How to make your home green

Live in the heart of the concrete jungle and be closer to nature – how is this possible? Yes, if it is taken by designers. For the inhabitants of the metropolis, the longing for all living things and natural, they invented many ways of greening your home or apartment.


The cultivation of plants in pots is the easiest and proven way to liven up the interior. For figs and geraniums on their windowsills cared even our grandmothers. Now for any grower is a real Paradise: the choice of plants in hypermarkets and garden centres is huge. In pots now are grown not only familiar to guests from southern latitudes, such as tradescantia or aloe, but even Christmas trees and fruit – bananas and pineapples.

By the way, the pots also turned into works of art. You can choose the option for any taste: country style perfectly accentuate a woven, knitted or straw pots, the highlight of the classical interior will be a mosaic pot, and the modern interior in the spirit of minimalism suitable bright pots with all sorts of labels.

Properly prepared herbal composition will help to make the interior exactly the way you would like it to be bright and colourful, original and extravagant, sweet and cozy.

It all depends on your wishes and preferences. However, while making your own winter garden it is necessary to consider a number of factors. Not all plants can get along with each other, and make of them a composition which would look really outside the box, not everyone can.

The size of the house or apartment is also important: not everyone has a separate room for a large Conservatory or greenhouse. Anyway, I want something more unexpected than just put the ficus in front of TV or to decorate the windowsill with pots of roses.

So if your own ideas for greening is not enough, you should consult a professional phytodesigners.


If desired, the apartment can accommodate a fleet... in miniature. The art of growing small picture of these trees, or bonsai, originated in 231 BC, in China. Ordinary trees become bonsai, thanks to constant undercutting, pridobivanjem and various other methods.

So bonsai – option for those who can and loves to care for plants: their condition all the time you need to follow, and only watering will not do here. In addition, not all bonsai can grow inside a home or apartment, many of them need some fresh air. Some trees require special protection in winter.


But most of these bonaiuto is not stopping. Their achievements lovers miniature trees are divided into numerous exhibitions. To join the ranks of these fans and to decorate your interior with a mini-tree can be anyone – buy miniature maple or Sakura can, in some online stores, however, fun is not cheap: the older and more unusual the tree, the more expensive it is. Tree-bonsai will perfectly complement the interior in Japanese or Chinese style, and animate a cool modern glossy interior, becoming its refined detail.


Well, if pots and planters no space, don't despair. Plants can be hung directly to the ceiling or to the wall! Hanging gardens are now becoming increasingly popular: green cascade, hanging from the top, will be a highlight of any interior composition.

And pot for the hanging garden can be any colors, sizes and shapes –use your imagination! You can even make a hanging planter yourself from the gutter (option for exterior), tight burlap or felt or tin pails.

And it is possible to do even without the pot: to build a ball of peat and moss and wrap it with thread. A technology called "kokedama" was invented by the Japanese – known minimalists and lovers with passion to save space.

Very creative idea for hanging garden – use special pots-shifters. Plants they do not grow as expected, and upside down. The pots upside-down Planter called Sky, they were invented by Patrick Morris.



All of us in biology lessons clearly learned: plants help to create a better atmosphere in the room. Flowers and grass absorb emitted in the process of breathing carbon dioxide and process it into life-giving oxygen. Well, if a green pet and even can be used in cooking, the benefit is twofold: a private mini-garden – great help on the farm.

If you grow herbs right in your kitchen or on the balcony, you can save on purchases in the supermarket, and the quality and sustainability their own "gifts of the earth" you will always be assured.

Well, if you agree not only on plants but also on waterfowl, you will love the 2 in 1 – "aquafarm". It is an aquarium, on top of which is a potted plants. Fish living inside, will help you to grow crops: it is, natural waste will become a nutrient medium for plants. Land and excess water not needed: the ecosystem is based on the method of aquaponics, which would be invented by the Aztecs. Aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture.

In akvatermo well grow leafy greens and herbs: parsley, cilantro, mint, arugula. The kit includes organic Basil seeds and wheat, and fish food, here only the inhabitant of an aquarium will have to be purchased separately.


The advantage of the system of vertical gardening – mobility: boxes-modelimage easy to place on any flat surface or embedded to the right place.published


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