Turn a fireplace into a full-fledged source of heat for the entire house

Any owner of a private house dreams of a large fireplace, which in itself creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Near open flame dark winter evenings is to gather the whole family, sharing the events of the day. However, modern fireplaces is not just a decorative part of the interior. Properly conducted modernization transforms a fireplace with a water heating circuit into a full-fledged source of heat for the entire house, along with the generally accepted heating equipment factory production.

As practice shows, fireplaces for air heating of the home and is equipped with a water circuit can also help to significantly save on energy consumption. Because solid fuel is somewhat cheaper compared to price of electricity and gas.


What is a fireplace with a water heating circuit?The fireplace is a type of heating equipment, where the heat generation is due to combustion of primary fuels. It can be wood, coal, pellets. There are gas fireplaces for heating.

Fireplace equipment can be:

  • with open and closed furnaces;
  • water and air heating circuits;
  • natural and forced flow of air;
  • built-in and freestanding.
The main feature of the heating appliance is an open combustion chamber.Education heat and the zone of fuel oxidation (the process) are grouped, which reduces the rate of heating of the environment by natural air convection. Indoor temperature mostly increases due to radiant energy (infrared waves).

The main disadvantage of the above scheme of heat exchange fireplace and the environment – a substantial loss of heat from the exhaust of furnace products of combustion of the energy source through a brick chimney. To improve the efficiency of heating equipment allowed built-in water circuit, which is integrated into the layout of the heating system of the house. That is a fireplace with a water heating circuit produces space heating and the formation of IR-waves, and on the basis of normal boiler, warming the coolant in the radiator.

The construction of the machinethe Foundation of the fireplace is a steel casing (16). It is mounted in the combustion chamber (1). Iron door (2) does not allow the heat to fall out of the combustion chamber. For this purpose it is equipped with toughened glass (3) and bolt (4). The casing of the combustion chamber (5) connected to the frame with iron axes. The bottom insert is made of cast iron crassifolia (6). It fit over the grate (10).

Picking the fireplace.

Today the chimney of the heating element can be bought in the market of the similar equipment. However, some people want to make a fireplace with a water heating with his own hands. For this you need to learn more about his device.

They also have an impressive thickness, as there is no direct reaction of oxidation of the energy source. Gas fireplaces for heating does not have a grate, as there's no ash is formed, which accumulate in the ash pan. The furnace has a cast-iron fence (11). It performs and decorative function, and acts as added protection from falling out of the burning fuel. Ash pan (7) in the bottom of the device necessary for collecting the solid products of combustion. He must be retractable.

Completing the fireplace with a water heating circuit.

Adjustment of intensity of burning of energy occurs due to the primary air. Regulatory function is performed by the window (8) in the ash box and the throttle with manual control (9). The secondary air required for the afterburning of gaseous products of combustion of wood and solid particles, which rise together with the gas stream enters through a hole in kalenom glass doors.

A fireplace with a water heating circuit with his own hands equipped with fire tubes through which the smoke passes up the chimney (12). Required attribute flue regulating damper (13). The angle defines a special mechanism (14). The flow of cold coolant from the heating circuit is through the lower ports (18). Heated coolant leaves the fireplace through the upper nozzles (19). The nozzles 20-22 are intended for mounting of the coil of the thermostat.

How the fireplaces with ductwork?Fireplace with air heating is designed to be simpler in comparison with similar equipment, but with a water loop. It is because to produce in a controlled environment the first option is much easier than to make a fireplace with a water heating with his own hands. This explains the popularity of air contour in private homes. Such a layout is an alternative way of heating when the main (gas or electric boiler) for some reason ceased to function.

Air heating method.

Fireplaces for air heating of the house are similar in structure to the counterparts having a water circuit. Of interest is the process of removing products of combustion from the system.

The chamber I. It is located under the metal heater. It is equipped with a fan which takes the hot air. The latest comes from the combustion zone. The chamber I is equipped with a number of pipes. They are mounted to the side walls of the fireplace chimney. These tube end valves. Such a device is necessary if the power goes out and the ventilation stops working.

The chamber II. Through it there is a fence of cold air through side grilles-fans of the outer shell of the fireplace. The cold air is warmed metal body of the heating element and pipes through which the combustion products of the fuel. The chimney can heat up to 700°C. it comes the final post-combustion of the gas formed by the combustion of fuel, and particulate matter.

To substantially increase the heat exchange between the chimney and entering the chamber II cold air, surface of the first increase due to the ribbed hoops. Also the chimney is equipped with a damper. With its help it is mechanically possible to adjust the draught in the fireplace, and consequently the intensity of combustion. From the chamber II or the warm air is evenly distributed in the space around the fireplace through the holes, or enters the ducts that radiate from the heating element throughout the house.Any improvised explosive device inferior in front of the factory equipment efficiency and effectiveness. It is because to entrust the manufacture of fireplaces need professionals who have the appropriate education and experience in this field.Camera III. A decompression chamber. It is necessary in order to heating by fireplace and air duct was safe. She plays the role of insulating space between the ceiling of the house and the hot chimney camera.


