A universal scheme for harmonization and happiness in any sphere of life

It's all in the fragmentation of different doctrines, opinions on different occasions, want to show that there is one single scheme-a system that allows very harmonious "to decompose" on the shelves and display the resulting harmony is happiness.

And for what? Very simple, every person one way or another want happiness, and even for the reason that "happiness" for each person is something, even here the need arose to summarize and clarify.

Take the word "success", then take the word "harmony", and add "happiness", these are the three components that will be harmonious in the end to connect into a single whole.

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The Western world is committed to success, often putting in a word mostly shade material (business success, career success), the Eastern world closer to happiness and harmony, largely ignoring the material world in this respect, partially or completely, however it is necessary to merge these concepts, as did the sages of antiquity.

It must be done to ensure that success was not only in the material sphere, but also in the knowledge of themselves and the world, to happiness and harmony were not only in meditation or the thoughts of the eternal, but in order to be in harmony with the material world, in harmony with the surrounding things, as strange as it sounds..

The main areas that will be discussed is health, love-relationship-friendship, social relations (career-work), business money, religion, self-improvement, purpose, too, can remember them, and look at the scheme, which exactly allows you to find harmony and keep her in any of these areas or in any of the areas that I for some reason could not write here (despite the fact that it is impossible to grasp the immensity, but in this case it is possible).

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Make a brief explanation. We also note that compliance with this scheme is, in many ancient cultures of the East, so it is not surprising to some coincidences, for example with the scheme of the three dantians ( energy centers), adopted the Chinese methods of improvement, for example.

This scheme consists of three parts, and it is very similar to how works in the human body, and also coincides with what is inside our universe.

The first level is the material basis, the Foundation. In the human body is the lower part of body, legs, in any of the above areas is the outer wrapper, the packaging, the level of physical survival. The Level Of The Ground.

The second level is relationship-emotions, relationships and contacts. In the human body is the middle part of the body, the heart, in fact it is something, as an object linked with other objects (and this is "how" it could be emotions, and social connections, in General it is the relationship with society). Level People.

The third level is the idea, the spirit. In the human body is the upper part, the head, the brain. It is the mission of the ideas of spirit, at the highest level. Divine. The Level Of The Sky.

And the basic postulate is that any, I repeat any area of life, or any visible object can be and probably should be, considered from the point of view of these three levels. Even any applicable the company methodology (e.g., psychological practice, or sport) fits perfectly into this scheme and can be checked in this way.

A few short examples that it gives, and what does it do, how does it help to get closer to harmony, and then tell the same thing, with additions, in the video.

Example 1. Man himself. If the development were in harmony, that is, developed body ( 1st level), well-built relationships in the community, in society (2nd-level), as man seeks to understand his place in this universe, is spiritual longings (3rd - level), and between the three levels of balance-harmony-balance, in this case, the person may qualify for happiness and harmony, with some success (in this case, the success from the word time, that is, to fulfill its purpose-a purpose in their lives).

If there is a preponderance of material, denying the spiritual, we see what is happening in the West (the destruction of the environment, deterioration of health, destruction of society, especially the example of Europe. If the preponderance of "spiritual", in the end, it's all sorts of esoteric misfits-izoterike, people who dream, but do nothing, as an option, some countries in the East, where everything is bad on the material platform, but all the "happy". Of course "pure" examples do not exist, but the idea I hope you understand.

Example 2. The business in any firm. If on 1-m the material level everything is beautiful, good packaging of product (goods or service), but at the 2nd social level this product is useless, does not cause emotions, then nothing happens, even if on the 3rd level of the firm there is a great wonderful mission.

It frequently happens that the firm began, what it offered people was sootvetstvovala and emotions of the society, and on the material level and at the level of the spirit, but then after a while the demands from society is the other, then the firm dies.. About this a bit more in detail talk in the video, since so many subtle aspects that explain different situations in business.

Example 3. The relationship between people, perhaps the most interesting example. Most often, people being conscious only at the body level and on an emotional level-of a society ( i.e. 1st and 2nd level), meet, learn, build relationships at these levels. But since man is still in any case being a three-storey ( body + soul-society-emotions+intellect-spirit), even if he often is not aware of itself at the third level in sufficient volume, still in the end there are some misunderstanding and conflicts…

Why? Very simply. Met somewhere on vacation, in society, at some party ( that is, during the predominance of the body and emotions), even had these same emotions, love... People began to live together (including the wedding could happen), and then... anyway, after some time, automatically change the way people look at each other with positions of the spirit of intelligence, that is on the 3rd level.

And often it turns out that this level is not... a Complete mismatch and disharmony. However this happens in the first two levels, but since people already live together, therefore some overlap was originally and you can go back. But how to be with what has never been, at the 3rd highest level of the spirit?

Usually people are unable to deal with this and the case ends with separation or divorce.


Don't take ANYTHING from the losers!

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These levels are not placed just so, each level contains the previous ones, affect the previous. The spirit can change their position in society, can affect your body, but the reverse is much more difficult.

Also, between levels, ideally should be the normal connection, this is not some three separate floors, the level of physical flows smoothly into the social level and the social level in the end, causes gradually to think about the high, about the spirit, about the purpose of higher ideas...posted


Author: Dimitri Geval


Source: geval.ru/2016/05/universalnaya-sxema-dlya-garmonizacii-i-schastya-v-lyuboj-sfere-zhizni.html


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