Every person has a unique frequency of vibrations. What frequency is Your

Every person, being the aggregate of vibrations of particles, molecules, cells, organs has its individual vibration frequency. Total frequency depends on many factors: condition of the body, from quality of food, bad habits, hygiene, communication with environment, climate, time of year; the quality of the senses, purity of thought...etc. factors.

People with light vibration – the one that is constantly in a state of inner joy, calm, peace, love and silence within. It feels comfortable, because it is in harmony with the surrounding world and himself. In that state of balance, the body and all the glands are working smoothly, and, respectively, and their subordinate organs, tissues and cells.

Very reduce the frequency of negative feelings: fear, envy, anger, greed... Any unseemly act, the negative thoughts and feelings pollute the bodies, aggravate them, and the person begins to vibrate at lower frequencies.There is another expression: "heavy soul", "dirty mind" — it also speaks to the low vibration of the soul and mind.

A lot of those “sounds too low”, constantly faced in life with negative events, negative situations.
The more love-filled person, the more he is free and happy, the more great his physical body, the higher the harmonious total sound of its vibrations. The combination of all these vibrations and determines the inner sound of the person.

The state of joy and happiness comes at a great disclosure of spiritual qualities. A person is in good health, a great relationship with the people necessary financial support, reveal creative abilities. His condition applies to the inner circle, relatives, friends, brightening their lives and can also have an impact on the whole World.

While in this state, man forms his destiny, harmoniously interacting with the world and the Universe.He lives and enjoys life! It can solve higher tasks. This is the man the Creator. Increasing the frequency of vibration, one becomes increasingly free, there are talents undiscovered abilities, improved well-being, health and potential.

According to the test results, currently, lower frequencies are in the range:
above 0 and up to 2.7 Hz.

1. lower over 2.7 and up to 9.7 Hz.
2. low – excess of 9.7 to 26 Hz.
3. high – more than 26 and up to 56 Hz.
4. higher – more than 56 and up to 115 Hz.
5. Supreme – over 115 and up to 205 Hz.
6. (over 205 Hertz – the crystal vibration or vibration the new 6 race on the planet Earth).

When a devastating vibration?

It turns out that they appear cheloveka as a result of his negative personal traits or emotions.

* the mount provides vibration – from 0.1 to 2 Hz.
* fear from 0.2 to 2.2 Hz.
* resentment – from 0.6 to 3.3 Hz.
* irritation – from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz;;
* outrage – from 0.6 to 1.9 Hz.
* the self – giving maximum vibration at 2.8 Hz.
* irascibility (anger)- 0.9 Hz.
* the flash of rage – 0.5 Hz; anger and 1.4 Hz.
* pride – 0.8 Hz; pride and 3.1 Hz.
* neglect – 1.5 Hz.
* the superiority of 1.9 Hz,
* pity – 3 Hertz.

If man lives by the feelings he has completely different vibrations:

* compliance – from 38 Hertz and above.
* the acceptance of the World as he is, without resentment, and other negative emotions – 46 Hz.
* generosity – 95 Hz.
* vibration of gratitude (thank you) – 45 Hertz;
* heart of gratitude – from 140 Hz and above;
* unity with other people – 144 Hz and above;
* compassion – from 150 Hz and above, (a pity only 3 Hertz);
* love that is the head that is, when one understands that love is a good, light feeling and great power, but heart to love another. – 50 Hz.
* love that person generates my heart to all people without exception and all living things – from 150 Hz and above;
* love is unconditional, sacrificial, adopted in the universe – from 205 Hz and above.

Similarly, a person achieves success in life when average vibration persist from 70 Hz and above. Unfortunately, with the exception of rare units, the bulk of humanity contains within its subtle bodies the whole range of destructive vibrations and far from the norm, a small amount of creative vibration.
The above material, you can make a simple conclusion: to accept the World for what it is, live with the love of people, nature, home planet, directing their activities and thoughts on creativity (as idea man is able to do) is the key to health and success. published

Author: Oleg Nikitin

Source: my.mail.ru/community/yamuna/35A42A5931999DC7.html


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