healthy amount of sleep.


If there was to be a race between the insulin and cortisol on the subject, who will destroy the body, we would bet on insulin. Barry Sears in the Zone of Rejuvenation refers to the overabundance of insulin "ticket to accelerated aging".

Excess insulin increases fat deposits in the body, raises cortisol levels and causes insulin resistance, accelerates the development of atherosclerosis and increases the risk of heart disease and also interfere with other hormones of youth.

Insulin is produced when excess calories. When you eat sugar or foods with a high glycemic load, so you stimulate the production of excess insulin, your body can separate the sticky sugar from the blood. Once the level of insulin, glucose in the blood instantly turns into fat which is then deposited in the fat cells of the body.

Cortisol and insulin belong to the same "good old boys" hormonal country club. The excess insulin increases the level of cortisol, and its excess leads to increased insulin levels. The excess insulin also is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease.

Insulin reduces the effectiveness of the hormones of youth, which accelerates the aging process.

For this reason, the rich sugar foods or foods with a high glycemic load which increases levels of insulin, causes us to age much sooner than anything else from our diet. Very easy to fall into the trap of lifestyle that promotes excess insulin: lack of exercise, constant low stress and the use of vysokovitaminnym carbohydrates.

Knowledge about nematodes

C. elegans is a type of round worms, which scientists often use in their experiments. The nematode got its fame due to the fact that were the first multicellular organisms whose genetic map failed to reproduce in 1999. In 2003, c.elegans again came under the spotlight, lived for 188 days, which translated into human age is equivalent to 500 years.

In earlier experiments, the life expectancy has reached 150 days due to the manipulation of the genome of roundworms under the code of IGF-1, a protein similar to human growth hormone. But I found one problem: while the worms got longevity, they showed reduced activity throughout his life.

While further study is Cynthia Kenton from the University of California, San Francisco, said the manipulation of insulin levels and removed some of the gonadal tissue. In the result, the worms gained even greater longevity without reducing activity. As in humans, and c. elegans, the most genes are the same, this study may lead to methods of prolonging human life, by manipulating the level of insulin and some other hormones, without removing any tissues.

The hormones of youth

The decrease in the level of catabolic hormones promotes the alignment of their relation to anabolic hormones of youth. But historically the most acceptable way of redressing the balance was a direct replacement hormones. Usually the term "gormonozawisimaya therapy" (HRT) refers to the sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Next, we will discuss no less important hormones of youth: DHEAS, growth hormone and melatonin.


DHEAS, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is the most common steroid hormone produced in our body. In the past it was believed that the DEA is just a precursor to other hormones, which has no special physiological properties.

But later William Regelson, commonly known practitioner-researcher, called the DEA "a superstar among superhormones". The level of DEA reaches its peak 25 years, then gradually reduced by 50% for 40 years, and 85 years is approximately 5% of his level in his youth.

Does this mean that the DEA could contribute to life extension? According to the results of experiments on animals Supplement DEA can slow down the aging process and increase life expectancy.

Proved that men with higher levels of DHEAS less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. DHEAS has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the level of IL-6 (interleukin-6) and TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor alpha), which are strong activators of dangerous inflammation in the body. According to the research of Dr. Regelson dedicated to Oncology, DEA prevents uncontrolled cell division, a clear sign of cancer cells.

Useful properties DEA:

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Struggling with stress

  • Improves functioning of the immune system

  • Relieves depression

  • Improves memory

  • Alleviates the symptoms of menopause

  • Prevents weakness of bones

  • Strengthens libido

  • Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance

  • Basirova increases body mass


DEA "tames" cortisol. When you experience stress, the body produces excessive amounts of insulin, which negatively affects your immune system, which in turn leads to the predisposition to diseases and accelerates the aging process.

Some studies have shown an Association between suppressed immune system and an imbalance between DHEAS and cortisol. Taking supplements DEA, you will improve the condition of suppressed cortisol and other steroids immune system. Because DHEAS is a precursor of testosterone, it can have a positive impact on libido, especially in women. DEA also contributes to the transformation of food into energy and burn excess weight.

