Fireplaces for eco house with his own hands

Today, fireplaces are used not only for decoration but also for good heat source with proper selection and installation.

Since ancient times the buildings are open fireplaces (open fires), they were used not only for heating but also for cooking. In modern conditions of fire safety preference is given to fireplaces closed (with a closed combustion chamber), which complement the heating system.


The open fireplace

Open fires choose, provided that it is not constant use or it is located in a very large room and is not able to heat the air to the required temperature, because only 1/5 of the heat goes to heat the air, and the remaining 4/5 fly up the chimney. Because of this deficit will require twice as much wood than in the fireplaces closed. As well to support combustion in open fireplaces need a large amount of air, so the fireplace room should be well ventilated.

Air supply to ensure better combustion occurs through the grate from below. Due to the fact that the furnace is open, it is necessary to pay high attention to fire safety. Do not leave the coals at night and when leaving home it is best to fully put out the fire. Close to the fireplace floor need to protect non-combustible material: ceramic tile, stone, sheet tin. You can install the protective screen from the grid, but from the small sparks he will not help.

Fireplace gated

These fireplaces used for supplemental heating of rooms. Design of closed type is more economical in fuel consumption and their efficiency reaches 75%. Fireplace these fireplaces vymeshivaem good heat retaining material, resistant to high temperatures and almost no corrosion. The doors are installed from tempered glass that can withstand temperatures up to 8000S and can have two options open: either vertically or horizontally.

Select the thermal power of the so – 1kW/4m2 space. The room volume should not be less than 40-45 m3. Is the norm and the intake of air is 10m3/1kW power fireplace. Air flow is better to bring from the street through a duct. For fire safety the boiler to produce thermal insulation with mineral wool with foil of aluminum.

How to make fire with his hands

To install the fireplace with his hands should still in the design phase to anticipate his presence. For the fireplace need a separate chimney, which must be live over a furnace. The cross-sectional area should be about 10% of the flue area and height of at least 5m. set the chimney damper to allow ceiling air circulation.

The air in the fireplace is heated by passing between the furnace body and the outer surface. Further, the piping enters the room. Pipelines are often made from aluminum or steel pipes. Air movement is due to gravity and the density difference of air, but you can heat up the rooms close to the fireplace – up to 3 metres of the chimney. If you need to transport air over long distances, then install the fan. All channels need to lay the construction phase.

Fireplace the hands with water coat is fundamentally different from the normal only in that its walls are made of two layers, the inside which circulating water is supplied through the pipes to the radiators. Better circulation provided by the pump installation. Water cloak is used only in open-type fireplaces, so as not to overheat the system.

Algorithm of installation

— the furnace is mounted on a solid platform of stone or brick

— establish a portal connection of ducts

— closed system gypsum sheets

— have ducts throughout the house and into the attic

— in the room mounted unit of the system of air


The plan of heating fireplace closed type

Fireplace gated warms the air of the room, where he stands and the duct air is supplied above. This saves energy when heating.

Algorithm of installation

1. the furnace is mounted on a solid platform of stone or brick

2. set the portal connection of ducts

3. closed system gypsum sheets. published

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