Heating country house without gas: types and variants

Quite often in the absence of pipeline there is a question - any suburban home heating methods without gas have

? In fact, there are many options for device heating systems.

But gas heating is considered the most good with the monetary point of view, because choosing another option heating, it is necessary to find a more suitable.

Consider more are popular types of home heating without gas.

Water heating
The water system is represented by a closed structure in which water circulates burning. The main components of the system is a boiler with connecting pipes placed around the house.

All rooms have installed the battery, which, space heating, water moves burning. After cooling, the water flows into the boiler for heating.


For this system can be used rigid fuel: wood, coal, pellets. For storage of such fuel is useful to dry storage.

The electric boiler can be connected to a central power supply.

But if you choose the electricity, it is best to use electronic radiators providing heating without the use of water, because water heating with electronic is costly and difficult to install and maintain.

The system needs to be an expansion tank to collect excess water, and a pump that promotes the circulation of water.

Apart from this, it is advisable to equip the system thermostats for temperature control, venting and safety valves.

For the pipeline can choose different pipes: iron, copper, plastic. More are popular - copper pipes, because they are the most resistant to heat. The pipes are connected by welding.

Plastic pipes of the least demanding of installation, and are not subject to rust.

However, the polymeric material has one significant drawback - it is not stable at high temperatures. Iron pipes are characterized by durability, is also not afraid of corrosion.

At water heating there are some shortcomings:

the need for constant checks of the system and the boiler;
complicated installation.
But despite not existing cons aqua system still is popular to heat homes without gas.

Now we make out the installation of the boiler. First, you must make sure that if you choose the wall model, then the wall will withstand the boiler.

It should not be near the water pipeline.

Now for the wall model is attached to the wall of the profile, and to the floor - a special stand set. Be sure to make the necessary grounding in using copper cable.

Then you need to install an expansion tank and pump. All the elements have to be connected between a metal or plastic pipes.

Before connecting, check the correctness of execution ground - all the contacts must be at a distance of 3 mm from each other

. Electronic heating
Subsequent versions of the heating system for the house without electricity is gas.

There are the following types of electronic heating:

electronic convectors;
underfloor heating;
infrared heaters.
Electronic convector is the most common device, a heating air and passes it through the hole located in the upper part of the convector.

And at the bottom are placed openings through which cool air enters the convector.

By heating convectors advantages include: good installation- device has a special attachment with which it can be hung on at least some place; Security - the body temperature does not exceed 50 degrees, which makes it possible to avoid burns, and the device can be switched off for automatic protection against overheating; ecological compatibility - the device does not reduce the oxygen content and humidity level, unlike gas

. Infrared heaters are also quite comfortable to use - they can be installed on the floor, mounted on the wall or on the ceiling

. The mechanism of the device is heating the surrounding objects, not the air.

This system can be operated in automatic mode, which ensures a constant heating of the house to a suitable temperature.

A nice option for a suburban home is the infrared heated floor.

Installing underfloor heating is carried out, followed by this: the infrared film is 3 mm placed underneath at least some kind of floor, on the wall or on the ceiling

. Video:

Ceiling mount is often used in homes with a loft. The advantages of such a method include the high-spirited display space and electricity savings of 40%.

Exhibited options are pretty candidacy heating homes without gas.

Solid fuel heating
The usual method of heating without gas is heating with wood.

When using solid fuel boilers Pyrolysis is recommended to install, which not only will allow to reduce the amount of fuel use, and reduce the production of harmful substances.

A distinctive feature of pyrolysis boiler is that it occurs not only burning wood, and wood gas.

This is ensured by the fact that the boiler is divided into two parts: one - burning fuel, in the other - gases

. Also, some boilers have a huge loading chamber, which allows the boiler to work for a long time in offline mode.

You can organize and heating furnace with the same features of the wood burning. This will perform a pyrolysis oven. This oven is a good option for small houses up to 80 sqm

Home heating furnace itself likely for half an hour.

Solid fuel heating can be carried out at the expense of coal and pellets. Coal has the highest calorific value, which is a very profitable compared with wood.

When using coal required cast iron boilers.

Profitability for heating are pellets, which are tree species granular waste and used in the form of briquettes.

Pellets are environmentally harmless spotless and products that can be stored in any comfortable place.

As already mentioned, it is better to install the boiler.

Installation is followed by this: the first step is to prepare the boiler room, which must be supplied with water and electricity, installed ventilation and dymoprovod

. The boiler must be installed on rovnenkoe base. The fundamental point is to set dymoprovoda which affects the efficiency of the boiler.

In view of this it is recommended to install the valve, do not let the cool air in the pipeline. Then set an open expansion tank.

On the outlet pipe between the tank and the boiler placed rumble strips. On the back of the pipe is necessary to install the pump.

The main thing is true of the filing and circulating pipeline. More to the back tube, you must install a cleaning filter.

Selecting at least some kind of a suburban home without heating gas during the installation and operation must adhere to the upcoming security measures because of incorrect actions of the system may fail, which could lead to nasty consequences.


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