Alternative sources of heating a country house: a review of eco systems

The owners of the apartments using district heating, think about how to install heat meters in order to save in the cold. For the owner of a country cottage or estate the question of economy is to find cheaper sources to produce heat. A zealous owners prefer to switch to alternative heating of private homes to become completely volatile.

The rejection of gas, wood and charcoalFrom traditional sources of heat for many years used for heating can be dispensed with. Surprisingly, but quite real. Many ardent opponents argue that it is impossible to replace the natural resources environmentally friendly counterparts. The alternative is solar energy, wind power, heat, hidden in the bowels of the earth, waste production and human life. These options are relevant in the modern world, given the overall pollution of the environment.

Alternative sources able to provide a country house with electricity and heat energieriese one significant advantage – significant savings in the use of ecological sources of renewable energy spontaneously. At first glance it seems that it's unreasonably expensive and is unlikely to pay off. More deal with the peculiarities of each method, you can see that EKO project pays for itself in 4-7 years, and then remain only the recurring costs of maintenance mechanisms in working condition.

The ability to fully replace the usual fuel alternative proven real example. Homeowners in different countries of the world have resorted to environmental options for heating. We have only a few dare to radically change the usual fuel rising in price every year.

The main problem of ekotoplivo – a significant investment at the initial stage. First of all you need detail to calculate the amount of energy needed for a particular house or cabin. Then find out what type of eco resources the best in a particular area. Further, it is necessary to plan the location of the equipment generating the energy to buy everything you need and install.

If all of these questions will engage the appropriate professionals, that the final cost eco heating will be very high. To save money, you can try to do on their own. This will head to plunge into the topic of alternative sources of energy to abandon the practice of bringing outside help. In this case, the project cost will be much cheaper.

The second option is chosen by many owners of private houses. Their practice proves that become volatile quite real. You can fully or partially replace the traditional fuel – it all depends on the size of the household, financial possibilities at the initial stage, the selected heating.

Strong winds will warm the houseVery successfully as an alternative source for heating a country house, you can use wind energy. This resource cannot be depleted. He has the ability to resume. To use wind power, you will need a special device called a windmill.

The principle of using wind energy

To convert the wind force into an alternate heating source will be required the wind turbine. They are vertical and horizontal, depending on the axis of rotation. There are many manufacturers offering their own models to customers.

Wind turbines are with a horizontal and a vertical axis of rotation. Great performance from horizontally orientirovannosti depends on the material, size of the unit itself and power. Also, you can build a wind generator on their own, using available materials.

Any wind turbine consists of the following components:

  • of the blades;
  • mast;
  • weather vane to detect wind direction;
  • generator;
  • controller;
  • batteries;
  • inverter.
The principle of operation of the wind power plant based on the strength of the wind, the rotating blades of the wind turbine. Blades mounted on the mast, located high above the ground. The higher, the better the performance. So, to supply one house enough altitude 25 m

The rotating blades drive the rotor of the generator. It begins to produce a three-phase alternating current, requiring further changes. This current is supplied to the controller, where it is converted to DC. It is used to charge the batteries.

After going through the battery, the current line and goes to the inverter where it is converted to single-phase alternating current frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 220 Volts. Now it can be used for domestic purposes, electric heating.

The particular location of the wind turbines

Wind turbines are able to operate under certain conditions. First, the wind turbine is a fairly lengthy construction that require an impressive space for the device. The small device is not able to satisfy energy needs. Its height should exceed at least 10 m of surrounding houses, trees and other buildings, and power lines and other objects must be 100 m from a wind turbine. This requirement is not always feasible – not all owners of private houses have plots of land of sufficient area.

Wind turbines are best located on a hill, the hill, away from trees and buildings – a minimum of 100 metres second, well, when the area has good wind potential – upland or steppe areas. To start the generator you will need a wind speed of 2 m/s. A model of wind systems, designed for use by private households are able to fully cover the needs in electricity.

Thus, the wind turbine capacity of 1.5 kW per month can generate, depending on the time of year, 100-200 kWh. If the height of the mast to increase, the performance will be more than 2 times. But this will require additional costs of installation and consumables. The service life of wind power averages 20 years.

