KEY cosmic laws.

"All is Mind».
The universe is a mental image of the One. That is all that is real reality - there is an idea. The universe is a mental creation of Total.

Matter is seen as a manifestation of the Universal Mind. The laws of fundamental physics confirm the presence of the Absolute "Nothing" from which comes "Everything." So everything is born of Reason

Reason is one and that all fragments exist in the minds of all, what we exist.

Applied to humans, it can be argued that all levels of existence, from physical and ending with the highest spiritual, controlled by consciousness, which is a reflection of the Universal Mind.

An understanding of this great Hermetic Principle of mentalism gives you the opportunity to use it for their well-being and advancement.

Knowing this law, it becomes clear why it requires discipline of the mind. After all, each of us is like a great mind creates its own universe. The reality is created by our thoughts. If we now live that way, so we created this life once his thoughts.

Hermetic Student gains the ability to intelligently apply the laws of Great Thoughts, instead of using them shameless way.

Without this key skill is impossible, and the disciple in vain, will knock on many doors of the Temple.

Analogy Principle. Universal Law
As above, so below. As the bottom and top. Small like a lot.

There are planes beyond our knowledge, but if we apply it to the principle of analogies, we can understand even what would seem incomprehensible to us. And mastery of this principle provides a means of solving many a dark paradox, and hidden secret of Nature.

Ancient Hermetists considered this law one of the most important methods of thinking tools by which people will be able to throw away all the obstacles that hides from us unknown.

Quantum physics says, the whole world of fractals. Fractals - are fragments of a whole, bearing the image and likeness of information on the whole. So if we imagine cauliflower and separate the mind from her sprig, we will see that this is like a twig around Kocani.

In order to determine the composition of the liquid, we do not need all the liquid. The analysis can be done on its drop.

It is only important to understand the relationship. There are many relationships. And if we know about them, it is easier to learn this universal law. All esoteric systems show these relationships. Since they are based on information about archetypes of humanity.

For example:
Astrology links the element of water with human emotions. It says that the moon has a direct impact on both the fluid in nature, and our emotions. During the full moon occurs as the tide waters in nature and the emotional tide in the human psyche.

Through the system of Tarot we learn on what scheme is the development of everything in the universe. So this scheme we can apply not only to our lives, but also to the lives of our ideas.

So if we are a part of God, we can know God only in ourselves. From which it follows - all that surrounds us is our reflection. We see the imperfection of the world - it is our imperfection. If the world gives us love - that is our love. We meet aggression everywhere - this is our aggression, which settled inside. All the knowledge of ourselves, we can get through the world. And all of our knowledge about the world - it is we ourselves
According to this law as a single developed everything in the universe, is still developing. Move the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius - is the transition from faith to knowledge. By mastering this Universal Law, a person learns not in a linear fashion (by logic), and fractal. That is unknown to him immediately disclosed. The man says, "I know." But it is useless to ask him "where».

Vibration principle
Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates

Everything in the universe - from matter to mind is in constant vibration. The only difference is the frequency. It says that everything in this world is permeated with life.

Life - a movement, and any stop - it is death. But the death - only in our human understanding. Even death vibrates. Death - a transition from one quality to another. The transition point is the slowest vibration.

The lowest frequency in the mineral kingdom. It seems to us that the stone is not mobile. But this is only an appearance. It is difficult to see the life of the stone due to the difference in frequencies.

Highest - a vibration of the Spirit. It is so intense that it seems fixed as quickly spins the wheel.

Between these poles, there are lots of other vibrations. Everything is made of energy. Vibration - is energy. Tighter energy has a slower vibration.

Thought also vibrates. Negative thoughts, anger, aggression, depression and others. Belong to low-frequency vibrations. Positive thoughts about God, about love and etc. have a high frequency vibration.

Thought and emotion are the main engines that help to change the level of our vibration.

On the basis of previous laws - everything that surrounds us is a product of our mind. Our quality of life is determined by the frequency of vibration.

Good to know that changing their frequency, we leave the field of view of people who no longer correspond. For example, a man who worked for his aggression, increases its frequency, it becomes invisible to aggressive people.

The higher the frequency, the more we can see, the more information we can process per unit time. The higher the frequency of vibration is well controlled low.

Do not correct to think that the low rate is always negative. Even aggression becomes a useful ally of the man, if it is properly disposed of this energy.

