How to make outdoor fireplace with his hands

Outdoor fireplace is very popular. They run for a comfortable stay in a country house or dacha. Drawings of outdoor fireplaces are fairly simple in execution, you can make them yourself.The drawing will be performed in sufficient detail that it is possible to pick up the necessary finishing materials. Scheme street fireplaces have differences from the drawing room fireplaces, the principle is basically the same.


Varieties of fireplace for streetMaterial used to manufacture street, room furnaces, is no different. Fireplaces by design are divided into the following types:

Street oven, barbecue. This oven allows you to cook a variety of dishes, is very popular. Food that is cooked on a barbecue, can be performed in two different ways: broiling from the bottom or side. This imposes certain constraints on the manufacture of this furnace to give. Best option found when street oven uses both. So, the owners will have the opportunity to adjust the speed of cooking. External oven for the garden can be immobile or mobile. Outdoor fireplaces with their hands can be made in plain brick grill. This option presents a stationary structure which is used for cooking kebabs. Street Smoking oven. In the smokehouse, used different vents, allowing you to evenly distribute the heat. Street oven, fireplaces, grills are widely used, there are a large number of modifications, versions.

Street fireplaces: stages of self-production

Furnace for villas can be made independently, without the involvement of experienced masters. The price of the materials used is not so high, which makes this design quite a budget option.

The first stage is the selection of a suitable site. Fireplaces for summer cottage construction, requiring certain conditions for installation. You must also take care of fire safety, convenience:

You should not perform outdoor fireplace with his hands close to the buildings of wood, and shrubs. Place of installation of a fireplace should be as open as possible, ventilated. Do not forget about the location of the neighbor's house, don't let all the smoke fell on the neighbor's plot. Better to choose a place on a hill, because in the lowlands after heavy rains can form a puddle. Street ovens, and fireplaces, began to be formed with the construction of a solid Foundation. Experts recommend to choose the tape type of Foundation that you want:
  • dig a hole (depth up to 70 cm);
  • to fill the trench layer of gravel;
  • crushed stone shed with mortar (sand and cement are mixed in a ratio of 1:3, the mixture consistency should resemble liquid sour cream);
  • to shed the solution, compacted gravel.
  • to have reliable to pour the Foundation.
If outdoor heaters for the garden are massive, it will take the implementation of the reinforcement of Foundation.

Masonry stone with their hands

Masonry stone is a traditional technology, which includes the following steps:

Preparing a mixture of sand, cement in proportion 1:3. To the solution is added to clay, chamotte powder. The usual mixture without these additives just cracked from exposure to high temperatures. In places of high temperature use fire brick. Provided by solid brick plane. The Foundation closes with roofing material. The first row is laid completely solid brick. Other rows are performed with ligation. Installation of the grate, through which the introduction of air into the combustion compartment, wakes up ash. Installation of the doors. With 6 series of formed support base, laying bricks across. Now we have to install a chimney.

Installation must be started directly from the installation of the unit. Attachment each item should be fastened tightly to each should be free to access for cleaning. Don't forget about the exterior design. To perform these works using tile and plaster.

The main types of outdoor heaters

At the sight of the consumed energy infrared outdoor heaters are:

  • electric;
  • gas.
The devices that consume power have the filament which is encased in quartz, ceramic, metal sheath. The passage of current heats up the filament, emitting infrared rays reflected from the reflector. The reflector has a circular or rectangular shape.

The required capacity of the device depends on the distance from the heated object, the required area of heating. Electric heaters are selected not only on capacity but also on functionality. There are waterproof models that can be used outdoors. Modern heating devices are equipped with motion sensor that turns on heating when in range of it.

Outdoor gas heaters as a heat source is used liquefied petroleum gas (butane, propane). The gas contained in the cylinder, which is installed in the lower part of the device. The gas heats a special grid, emitting the infrared rays reflected by the reflector in the desired direction.

There are two basic forms of these devices:

  • in the form of an umbrella;
  • in the form of a pyramid.
Outdoor gas infrared heaters in the form of a pyramid are becoming more popular because the flame burning in the flask with a length of 1.5 m, not only warm, but also looks aesthetically pleasing, resembling real fire in the fireplace.published

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