The energy from the Earth free is able to heat the house One of the alternative heating system is geothermal. It is based on the use of the energy of the Earth. This ground heat, ground waters, ambient air, being converted by heat pumps (HP). It is important that the temperature of the environment used by the installation was above zero.

The device and principle of operation of the heat pump

For a geothermal system needs electricity, which is used to transfer the generated heat. Heat pump using 1 kW, provides from 2 to 6 kW of heat.

The basic principle of operation of TN is to collect heat, the conversion and further transmission to the heating circuit. This is done thanks to the device the device itself.


TN consists of 3 loops involved in the process of obtaining heat for heating of private houses:

  • external – intended for the abstraction of heat from sources. The loop circulates an antifreeze or salt solution;
  • interior – filled with refrigerant, usually freon;
  • the heating circuit filled with coolant.
The refrigerant filling the inner loop, is heated by heat coming from the external circuit. Having a low boiling point, it turns into a gas in a first heat exchanger – evaporator. Then enters the compressor where it is compressed, resulting in a lot of heat, and the temperature of the gas is greatly increased up to 65 degrees.

Further, the gaseous freon enters the following heat exchanger, called a condenser, where it leaves its heat. The freon, having parted with the greater part of the heat, enters under pressure at sbresny valve. Here dramatically decreases the pressure, the refrigerant cooled and taking a liquid state, flows back into the evaporator.

The heat left by the freon in the condenser, heats the fluid circulating in the heating system of a household. If this system provides warm floors, it is possible to achieve the most efficient heating at minimum cost.

The feasibility of using TONS Heat pump – TONS, taking heat from the environment, are different. It all depends on the type of environment used as the source of heat supply and of type of coolant used. Accordingly, there are the following types TN:

  • air-to-air;
  • water-to-air;
  • water-water;
  • soil-water.
The first two types of pumps used in systems of air heating, and the second two – in systems with liquid coolant.

Vertical heat pump the most efficient energy of the earth, but it is the most expensive the Most profitable from an economic point of view is the use of TN type "water-water". This option is useful if the house is ice-free pond in which are placed pipes for heat supply. A heat pump allows you to get 30 watts of heat with 1 m pipeline. Depending on the area of private household and energy requirements will need to stack the appropriate number of tubes.

Pumps that use air, not to replace traditional heating in regions with a harsh climate. As for heat, it draws from the soil, it is a very expensive project. Use a horizontal geothermal field device, vertical and cluster drilling. The horizontal option to build a geothermal field to a depth greater level of freezing. It is about 1.5-2 m. the Area of this field turns out impressive – from 200 m2.

TONS of substitute fuels in the heating system, providing full energy independence from a country house To enable vertical and cluster project will require drilling to a considerable depth using drilling rigs. This is a very expensive service. Equipment of such type heat pumps it is advisable for owners of cottages, not thinking about the cost of the work. Heating using heat from the earth, is able to fully replace solid fuel or gas.

Geothermal heating is most advantageous to use in tandem with the device the water "warm floor". It allows you to get the best result. Of the major drawbacks – a large length of pipe to collect heat, costly excavation work for the installation of the system, the need for a large area for arrangement of the geothermal field.

Country house: heating by the sun the Sun the energy radiated from the sun all year round, capable even in severe frosts become an alternative for heating your country home. It is important to learn how to collect and use in the heating system.

For collecting and converting solar energy uses solar panels on the photoelectric converters and manifolds, which is a system of pipes filled with coolant.

Solar installations have high efficiency. Many prudent owners themselves equip their homes with such systems the Fundamental difference between these converters lies in the fact that the batteries produce current that can be used in the electric heating of a country house. The collectors used in the system of water and air heating. It is most effective equipment in the areas of Underfloor heating.

The view that the sun is not able to cope with heating the house, is true only in the case of incorrect installation and incorrect calculations of the number of the required energy and heat. Optimally matched solar power plant is quite capable of providing heating. Another question, what will it take to invest in the purchase of equipment, its installation and integration into existing heating system.

How to construct and operates a solar system a solar system on the photoelectric Converter absorbs solar energy, and silicon solar cells immediately turn it into a constant electric current. 1 м2установки capable of producing 120 watts. In addition to the panels, trapping the solar radiation and converts it to solar heating system you will install the charge controller, the inverter DC to AC, and take care of – to put fuses.

