Choose your method of feeding: type alpha and type omega

We will focus on how to offer you to put a simple experiment with his diet. Even if you never heard about the possibility of choosing the method of supply in accordance with the Lunar days, please try what is suggested below. After all, no harm to your health, this experiment will not bring, but benefit from it you'll soon feel more yourself.

  • Starting today, in accordance with the Lunar calendar, please watch for them in the days of the Light (when the Moon goes through the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), do you need these days your body is more or less fat than other days.
  • How does your body in the days of Water (when the Moon is in signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) relative to carbohydrates (flour products, potatoes, vegetables). Asks whether it is more or less than usual, how to react to them?

And, not to forget, write down your answers in the diary on paper (which you certainly won't lose) or in a special file on your computer. Can save the file directly to your desktop so you'll never lose it.

TYPE ALPHA AND TYPE OMEGAEach of us noticed that on certain days a certain food seems divinely delicious, it is easily digested and absorbed, and we have a whole day full of energy and vitality, making, in truth, great things. In other days we decide, at whatever cost, to start a new, healthy life, and despite the fact that we used only healthy and nutritious food, we feel tired even sitting at the table. More important things even just tumbled from his hands.

First of all, you have to take it for granted that there is nothing harmful and nothing is useful for everyone. For someone salt is white death, but for others it can be the most healing medicine. Some organisms in the Sahara see sweet poison for other sugar – best friend.

How many times have we heard that white flour is harmful and everyone should go to black, rye bread. However, one of the us rye bread is really going to benefit, while others feel that they are deprived of something bright, kind, joyful....

Animal and vegetable fats among nutritionists since time immemorial there are disputes, what is more useful. And ordinary people, meanwhile, are choosing fats to your liking.

Most stupid invention are calorie tables and calculators that they count, after all, the person who wants to lose weight, have all day to think about the future in harmony, and about food, which led him to overweight. Instead of taking the extra time to get up, to run, or, at least, a walk, a man sits there and counts your calories...besides, such a dead practice silences the voice of one's own body – counting calories drowns out their own feelings of the body.

Remember the second axiom: everything is Permitted... But only at the right time.

Really, you can eat anything, especially something you love, and then you feel comfort in the soul, lift the mood, making your body enjoys life. However, there is a need, nevertheless, to measure. If you've noticed, more common in children, take care of seven nurses, street the Tomboy transcend all – and the food with dirty hands, and sometimes hunger.

Remember another rule:

Even if you eat what you feel is not useful, but you honestly want to eat right now, eat, only without remorse. In any case, no need to regret what you ate. Only when your mind stops to analyze whether you have done that, ate a piece of pie or the entire belongings of fat, only when your mind is silent, you will hear the voice of your body. Your body will start to give you signals about how it reacted to the cake or fat. “Well, give me more!” or “it is Not necessary to torment more me this product.” Only then can you really learn to understand food and be able to determine for themselves the best diet.

Imagine that you are sitting in the most expensive restaurant, brought to you the best and most expensive dishes, but the waiter covering your table, not left, but stood over you and began to wail: “Again, the cook has not washed his hands as I cut the vegetables! And one carrot and fell on the floor, but he took her from the floor and began to cut in your meal. And all the cook has not yet recovered from cold, and he coughed a few times, when interfered pan!”

You understand that after such reviews waiter you can't eat this dish, and if you collect in a fist all the will and, contrary to his plan, all the same, eat food, almost one hundred percent guarantee that the house you spend the night with a bout of poisoning.

But the same thing happens when you eat food, tormented by pangs of conscience. Your body resents exactly the same as you would in your apartment, at your Desk was the same bad waiter.

Remember, when you eat food – it disinfects and fears and remorse – poison and add you extra pounds.

And yet, indeed, not all food are equally useful for you.

What food is healthy?No nutritionist will not be able to tell what foods and what diet is useful for you. Can't tell immediately. After all, to get a true picture of the internal activities of your body, you and your dietitian will take about three months. Moreover, it will be three pilot months. So, please be patient.

There are two main types: Type alpha and Type omega.

These names are coined Johann Paungger and Thomas Poppe. They also developed a test to determine your host type.

To find out what type you belong to, take a sheet of paper and a pencil and spend a vertical line in the middle or open a blank file and it do the same thing.

Left column name "Type alpha" and the right "Type omega".

Now you have themselves to answer 10 questions, which relate to your eating habits, how these habits reacts with your body, as well as some questions to clarify the other properties of your body.

