POISON only in your head.

In ancient China, a girl who was married and lived in the house of her husband and serve him and his mother. It so happened that one girl after the wedding has not been able to make constant reproaches of his mother in law. She decided to get rid of it.

The girl went to the herbalist, who was a friend of her father. She told him:

- I can not live with his mother in law. It drives me crazy. could you help me? I had a good cry.

- What can I do for you? - Asked
- I want you to sell me the poison. I poison in-law and get rid of all the troubles - she answered
After much deliberation, the herbalist said:

- Okay, I'll help you. But you have to understand two things. Firstly, you can not poison the mother in law just because people guess what happened. I'll give you the herbs that will slowly kill her and no one would come up with the idea that she had been poisoned. Secondly, to completely avoid any suspicion, you have to tame his anger, learn to respect it, to love, to listen and be patient. Then no one will suspect you when she dies.

The girl agreed on everything, took the grass and began to add them to the food-in-law. In addition, she has learned to control himself, to listen to her mother in law, and respect her. When she saw changed her attitude daughter, she loved with all my heart girl. She told everyone that her daughter is the best, so, which one can only dream of. Six months later, the relationship between the two became close, like blood between the mother and her daughter.

Then one day she came to the herbalist and pleaded:

- For the sake of God, please save my mother in law from the poison I gave her. I do not want to kill her. She was the most beautiful in-law, and I love her.

Travnik smiled and replied:

- Do not worry, I did not give you any poison. What I gave you, it's just the spices. The poison was only in your head, and you yourself got rid of him.


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