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According to the core tantric philosophy of spanda, the 'vibration' of Divine consciousness manifests as the whole universe, including the physical and subtle bodies of every human being. Tantra teaches us that there is a unifying continuity between our physical bodies, the activities of the mind and emotions, and all forms of interior awareness. They are all manifestations of a single source; therefore, we are all microcosmic pulsations of the whole, expressions in bodily form — in the illusory dimension of time and space — the universal Consciousness (Parama Śhiva).

In accordance with the main source of the doctrine of the Spandaryan — Kashmiri work of the ninth century, known as the "doctrine of vibration", the Supreme vibration (spanda) unifies and covers everything that happened, and continuously returns the manifest totality of all things in the highest light of consciousness. Energy (Śhakti) consciousness is expressed in the flows of her own seal in the form of waves of contraction (nimeṣha), which we recognize as an integral part of the world, including bodies, feelings and thoughts. When Shakti is going to re-open (unmeṣha) to his infinite potential, to identify themselves with more and more infinite levels of consciousness of itself through our intention, we practice yoga.

Often called Spandaryan sphuratta — "shimmering beat of" the Supreme Light which continuously varies in its strength. This vibration is the universality of all beings. Therefore the universal Spandaryan blissfully vibrates as all aspects of Even "negative" feelings and thoughts are part of spanda: when it is reduced (nimeṣha) in the form of negative thoughts and feelings, they are used as a springboard to leap through the open (unmeṣha) state, thereby completing the dance of life. But the doctrine of spanda is based on the fact that the reduction and disclosure and there is a pulsation of the divine. We can discover his true Being in unity with the source of the universe only when we have balanced traffic between two locations. Then there is the "appearance" (udyama) of consciousness to the point of silence (bindu), when the breath, heart and mind become a single ripple.

Sinking inside yourself yoga discover that the most delicate and powerful tendrils of individuality merge with the infinitely spacious vibration (Spandaryan) of the Divine Consciousness. The repetition of mantras (especially "om namah śhivaya") and conscious meditation serve as the inner beacon of light that serves for lighting the way through the more subtle vibrations of the inner consciousness, and lead to the experience parispanda, which tradition describes as "blissful pulsation of enlightenment." It is called ecstatic throbbing, quickening the silence of the absolute. Attentive consciousness of this inner runout leads to uncovering a deeper experience of meditative immersion (samāvesha), yet experience any sort of limitations will not be forever destroyed.

In this state, we are spiritually awake to the illuminating radiance of consciousness (prakāśha), which illuminates us as the source of our being. It is experienced as open, infinitely expanding, completely new waves of bliss, constantly influencing the consciousness of the awakened yogi. "Realization" of Spanda Highest inside and as I opens the stream of the nectar of consciousness, which flows in the form of waves of energy. These "waves" are just energies that cause the pulsation of consciousness. They represent the dynamism, vimarśha, "consciousness of the" inner divine light. This radiance is the radiance of all beings. We are all deeply interrelated, as the sacred vibrations of a single eternal, blissful, and absolute consciousness (Śhiva).

In tantric yoga, we do not seek to "change" ourselves; rather, through practice we gradually come to realize that everything that we were looking for outside of ourselves (peace, love, contentment, sense of security, etc.), vibrating heart energy (hṛidayam) of the universe in our hearts. Yoga just takes this reality as your true nature in the moment when Shakti (divine energy-consciousness) begins to expand outward in the form of your own awakening. Otherwise can not be. Our awakening is merely this: we recognize that our own heart is United with the Central point of Supreme Consciousness — the point from which everything that exists is in the form of tides blissfully dancing Universe.


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