Before you begin taking the Supplement with a DEA (DEA-sulfate), check your level of DEA, and then check it every six to eight weeks to be sure that you are approaching the desired result. It is recommended to keep the level of 300 men and 250 for women. Men should start with 15-25 mg of DEHA per day, and women 5-10, then you should increase the dose to achieve the desired level.

Note: because DEA is androgenic hormone, which is dominated by the male, it can easily turn into testosterone. Supplements DEA also raise the PSA (prostate specific antigen), an important marker of prostate cancer. Before you start taking DEA men should check the level of SAP, as well as during the reception, every 6-12 months. If the level of SAP, then you should immediately stop to take DEA to consult with your doctor.

The Human Growth Hormone

The hype around the role of growth hormone (GH) in the fight against aging erupted in 1990-e years, through the publication of Daniel Rudman's successor, a researcher at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

He published the results of the study, in the presence of a control placebo group, which involved 21 men aged 61 to 81. Among all the positive effects of HGH he identified the following: increase muscle mass, reduce adipose tissue, improve bone health, improvement in cholesterol and more sensitive perception to insulin.

Many such studies have come to the same results. In online searches of the National library of medicine on request "HGH" is out of 48,000 articles. You should pay attention to the fact that it is highly unlikely that treatment with growth hormone helps to gain muscle mass and lose fat without a diet and exercise program.

GH has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, lipid metabolism and blood pressure. In patients who had been in therapy for GR for 7 years, reducing sensitivity to insulin that occurs with aging, reversed.

Injection of GR was applied for the treatment of children diagnosed with the deficit. But the lack of growth hormone in adults that are now called growth hormone deficiency in adults (DGRV), recognize as a separate syndrome, the treatment for which G was approved by the Commission on control over drugs and nutrients.

Although the obvious positive effect of therapy GR, it should be noted some of the dark side. This is a fairly expensive treatment, from 2 000 to 8 000 dollars a year, depending on the desired dose and it is not always covered by insurance. Treatment requires daily injections and their benefits for healthy people are rather contradictory.

In 2002, the national Institute of health sponsored a study that observed 121 people after a course of injections with a synthetic GR gormonozawisimaya therapy or without it, in 1992 and 1998.

The results of the report of Rudman's successor on muscle mass and loss of adipose tissue was confirmed, but also identified the following side effects: 24% of men have developed resistance to glucose or diabetes, in 32% — carpal tunnel syndrome, 41% aching joints. 39% of women had developed dropsy. The study authors concluded that "because of the frequent occurrence of side effects (especially diabetes and resistance to glucose), applying therapy G to adults should be limited to the framework of the conducted research."

At the moment there is a debate about the probability of increasing the risk of cancer after therapy GR. But the PWM and Koen from Uniersiteta of California at Los Angeles, said: "cancer Risk is not increased greater rate among the population", in addition to what other studies also have not confirmed the increased rates of cancer of the rectum or prostate.

As far as therapy of GH in anti-aging used not so long ago, we should not forget about possible side effects. It is important to understand that long-term studies on the safety of injections GRAMS for healthy adults still ahead. Fortunately, we can change their way of life to achieve results injection of GR without having to the injection.

  • Vysokovitaminnye sugar and carbohydrates decrease the production of GR in the pituitary gland, and protein diet, on the contrary, contributes to its development. Adhering to a diet low in sugar content and low glycemic load, you will enhance GH levels in the body.

  • Deep sleep and anaerobic exercises are two major factors promoting generation of GR in healthy people. Adults who during life continue to exercise, maintain muscle mass and higher levels of GH.

  • The use of certain amino acids such as arginine, ornithine, glycine, and glutamine stimulates the pituitary gland to release more GR. Widely available supplements have different amounts of these amino acids, they are called stimulants of secretion, as they encourage the pituitary gland to release GR from the reserves.

  • Supplements that contain DEA, is an inexpensive way to raise GH levels.


For most people who would like to feel for yourself the effectiveness protivovozrastnoy actions of growth hormone are advised to adhere to the above recommendations. Until then, until you know the results of further studies, I advise you to leave the injection of GRS adults with a diagnosis of DGRV based on the opinion of an experienced physician.