The main symptom of increasing its own vibration frequency - is the ability to manage more bass
Any alchemical process, any transformation - it is a change in the vibration frequency
Who understands the Principle of Vibration, "he seized the scepter of power & quot ;, sages

Polarity Principle

Everything is dual, everything has poles; everything has its antipode (its opposite); opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are nothing else than the floor of the truth; all paradoxes may be reconciled

Any opposition alike, are different only in degree. Couples can reconcile opposites. Everything has two sides. There is no absolute good and absolute evil. Every true half false. Everything exists and does not exist.

Everything has two poles. Imagine the scale. At one side the cold scale to another heat. It is impossible to find on the scale of the place where it ends hot and cold starts. Because these concepts are the same - warm. The only difference is the degree of its.

The same principle can be seen in terms of "light and darkness" .Where begins darkness? What is the difference between big and small, heavy and light? All these concepts are relative.

We transfer this principle in Mind Plan. Love and nenavist- two mental states are completely different. Somewhere in between there is a point of acceptance or rejection. Therefore, sometimes so difficult to understand their true feelings.

All paradoxes may be reconciled. Difference exists only in frequencies (vibrations, vibrations) of the same. Any vibration has also two poles. Imagine the pendulum. He always swings both storony.Traektoriya his movements - it's the scale we're talking about
It is noteworthy that a little reflection, we can very quickly go from love to hate and back. Man given change in the brain of his fortune. Sometimes it happens unconsciously.

Hermetists able to change the vibrations of Hate to the vibrations of love, not only for themselves but also other people.

Good and bad - it's just a pole of the principle of Polarity zhe.Poleznost consists of art transformation (alchemy) bad into good
If everything has its opposite, any problem can be solved by finding its opposite polyus.Tolko thus possible to reduce the extremes and to reconcile them. After all, any problem - it is only one pole of anything
Understanding the Principle gives the opportunity to change how its polarity, or someone else, as well as to find a solution to any problem.

The principle of rhythm

Everything flows, flows, flows, everything has its tides; everything rises and falls; a pendulum swing manifests in everything. fluctuations Measure left to right is the measure of vibrations. Rhythms are compensated.

This principle derives from the previous one. It is that vibrations occur around from one pole to another, occur rocking back and forth, like a pendulum.

There is always action and reaction, ascent and descent. All this manifests itself in the action of the universe and the stars, and the world of humans, animals, mind, energy and matter. Therefore, the law destroyed worlds bloom and in a period of falling nation.

The law also says that all the cycles in the world. Each cycle has its beginning and end, and then repeated again.

The same principle is manifested in the mental state of man. Stop this law or to leave it is impossible from him. But you can learn how to neutralize fluctuations.

That's why the majority of scientists say that the need to always remain neutral in joy and sorrow. If we will be always joyful exalted state, for this is always followed by the same in strength disappointment.
Recommended to rejoice and grieve moderately. This is an art. Hermetists able to polarize ourselves at a point where wish to stay, and then neutralized by the pendulum, which tends to lead to the other pole. In this principle lies the clue to the question why the desire to come true when a person is very hungry for this. Any binding to one pole will lead to a rollback to the other. The ability to desire something and equally take the opposite result, and then letting go of desire, it leads to the early realization of

This wizard makes it consciously. He uses his desires, achieving balance and mental stamina. This principle, methods of counteracting, neutralizing, and their use, form an important part of the Hermetic philosophy - Alchemy of Mind
The principle of cause and effect
Each principle has its effect, every effect has its cause. All is done in accordance with the law. The case is none other than the name of the law, which is unrecognized. There are many reasons why the plans, but nothing escapes the Law.

Each event - a consequence of which has its prichinu.Nichego just not done. Accidentally byvaet.Est laws. The reason may lie in different planes. Hermetists able to occupy a higher plane, becoming a source of reasons, not the consequence.

Most people are subject to the environment. Desires, emotions, and passions stronger than themselves. Heredity, mistrust, politics and economics, as well as other external causes moving them like pawns on the chessboard of life.
Masters, rising to a higher level, manage their moods, characters, qualities and powers. They take full responsibility for your life, knowing that all the consequences will be born of their actions and decisions. They play themselves into your life, rather than life playing with them.

Wizard applies this principle, but it does not become an instrument. Rather, it is subject to a higher plane of reasons, which help him to manage on his own terms.

The principle of gender

Paul around, everything has its masculine and feminine principles. Gender manifests on all planes.

Male and female are at the heart of all, as well as their interaction. This is true in the physical world, the world of the soul and the spiritual. Love, any desire, magnetism, inspiration, life itself - is the interaction of these two principles
No work - physical, spiritual or mental - is not possible without this principle. An understanding of its laws sheds light on many things that confound human minds.

All things and all people contain both elements. As each man's beginning has a female and each female, the male has. At the beginning of the women's magnetism is the principle, and in the male - action.


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