The questionnaire will meet the phrase: “do you use certain foods or not.” Let me explain what is meant by the words "not to move".

"Intolerance" can be expressed in many different ways, for example:

1. After consuming this product you are fatigue sets in. It can manifest itself in seemingly harmless desire to sleep after eating. In fact, “desire to sleep” – a sure sign that the food you just took, you the harmful. Oddly enough, even many doctors think that “sleep” after a meal – this is the most common desire. Alas, it is not. Foods that are harmful for you, takes away your energy instead of giving it to you. From the products that are useful to you, you feel only a rush of energy, even if you stayed a bit and ate too much.

2. After eating you start heartburn, feel full, bloating, even if you ate a little bit. By the way, headache and migraine also are allergic reaction to the wrong food and drinks. Just no one matches the meal with a headache, and even physicians are not always aware of this connection. In part, this is because the headache may not occur immediately after eating, and sometimes even the next day.

3. After eating you suddenly in a bad mood, you become anxious and nervous. The children improper diet react faster than adults. But the term “removing” poison children for longer. Sometimes, for example, requires the whole day to from the body of the child has displayed harmful white flour or sugar, and the whole day is spent not in the mood, which is further aggravated by the fact that adults feed the child harmful product, and even to accuse him of disobedience.

4. You notice bad breath, the sharp smell of sweat, and other secretions, is not associated with the ingestion of garlic or onion, not associated, with dental caries. The smell is associated with bad digestion, fullness (because the bad food, the stomach is forced to digest a much longer and spend much more energy and enzymes).

5. You have a fungus or herpes on the outside or inside. Improper diet disrupts the skin and mucous and cold sores always a sign of mental or physical aversion to something (or someone).

6. You have back pain, especially in the sacrum. Back pain is very often an allergic reaction to "polished", dead wheat, because the overloaded kidneys through the nervous processes transfer the excess substance in the spine..

7. If you are interested to build your diet, to determine for themselves the list of useful and harmful products, to determine your type of food, let's move on.

Take a test:Question 1. We all use fats. What you perceive as better than animal fats or vegetable oils?

It is not something that you like, and what fat you carry the better. And then you feel fitter and more energetic – after the salad, dressed with vegetable oil or sour cream?

You can not answer this question immediately, but take time out for a few weeks. Try one week of eating exclusively vegetable oils and other animal fats. Those who ideologically do not accept animal fat, I want to say that it is foolish to feel sorry for the already killed animal, while not sparing themselves, destroying the organism. It doesn't make you a reasonable person. Another thing, if not your mind but your body will refuse animal fats. On the other hand, the call “omnivores” – you are, indeed, well tolerated milk, sour cream and butter, or simply for you it is “tasty”, but you constantly feel fatigue and think you are just lazy by nature?
Watch for them, without becoming slaves to their own ideology or their (perhaps bad) habits.

If you honestly examine your biases, but still this question puts you in a dead end, select a few days of the light of the waxing moon (when the Moon goes through the signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius), and these days enrich their menus first vegetable, then animal fats. Of course, you should use clean animal fats, and unrefined, not poisoned by the oil vegetable fats.
The answers to these questions as well as others, can be quite complex, especially when, in order to get these answers, you have to give up their attachment to false ideology or taste habits.

But, understand – it's worth it! Perhaps when you learn what actually requires your body, and go to meet him, you will get better sleep, mood, you will see a new Sun in the sky, for you new singing birds, you will Wake up in the morning in a good mood, work actively throughout the day, will be able to do what you have never had the strength...

Experiment and gain experience until then, until you get a clear picture, even if it takes three months. After all, if your feelings are long silent, and, especially, if they are driven deep into the tyrant's mind, you need a lot of time to convince your body that it finally again allowed will.

Do another experiment: some time do not eat dairy products, and return them during the full moon.

Carefully, with passion explore the skin around the eyes. How she changed under his eyes there were circles, or maybe they have disappeared? Please note as you began to sleep better, or, conversely, have trouble falling asleep or often Wake up at night. How do you feel in the morning – more cheerful, or, on the contrary, more sluggish? What other changes occur to you in connection with the increased intake of dairy products.
By the way, a common lately, the view that milk is harmful for adults is a myth. However, we are still talking about milk, not milk drinks, which are often sold in grocery stores under the name “Milk”.
But in any case, better to drink milk in the afternoon and not the morning, but not later than 6 PM, because the later intake of milk overload the liver.