Before you decide on the installation of solar systems, you need to deal with their device and principle of operation, Advantage panels is the ability to connect the rechargeable battery, accumulating the surplus energy that you can use at night. A significant disadvantage of the use of solar panels is their greatest efficiency in the southern regions. In the harsh climate is not economically feasible to install them for use as the main form of heating.

Solar installation equipped with a system of tubes that are more suitable for regions with cold winters and negative temperatures. Depending on the panel structure and materials, there are vacuum collectors, flat, and hubs. The most expensive among them – with vacuum tubes. But they are the most effective in any season and any weather, because able to absorb the solar spectrum. Another advantage of vacuum panels successfully operate in cold temperatures down to -35°C.

To install solar collectors can own hands, not using the services of organizations specializing in this. Such work would require an assistant, but will save the family budget the operating Principle of this collector is that it catches the solar radiation, which in the vacuum tubes, converted into heat. Next it is transferred to the coolant, which delivers it to heat exchanger tank. Then the coolant enters the heating system.

Biofuels as an alternative to traditional heating One of the most effective and affordable ways to heat a country house is the boiler running on bio-fuel. This type of alternative heating uses waste husks of crops, wood chips, sawdust and other byproducts of woodworking industry.

Boilers for wood pellets, there are many. There is a possibility to automate the process of fuel supply, that all happened without the participation of a host Of different waste make a dense compressed small size pellets – pellets that are burned in boilers. Compared to conventional wood this fuel burns longer and allows you to get more heat. Also, make high dense briquettes from waste vegetable origin. So compressed fuel can get 2-4 times more heat energy. Its calorific value is up to 5.0 kW×h/kg.

Pellets, unlike briquettes, are much smaller. They are used in automated heating system. Briquettes, a more efficient, but are larger For the gas boiler, you can use biogas. It is easy to obtain in the process of rotting of organic waste. This will need to build a large enough tank, you can put in a waste, to provide for the installation for mixing. Under the influence of air and bacteria will be the process of decay and release of gas. To install a pipeline for discharge of waste material. Also, to collect the gas in special tanks, clean it and move into the heating system, it is necessary to use a corresponding device.

Environmentally friendly method of heating using alternative source of heat and hydrogen boiler. At the core of his work is the reaction of interaction of hydrogen molecules with oxygen, which releases massive amounts of heat. This type of heating requires compliance with the rules of operation and safety.

The principle of operation of the hydrogen boiler is based on the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, produces a lot of heat and no harmful substances. But you need to observe safety rules the Main drawback – the high cost of factory equipment. The way out of this situation is the hydrogen equipment of heating system on their own. Its operation will require a permanent connection to sources of electricity and water, a hydrogen burner, a hydrogen generator, the catalyst, and the boiler. The heat produced by chemical reaction, enters the heat exchanger, and the waste plain water.

Economical alternative heating after Analyzing the financial component of the alternative types of heating systems, we can come to a disappointing conclusion – there will be significant funds at the initial stage. Now, after 3-7 years, depending on the chosen method of heating will be considerable savings due to the non-volatile system.

Advantageous and convenient to use a combined source of alternative heating. For this you can choose the most appropriate combination for their home to Save on the use and installation of alternative systems for heat generation. Many home masters are very enthusiastic to create with their hands analogues factory conversion devices alternative energy. So, simply and inexpensively you can build a solar power plant with a hose, which will serve as an additional source of water heating.

Successfully going in the home small windmills from scrap vehicles. Also, well-read farmers, living in rural areas, and constructing installations for the conversion of biological waste of vegetable and animal origin into biogas.

Homemade wind turbines are quite efficient. But their build will need to pre-payments, purchase supplies, spend your time In the future it is used for farm needs. Depending on the size of the tank to fermentation of waste and area of a private house, possible to completely ensure that farming biogas to meet all needs.

Video about alternative sources of heating Roller about the manufacture of wind turbines with their hands:

Video about the combination of alternative sources to generate electricity in a small country house:

A small video about using a heat pump:

To abandon traditional heating sources is quite real. For this you need to carefully select an alternative, or combine several, depending on the features of the terrain, the area his country house and local area. The energy of the sun, earth, wind power, recycling of household waste of vegetable and animal origin can become a worthy replacement of gas, coal, firewood and electricity surcharge. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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