How to make oven Lacireno their hands

Today we talk about the invention of engineer and innovator who did the unprecedented: they built a furnace, which is on the same download works for up to 7 days. Meet, pyrolysis oven Lecinena. Drawings of this miracle of the furnace laid out in free access and we will provide you with. We will tell you what is such a long and efficient combustion, more precisely, the decay of the fuel. Also the open secret developer Lecinena Sergei Surenovich regarding the products of the pyrolysis process.

The principle of operation of the furnace Lecinena

Oven name Lecinena Sergei Surenovich

Pyrolysis furnace Lecinena Sergei Surenovich works by complete fuel combustion and products of pyrolysis. In other furnaces pyrolysis involves release of gas from solid fuel, but this design has some differences. In addition to gas, the pyrolysis process of fuel distinguished by the special liquid. In ordinary stoves it evaporates and goes into the chimney along with the combustion products.

What is special pyrolysis furnace Lachinyan? The drawings include a cooling tank in which the condensate gathers. The tank is installed in the flue pipe. After the tank has gathered the condensate it is fed into the combustion chamber. It contributes to:

  • to increase the efficiency of the device;
  • to reduce the amount of condensate in the chimney.
After it was loaded and set on fire the fuel, the furnace is sealed. Integrity is a prerequisite for the occurrence of low-temperature reaction required for the pyrolysis process. In this mode the device will last up to seven days and can be left unattended. In addition there are high temperature mode, which employs a pyrolysis furnace Lecinena. The drawings remain the same. The high-temperature regime is achieved with an open tray when the device is leaking. In this case the unit is no different from ordinary stoves. In such circumstances, the heat source requires constant supervision.

For ignition of Macinanti can be used as firewood, and gas burner. Importantly, the coals flared and the stove went into the mode of pyrolysis.During operation, the housing cover is heated to 85 degrees, this allows you to use it as a surface for heating food or water. As the hob, unfortunately, it cannot be used, as the temperature is not so high.

Design of pyrolysis furnace Lecinenato make baking Uchinanchu you will need instruction, which will be described in all components and stages of Assembly. This information is already on the Internet in free access. We will briefly focus on the key points. So, the design of the furnace Lecinena (drawings):

  • valves for air supply;
  • housing;
  • housing cover;
  • the firebox and the grate;
  • connections for circulation of gases;
  • tank for condensate collection;
  • chimney;
  • frame for installation;
  • lever for pan;
  • locks locking lid and tray.
Cover is equipped for the convenience of the handles to make it easier to remove. The tray collects all the ash and it is used to repalce furnace. In the design of two taps for supplying air, one on the pyrolysis reaction, and the second for raspilki.

Some models of furnaces "Lacireno" made by their own hands, have fins of the housing and the chimney. Additionally, the housing may be wrapped with insulation. There are several models of furnaces, the main difference is the capacity, which depends on the size. Naturally, the larger the design, the more thermal energy it releases in the process. So, there are small units of 50 square meters, and has 300 sq. m.

Sergey Suren as the seals have decided to use river sand. It turns out that it is not breathable and the after edge of the flap down into the sand, the connection becomes tight. As we have said, integrity is a necessary condition for the aggregation operates in the specified mode for many days.

Stages of production of the furnace of Macinanti their hands

The layout of the holes in the furnace body.

Made baking Lacireno in sequence:

  • manufactured housing with a lid, and a reservoir for ash;
  • made the necessary holes;
  • prepare grooves, which will then be covered with river sand;
  • made the gas and the grate;
  • mounted two cranes, which are used for oxygen supply;
  • you can then start making intake air;
  • the whole structure is mounted on the frame and mounted the arm to the pallet;
  • set the chimney with a reservoir for condensate collection.
In conclusion, Uchinanchu on the stove is all the accessories (mounts, handles, locks). If required, the housing is welded to the ribs to increase the heat transfer area and, consequently, the capacity of the machine. The lever of the tray are needed only if the scheme does not provide swivel ash tray and housing. In the latter case the installation will be much harder.

The stove to Lucinasco can be done even with the old barrel, as long as the metal wasn't too thin. This is important because when Rusalka and in the mode of "stove" the body becomes very hot.

Housing with tray and lid used pipe with the same diameter. To take thin-walled tube should not be, because to work in high temperature mode, the desired metal is somewhat stronger. The drawing furnace Lacireno designed for pipe with wall thickness 5 to 8 mm. in the manufacture of edges (grooves) for sand from two plates welded in a circle, first one should be to weld the inner part. This should be done so that the seam lay in the groove.

In the manufacture of grate furnaces Lecinena, use the steel bars and to avoid cast iron. When choosing valves for air supply, note that they have to work in high temperatures, hence they must be all metal, no plastic elements. Suitable water tap in one and a half inches with rubber seals. Rubber is quite efficient in these conditions.Housing with tray and lid used pipe with the same diameter.


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