8 best kitchen life hacks that will revolutionize your world

Especially for fans of unconventional solutions, make our lives easier, we found 8 helpful videos. Rest assured, after watching these videos you will never return to the old ways and methods! 1. To determine the freshness of eggs On the kitchen counter around the tray of eggs, you can't remember how long ago he bought? Just check the freshness of eggs with water glass, as shown in this video.

2. Easily separate the yolk from the white Familiar to many fans of baking, the problem is how to neatly separate the yolk from the white, not saying no drops. You won't believe it's the easiest to do... using a normal plastic bottle.

3. To quickly clean the egg from the shell to be Honest, clean eggs — employment for everybody. Well, if the egg is properly cooked and separates easily from the shell, and what to do if the party failed? Look like speed up this process a glass of water.

4. To give boiled eggs heart shape Valentine's Day, March 8, just in a good mood — as a lot of occasions to share your love with family and this morning with the original cook boiled eggs in the shape of a heart. It turns out that it is much easier to do than it might seem. 5. Easily chop tomatoes, We did not object to the traditional way of slicing cherry tomatoes in half one by one. But for all its virtues and conservatism, this method pales before the new life hack is worth a try!

6. Easily and quickly clean the kiwi and mango With these soft fruits with a thick skin is always a problem — until cooked fruit salad, there is a risk recoat the entire kitchen in the pulp and the juice. Another thing, when come to the aid of skilled hands and savvy. 7. Slice and serve pineapple pineapple can easily become as the main decoration and disappointment of the festive table — it all depends on how well you clean and slice them. I think we found the easiest and most elegant way to do it. 7. Clean avocado buttery Soft avocado is quite difficult to prilovchitsya to clear without loss. If you want to learn how to cut the perfect avocado, like for a photo shoot, dice and slice, we strongly suggest you to watch this video. 8. Peel the orange Sometimes it seems that oranges can be enjoyed forever, if not for their tough skins. And how many broken nails and stained clothes when attempts to clean this coveted fruit. Master elegant new way to peel oranges! published

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