Joe Perez— the most important 10 signs that your spirituality is probably integral

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Unlike traditional religions, spirituality can be as individual as you are. And, when this spirituality is based on the principles of integrated, or holistic, approach, it opens the door for the expansion of human potential for a rich inner development, cultural progress, artistic creativity and spiritual renewal. But how can you figure out really whether your spirituality based on integral principles?

If your spirituality is based on an integral approach, it is a way of being in the world as you truly are, a guide to finding yourself, clarifying your values, meeting and healing their shadows, to once again lose yourself in the bliss of identity with the driving force of evolution is Love. Everything is so simple and elegant.

In fact, maybe you're integrated without having to know about it. Here are ten signs that your spirituality might integral:

10.Have you noticed that you are a hard man to insult a dismissive attitude to your ego, subculture, or group affiliation; as a consequence, "political correctness" makes you a little sympathy (though you intuitively seek to avoid causing others unnecessary pain through your words and deeds). You are looking for signs of agreement with others and try to be a mediator and to agree on solutions when possible. You understand that there are other ways to fight for justice than to complain about the insensitivity of people. You don't try to silence or shout down those who disagree with you.

9.You came to compassionate stand against religious fundamentalists and conservative fanatics because I understand that they reached a stage of evolution can be less Mature than yours. You know that all of the available part of the truth. You know that many of the worst problems in the world are caused by people who believe that they possess the truth in its entirety, whereas they are available only part of it. You believe sacred texts such as the Bible, are the source of wisdom, even if they contain many teachings that today are useless. You choose your battle for justice carefully and strategically, not reacting from fear or anger.

8.You don't think that spirituality and religion are incompatible regardless, have you found your spiritual community or not, you know that the full being human is not only an individual matter. You know that no man is an island. You can even respect the strong vows of commitment and honor demonstrated by the religious Orthodox or traditionalists, and you seek for deeper relations with people in your community and through virtual communities and/or travel — around the world. When someone asks if you believe in God, before you answer "Yes" or "no" part of you wonders what they mean by the word "God," and thinks, whether you're talking about the same thing.

7.You are looking for "explanations" of religion as a subject of interest only to biologists, psychologists, anthropologists, social historians and theologians, but seek comprehensive approaches that include individual and collective dimensions of spiritual experience in subjective and objective perspectives. You believe not only in biological evolution, but at least open to the possibility that culture and society go through some form of evolution. You don't think science and spirituality are opposite. You don't want all the time "stuck in my head"; at the same time, however, you want to ensure that your spirituality to be intellectually rigorous, not anti-intellectual.

6.You maintain a nonjudgmental attitude, not because you want to please others or because they seek to avoid condemnation from others, but because you recognize your own shadow in all that blame. You don't think that spiritual people should always be nice. You know that anger — even rudeness — can have a healthy expression of the spiritual life. They manifest skepticism when you meet spiritual people that blames the sick that they are themselves the cause of their diseases. You want to be free from shame, but also accept responsibility for errors and omissions without having to shift the blame for every problem on other people or classes of people.

5.You reject the beliefs and beliefs that insist on the division of people into victims and criminals because you know that in the ultimate sense, the Spirit knows no such divisions, and that each person contains within himself both light and darkness. You realize that many -isms, such as classism, sexism, racism, etc., are erroneous and should be reviewed; at the same time you know that these socio-cultural Convention arose in the context of the world that evolyutsioniruet in the direction of greater abundance of the spirit and reflect the concerns of earlier stages in religious and cultural development. You're a staunch supporter of human freedoms, but consider how most perceive the liberation, too limiting.

4.You reject the overly simplified answers to complex questions and understand that our beliefs about the absolute reality should avoid belittling sentimentalization or rationalize the mysterious and awe of the nature of life. Similarly, you try to avoid certain alleged answers in the comprehension of the mystery of death. Regardless of whether you believe in heaven and hell, reincarnation, or remain agnostic position regarding life after death, you know that human life has a purpose and that our actions contribute to changing the world. You understand that denial of death is a distinctive feature of the ego, which does not understand its true nature and higher self.

3.You care about issues of ecology and justice, not only in your community but also for all people around the world and some of your aspirations is to alleviate suffering and ensure the holistic development of all conscious beings. You may have grown up to care only about people of their community, ethnic group or nation. You may have discovered monocentrism the view that contains the understanding that in the twenty-first century it is not enough to think locally is to think globally. You deeply care about environmental issues and protection of the natural world for future generations, but you know that technology is not the root of all evil: sometimes it can be the solution.

2.You acknowledge that Eros permeates all dimensions of the world, and celebrate erotic energy, and spiritual energy, because in the ultimate sense they are one. However, you provide sex a unique role for the detection of beauty, expression, game of bliss, exercise ethical behavior, and for the expression and receiving of love. You are not afraid to talk about subtle energies of Yin and Yang or masculine and feminine. You know that our gender and sexual roles are biologically, culturally and sociologically conditioned; at the same time you acknowledge that there are meaningful cross-cultural patterns and universals, the understanding of which can bring us benefit.

1.You are not afraid to see his divinity, both inside and outside. Sometimes you may be concerned about your arrogance, but you don't think pride is the worst sin. You know how important it is to have a healthy self-esteem and that it is authentic only when based on the recognition of your inherent value, amazing uniqueness and inner divinity. You know how to open your shadows and light safe and the self-disclosure plays a Central role in your spiritual journey. You strive to overcome all limited concepts of who you are, fully in the authentic sense that accepts everything that arises in the integral coverage as something inseparable from your own higher self.

If you looked at my life and beliefs and see some or all of the signs, then you are in the process of discovering that maybe you already hold an integrated worldview.


© Joe Perez



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