10 delightful gardens and parks in which it would be desirable to meet the spring

It seems that winter lasts a long time, but on the calendar only February. For those who can not wait to see the green grass and flowers, Website has made a selection of luxurious gardens and parks that you should definitely see at least in the photo.

Butchart Gardens, Canada h3>

Butchart Gardens - a group of gardens, located in the heart of Canada. At the beginning of the XX century, representatives of the "Sunken" Butchart family of industrialists in place worked out quarry garden. For him everything was invited by the master Japanese landscape art Isaburo Kishida. Garden to be so exquisite and magnificent that admire its beauty of people came from all over the country.

In mid-2009, the day of his century, Butchart Gardens were officially recognized as a national historic landmark.

Royal Tulip Keukenhof park, Netherlands h3>

Keukenhof, or "Garden of Europe" - is a fabulous park and flower kingdom, spread out over an area of ​​32 hectares in the vicinity of the town of Lisse, between Amsterdam and The Hague. Despite the fact that Keukenhof is open to visit only two months a year, roughly from 20 March to 20 May, he is visited by over a million people each year.

Every year, Keukenhof gardeners planted more than 7 million bulbs freesias, hyacinths, lilies, orchids, daffodils and of course, a sea of ​​tulips!

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Thailand h3>

Nong Nooch - is 240 acres of botanical gardens and local attractions, located on the 163-kilometer Sukhumvit Road in Chonburi province. The park has its Stonehenge and broken gardens of orchids, bonsai trees and ferns.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London h3>

Kew Gardens originated in 1670 in Kew Park, created by Lord Henry Capel on-site apothecary garden. Every year they are visited by more than 2 million tourists, but the gardens are not just for them. Kew Gardens is a leading center of botanical research and the training of professional gardeners. They conduct research, and the plant is also used as a source for other beautiful parks in England.

The most famous landmarks in the Royal Botanic Gardens are Kew Palace, Minka, Great Pagoda, Alpine hut Davis, Japanese gate Multimedia Gallery Rizotron, Queen's Cottage Charlotte Gallery Marianne North Gallery Shirley Sherwood bridge "Avenue of the treetops" and the House of lilies.

The most modern greenhouse Princess of Wales is rightly proud of the giant Amazonian water lily and Amorphophallus titanum (plant, having the largest flower in existence).

Tropical Palm Park, Florida, USA h3>

The park is growing a unique collection of rare tropical plants including palms, flowering trees and vines.

The Botanical Garden in the Desert, Arizona, USA h3>

In this garden the largest collection of cacti in the world. There are carried out the study of desert plants, and there are also special educational programs for schoolchildren and students, devoted to the study of the desert.

Yu Garden, Shanghai h3>

The first owner of the garden Yu Yuan in Shanghai - Pan Yunduan, the former treasurer of the province in the era of the Ming, decided to build a garden, reminiscent of imperial garden in Beijing, to please their parents in their old age. From the 16th century the park several times been subjected to reconstruction.

The entire park was built according to the rules of feng shui. Garden divided into 6 parts, which are joined intricate passages visually isolated from each other. Name Yu Yuan means "Garden of Joy" or "Garden leisurely holiday '.

Garden cosmic reflection, Scotland h3>

This amazing place has appeared in Scotland in the town of Dumfries in 1989. Instead, the abundance of exotic flowers and shrubs - where aluminum beds, instead of beating up fountains - black holes, and the fascinating landscape of unusual forms

Authors of the idea of ​​the garden - the architect Charles Jencks and his wife - a landscape designer Maggie Keswick-Jencks. They decided to play in the park of the universe in miniature, to show not only the beauty of the universe, its micro and macro, but its laws, paradoxes, its birth and evolution through the garden forms, landscapes and sculptures.

Garden Studio Majorelle, Morocco h3>

The garden was created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, who at the beginning of the XX century came to Morocco in search of the exotic, fell in love with the country, bought a piece of land on the outskirts of Marrakech and stayed here. He decided to lay a symbolic garden, for which invited the best landscape designers and assembled in her garden plants from around the world.

On the territory of a quiet and shady garden trees and exotic plants imported from all over the world: luxury bugenvili, fragrant jasmine flowers, lotus, aloe, bamboo, yucca, coconut palms, banana trees and a variety of cacti, some of which have a height of not less than three meters.


Versailles Gardens, France h3>

The famous gardens of Versailles were broken under Louis XIII and had been brought to perfection the famous court landscape architect André Le Nôtre under Louis XIV. In addition to the carefully manicured lawns and lawns, sculptures and parterres of flowers throughout the gardens are situated luxurious fountains.

Versailles park - a "garden of the mind" to mathematically verified proportions and well-planned avenues. "Sun King" did not want to see the withered flowers, so the two million pot of fresh flowers were always ready to replace wilted and garden magnificently shining all year round.

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