Tying the fireplace with air heating.


How does a fireplace?

The principle of operation of a fireplace with air ducts is based on a proper flow of fresh air from the outside and the timely withdrawal of products of combustion.

The air supply to the fireplace can be done in two ways:

  • directly from the premises;
  • using the duct from the outside of the house.
The first method is quite simple to install. For this it is necessary to correctly calculate the area of the room where the fireplace is mounted, according to the power of its combustion chamber. So, for combustion of 1kg of wood needs 8 cubic meters of air. On this basis, it is easy to calculate that the heating element average power must be installed in a room with a cubic capacity of not less than 30 cubic meters. otherwise in the home are created unfavorable conditions for human life and even emergency.

The advantage of this second method – there is no relationship between equipment power and cubic capacity of the room where it is mounted. In this case, the air intake for combustion is conducted from the street. To do this, under the floor of the house to the fireplace and laid the ducts are round or rectangular, made of galvanized steel or PVC material. At the end of the pipe facing the street must be a lattice. It protects the duct from rodents and insects. Also important, in this case, the filters. They are designed to clean the supplied air from dust. They are mounted in the valve directly in front of the fireplace.

What is better: a fireplace with a water circuit or air ducts?This question clearly cannot be answered. The advantages and disadvantages of both systems based on the features of the heated space, the desired temperature in the rooms.

Heating fireplaces with a water circuit has the following advantages:

  • efficiency;
  • low cost;
  • the outline of the fireplace easily integrates with existing home heating system;
  • the possibility of preparation of hot water;
  • low cost of equipment;
  • the low price of energy.
Heating a fireplace with a water circuit has disadvantages:

  • low efficiency;
  • the necessity for constant load energy source;
  • manual adjustment of the intensity of work.
If you compare fireplaces with open and closed combustion chambers, the efficiency of the first is 20% and the second 70%.

Fireplace with air heating own hands to make the easiest, because the equipment is a sophisticated device. The very layout of the air ducts is also easy to organize. In the room after a few minutes that temperature.

Disadvantages of fireplace heating system with ducts:

  • the constant circulation of dust in the house due to the work of fan (if forced air);
  • increased noise levels due to the movement of air through the ducts;
  • the room temperature also drops quickly as it had come after the extinction of the fireplace;
  • low efficiency;
  • the need to manually control the combustion reaction;
  • the necessity for constant load energy source in the furnace.
Home heating with fireplace with water circuit and with the ducts can be a excellent alternative heat source, but not the main one. Such heating elements operate on low-cost energy source. But fireplaces can afford those people who are not too lazy to constantly throw in the firewood, produce control over the intensity of their burning, and periodically clean the chimneys.

Typical wiring connection of the fireplace to heating system


Gravitational convection.


To maximize the efficiency of the fireplace and effectively distribute the heat generated in its combustion chamber, around the house, you need to integrate a fireplace in the heating circuit of the house (in the case of a fireplace in a water shirt). Fireplaces with air ducts need special scan heating elements.

The scheme of air heating fireplace depends on the size of the serviced territory. So, the gravitational wiring approach, if the area of the room that needs heating, is very small. Length of duct should not exceed 3 m in length. In this case, the fireplace heated air will rise through the channels, displacing the ends of the pipes to cold air.


Forced convection.


This circuit is completely non-volatile, easy to design, install, and use. Requirements for installation: the length of duct must not exceed 5 m, the pipe must be smooth with a minimum number of turns. Construction material of tubes should be fire-resistant aluminum, capable of withstanding a temperature of 250°C. including thermal Insulation of air ducts required.

Circuit with forced movement of air, although more expensive to implement, compared to the gravitational analogue, it allows to heat a large area of the room. Thus the efficiency of the system will not affect the complex layout of the house. In addition to the loop duct is equipped with elements of General ventilation (as the main driving mechanism of warm air), the connecting nodes and corners, all sorts of controls directed air flows.

Effectively the use of fireplaces in the house?Any fireplace is, first and foremost, a decorative element of the interior, which, thanks to modern developments, is able to participate effectively in space heating. Thus, home heating the fireplace with a duct has a simple structure and an equally simple principle, and therefore is inexpensive. However, the low efficiency of the loop sometimes questions the whole feasibility of the construction of a similar design.

The principle of operation of a fireplace with a water circuit, as the structure of the heating element is more complicated in comparison with the previous variant, which explains the high cost, in both equipment and installation works. However, an efficiency of 70% fireplaces with a water circuit, make this equipment a great alternative source of heat in the house when the main heating element (boiler), disabled. How to instal a fireplace with a water circuit can help you to understand video:

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