Jet wood-burning stove with bench

Russian stove with the bed familiar to all who were born and grew up in the country. Still a Russian stove in rural areas, heats the house, her cook and bake incredibly tasty and fragrant pies, and if you come illness, then warm the bed quickly back to health.

As for the reactive furnace (or another name of "stove-rocket"), few people know about it. Such a strange name oven was due to the sound emitted in the process chamber and reminiscent of the work of the rocket engine. In this invention expect the Americans, the Japanese, the Indians. What kind of a miracle, received such an unusual name, for an invention of which more expect all Americans?

Jet wood-burning stove with bench combines the useful qualities of the furnace-Dutch and Russian furnace with a stove bench. Its main advantage is low fuel consumption, very high efficiency and absence of products that pollute the environment, can not be said about the Russian stove. To make this oven you can one day out of clay or mud bricks.

According to the owners of jet furnace fuel consumption for heating the building is reduced to 80%, and from the chimney goes water vapor and carbon dioxide. The oven is not exacting to quality of fuel and works equally well as wood and wood waste.

How does a jet wood-burning stove with bench? Oven melt by loading a small amount of wood chips. Then load the fuel in small portions through the vertical feed opening. Logs, limbing or boards remain in a vertical position. As combustion of fuel settles down. The process of burning is only at the bottom. Emerging thrust directs the flame in a channel to the hood. You should not be afraid that the smoke will be discharged into the room.

Next, the gases produced by the combustion of firewood, go to the hood and burnt with its upper part. The temperature rises to 900-1000 degrees, which leads to more pressure drop and increase in the inflow of the fuel gas. Craving grows and stabiliziruemost, the oven goes into working mode. Passing through the flue channel, the gas gives up its heat, and outlet temperature, depending on the length of the channel just above room.

At this high temperature completely destroys the soot and eliminates the risk of deposits in the chimney, and therefore will not have to periodically perform cleaning of the channels. The smoke channels run horizontally through a bench made of clay. The bed is heated rapidly accumulating heat. Due to this, the heat in the room a comfortable temperature is maintained between the heating chambers of the furnace.

To warm the couches (depending on its mass) requires up to 4 hours of continuous heating furnace. The heat of the room starts from the metal of the hood a few minutes after lighting the oven.

The length of the flue channels does not depend on thrust, so the jet stove is used for heating the floor in the house. In this case, the smoke channels made of conventional air ducts go under the floor.

Jet wood stove good for winter greenhouse, where ducts are laid under the beds to heat the soil.




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