How to build a winter garden with his own hands

The winter garden is a great opportunity to find a place that will delight the riot of colors all year round. The mistaken belief that such a decision only people with big mansions, if desired in the garden can turn even the balcony of a multistory building. About all the intricacies of the conservatories tell on.

About types of winter gardensBefore we tell you how to build a winter garden, let's see how he can be.

It is the choice of type will depend on the design.

Subtropical or cold. In these gardens the air temperature must not rise above +10 °C, so it will be a great solution for those owners who are rarely in a vacation home and can't monitor temperature. You will be surprised but in such circumstances, well-grown ferns, Myrtle, Azalea, oleander, Myrtle and figs.

Winter garden, subtropical type

Moderate winter gardens made of aluminium often require additional heating, the temperature inside should be above 18 °C. under these conditions, you will be able to enjoy the riot of colors of bougainvillea, coffee and banana tree.
Want to surprise your guests with coffee or banana tree? Provide green residents temperature not below 18°C.

Tropical gardens demanding humidity and temperature, which is maintained at 25 °C. In a tropical garden climate a cozy feel:
    • dieffenbachia,
    • orchids
    • arrowroot,
    • aglaonema.

The humidity and heat – the main requirements for tropical winter gardens

Case of constructionthe FoundationAluminum winter garden – an easy enough design that does not require a separate Foundation and is attached to existing reinforced concrete slabs. If plate thickness is less than 20 cm, will require strengthening of the foundations by means of piles which are driven to a depth of at least 1.5-2 m.

The construction of the winter garden – stage construction of the Foundation

However, most often, a winter garden of aluminum profile mounted on the socle, raised above the ground. The latter gives you the opportunity without any misgivings to mount the window sills, radiators, and snow days the drifts will not spoil the appearance, from the outside propping up the transparent walls of your oasis.

Whichever type of Foundation, neither was chosen, it needs heat and moisture.
Keep warm will help 10-inch foam sheet, and waterproofing is provided by tar paper or film.Carrier profile

The support profile can be aluminum, plastic or wood

The support profile can rightly be called the most important element of the winter garden.

  • Aluminum glazing winter gardens – the most popular method, due to ease of construction, ease of installation and nepodvijnosti erosion. To choose a profile must be given its cross section, the most suitable values range from 50х30 to 180х60. The visual appeal of the aluminum attach using the electrostatic painting method, finishing of PVC or wood.
If your Conservatory has an impressive size, aluminium can replace steel.
However, keep in mind that in direct contact, the probability of corrosion, and therefore used the fastenings shall be galvanized or plastic.
  • Metal at its core are aluminum, but covered with plastic at the factory. The facades of such frames often add to galvanized steel and connected by the connecting struts. Sash Windows should not exceed 0.8 m in width, otherwise the loop group receives a large load and may be deformed.
Of plastic profiles is not recommended to mount a sloping design, with time they SAG and begin to leak.Installation of supporting profileSupport beams, which will be attached truss system mounted on the top front part of the garden. Parts of the roof fixed with clamping beams with the seals. Experts recommend not to do step at least 55 and more than 75 cm.

Wooden profile, despite its sustainability and attractiveness, you grieve fragility

The slope of the roof is chosen by you personally, and can vary within 7-45°. If you plan to use all the benefits of natural lighting, the roof slope should be within 30°.

The roof arrangement can be done with skates, polutoniko or valley. Factory finished system win before the facade of his opportunity to secure the gutter to drain water to the supporting beams.

Installation of winter gardens to the wall of the house perform with the help of anchor screws and starter profiles, reinforce silicone sealants. Special attention should be paid to nodes between the wall and starting the rafters.

To encapsulate his hands, for this indent in the wall is applied a layer of insulator. Corrugated lead, copper or aluminum tape having a toothing at one end and the other cover profile.

Extremely unlikely that the roof of the house loomed over the construction of the winter garden, if this could not be avoided, take care of the installation of snow retention.
This will help to avoid additional burden during a snowfall.Glazingthe glass should be approached only after complete installation of the framework. Most often used for this purpose single and double glazing, ideal for first roof, the second for walls.

For roof glazing specialists recommend the use of building triplex or polycarbonate, which are durable and safety in the event of damage.

Cellular polycarbonate is able to take various curved shapes, which certainly is an advantage (price – from 120 RUB. m2)

Winter gardens made of polycarbonate with their hands decide to do in 30% of cases. The popularity of cellular polycarbonate lies in its low cost, ability to insulate heat and protect from UV rays.

Sheets can be tinted, white, brushed or bronze. It would seem that such diversity should be an advantage, but no, it's their fault, who will not allow you to enjoy the wildlife inside your garden, that is why polycarbonate is losing the battle with Windows.

Please note!
Cellular polycarbonate when heated, changes the volume, so it can not firmly attached to the rails.Heatingis Not dependent on the chosen design of the winter garden, the organization will require the heating of air and soil. We offer a range of air, water and combined type.

Agronomists and Amateur gardeners never tire of repeating that the most comfortable for plants is the water heating system. Its installation is carried out in several levels: under the roof of garden, at ground level and exterior walls. Adjust each level separately.

Autonomous air heating is rarely used and only in the case if the plants will be comfortable at temperatures below 20 °C.

About heating of the soil it is worth considering if the plants in the garden grow not in the garden, planters and pots and in the ground. The soil temperature should not exceed 40 °C, otherwise there is the possibility of desiccation of the root system and death of the plant. The earth warms a single heating layer, which lies no deeper than 40 cm.

Photo arrangements of layers of soil heating

If you live in a cold strip, a simple heating system may not be enough to help you come to the outdoor radiators, electric floor heating and water with hot water.


Device systems

Ventilation of the winter garden consists of the hood and channel the air flow. The inflow can be arranged simply by opening the Windows of the facade frame, but the hood will require the installation of small hatches under the roof, their adjustment can be implemented mechanically or by means of electric drives.

Effective system permanent passive ventilation, which is a continuously purged valves are installed at the floor level. This system allows to renew the air in the garden up to four times per hour.


Undoubtedly, the device of the winter garden – troublesome, requiring time and cost, but just imagine how you will delight the eyes of blooming fragrant plants, and maybe even homegrown ultamecia lemons and bananas. published




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