Before taking any of these measures check the level of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor -1) in the blood. IGF-1 gives more accurate results than GH levels, because IGF-1 gives the average value G, which constantly fluctuates in the bloodstream. Based on your age and gender, your doctor will be able to determine the optimum level.

Our vestigial organs

As soon as we invent the technology that will support the nutrients and other substances in the blood at the required level we will not have the bodies that are responsible for the production of chemicals, hormones and enzymes. In the human body version 2.0 hormones and related substances will be delivered via nanobots, and the biofeedback system will control the production of substances and a balance between them.

In the end, it will be possible to avoid the presence of most of our biological organs. It is the process of redrawing cannot be completed at one time. Each organ and each idea requires its own development project-semi-finished stages of implementation. However, we aim for fundamental and radical change are grossly inadequate, unreliable and limited functionality of human body version 1.0.


According to some estimates, at least 50% of all Americans aged 65 years suffer from sleep disorders, although sleep plays an important role in the health of the body. Prolonged sleep disturbances lead to depression and suppression of the immune system.

Melatonin is a light sensitive hormone which is formed rhythmically in the pineal gland, situated deep in the brain. Circadian rhythm is controlled by an internal biological clock. During the day, melatonin levels are reduced and increase in the evening before bedtime.

The level of melatonin reaches its peak at midnight, lasts a while and then begins to decline. Melatonin is dependent on the diurnal cycle. The duration of melatonin production depends on the duration of darkness, thus, it appears that the majority of melatonin is produced in the winter than the summer.

Peak melatonin production is reached to seven years. He then drops sharply to adolescence. To 45 years the pineal begins to shrink and loses its melatonin-producing cells.

The hormone begins to produce randomly. To 60 years formed only 50% of the number of melatonin, which is produced at the time of the twentieth anniversary of your, which explains why many older people experience problems with sleep. Recent studies of double anonymity, with the participation of the control group – a placebo have proven that melatonin supplements help to solve sleep problems for people over 55 years.

Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and is very much appreciated when dealing with some cancers, such as breast cancer.

Insufficient levels of melatonin due to the following vicious circle:

1. The body loses its ability to produce more melatonin, and begins to age faster.

2. In the process of aging is further reduced melatonin

3. The decrease in the level of melatonin serves as a signal to other glands and organ systems, it's time for a well deserved rest. Women stop functioning ovaries, decreases the level of estrogen, comes the menopause syndrome. In men, despite the fact that it continues to produce sperm, reduced testosterone.

4. In both sexes, this weakens the immune system, exposing us to various diseases, ranging from infections to cancer to autoimmune diseases (a condition where the immune system turns against the body's own tissues).

5. Followed by disruption of organ systems, which increases the speed downhill.

You can slow down this downward spiral of events every day taking a small dose of melatonin. As some people develop resistance to the melatonin, you should start taking it 4-5 nights a week (although some take it daily without experiencing any problems).

Melatonin is inexpensive and readily available Supplement that is available without a doctor's prescription, but it can have a strong impact on our body. Suggest to use small doses, if you decided to do melatonin supplements part of your anti-aging program.

For most healthy people who are not concerned about sleep problems, it is recommended to take 0.1 milligrams of melatonin half an hour before bedtime. You can increase the dose to 0.5-1.0 milligrams you normally do not need people without sleep problems.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, you are advised to take melatonin sublingual for quick absorption. Start with 3-5 milligrams and, if necessary, increase the dose to 10 milligrams. It was experimentally proved that the increase of melatonin over the specified norm does not lead to any results. If melatonin supplements do not help, you should consult with your doctor.


Glycation and its products: the Waste inside your bodyTeeth hurt do indecisive people or talking about problems with your teeth

If during the night you often Wake up, try to time your production of melatonin. Please note that you will feel tired in the morning. If you seriously fall asleep or often Wake up at night, try to combine foods that have both fast acting and slow release formula.

In order not to experience problems when changing time zones (jet lag), it should take 3 milligrams of melatonin at bedtime in a new place the first three days. You will need to experiment to find the best for you dose of melatonin.

The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self-life-threatening, for advice regarding the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.published


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