If based on the study itself, you have determined that is better to accept animal fats, check the box “Type alpha”. If better perceive the vegetable oil, it indicates the affiliation to the “omega”.

Question 2. What type of flour more to the liking of your body – white, wheat or dark rye?

Similarly, do not rush to answer. Observe yourself – try a week to eat only white bread, and another week – black.
This question (and answer) is of great importance. After all, if you eat contrary to its type, the consequences can be quite sad.

We have already mentioned that back pain is often associated with wheat intolerance. For example, if you go to rye bread, the pain may disappear without any medication and procedures.

On the other hand, if you think that rye bread is healthier, as your body reacts to your mind?

If you have an opinion was divided, and you can't find the right answer, again ask for help to the moon in the lunar calendar select multiple days of water on the Growing moon (when the Moon goes through the signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), and these days eat only products made from wheat flour, or rye. Discard products from multiple grains is not helpful, not only for your food experiment, but generally: a mixture of grains only confuses the rhythms of your body.

Experiment until the picture of your tastes cleared up completely. Let it will take 3 months, but ahead of you have a healthy life (for you) and proper nutrition.

At the end of “flour” experiment put a tick in the appropriate column:
If your body voted for rye flour—put a tick in the box "Type alpha", if wheat – select "Type omega".

Question 3. What does your body: tea or coffee?

Some of you may have delighted: finally a simple question! Because most of us are sure at least, that we like tea or coffee. Because this habit has been in place for decades. But remember – we're experimenting.

Besides, surely you know a lot of examples that some people not only love coffee, but get a good night sleep after it. But after the right food, people should not experience sleepiness.

Comfort food gives a burst of energy and not overwhelming. And the sleep becomes itself strong and healthy, after which the person wakes up rested and refreshed.

Coffee lovers who use this drink as a sleep aid, try, as an experiment, go to a quality green tea. Just remember that you don't need to fill the kettle is the amount of tea that its flavor is reminiscent of a booze – the taste of good green tea is reminiscent of herbal drink. Check to see whether you'll become more cheerful and relaxed, or, on the contrary, after the green tea you will be more anxious and excited.

In the experiment, should not participate, packet tea and instant coffee – you know perfectly well that neither one nor the other can not be useful for you, for whatever you type or treated.

If your body chooses a good tea — put a tick in the "alpha Type" if it takes high — quality coffee in the "omega".

Question 4. Are you a night Owl or an early bird?

Now it's not about your mode of the day, to impose on you by work or other circumstances. In fact, maybe you're a night Owl but have to get up for work at 6am. We are now discussing, that tells you your body. There are some criteria by which to determine that it is more acceptable.

There are people who long to swing in the morning, at work, before proceeding to the immediate activity for which the person came, this person must drink a Cup and some tea or coffee, to water all the flowers or just sit down (or stand up for the machine) and some time “to meditate on the work” before it wakes up the brain. But after lunch a man feels that he can move mountains, and came home in the evening it comes to life, getting up late, enjoying life and their business.

Others Wake up early, regardless of whether they need to go somewhere or not. Often they don't even need an alarm clock, they still Wake up before it rings. Waking up, these people do not like to stay, just stand up, and they immediately get busy. Some women even to work (even if their working day starts at 8 am) time to make fresh food to his family, to wash and hang the Laundry. A range of treatments – from facial gymnastics to mask all these people manage to do it in the morning and they do not experience a drop in this voltage, because it is so convenient to do everything from morning to evening to free up time for recreation. Such people are found among office workers whose work is somehow connected with numbers. Also among them are many “guru” of yoga or fitness instructors.

Like, everything is simple and clear.

But there is one interesting detail. For example, many believe that among farmers and generally, villagers mainly found larks. Because we all know that in the villages have to get up early, milk cows, drive cattle to pasture in the summer or feed her in the winter. Now, you may be interested to know that, again, live in villages, most of them are “Owls.” So. Yes, they Wake up at 4-5 o'clock in the morning, immediately get up and perform a lot of work, and feel great. If you will manage to watch typical rural inhabitants, you will find that they, indeed, get up early, sometimes very early. In the morning, before the heat, watered gardens, or perform other necessary work, but after Breakfast about 9 o'clock in the morning ... lay down to rest.

Many of the “Owls” it is a mistake to indulge their “owl” habits, tinkering late in the evening (even at night), and in the morning, still waking up, even if nowhere to go, at 9 o'clock, flips to the other side and sleep until noon or longer. Woke up, these folks feel tired and overwhelmed, though, by this time they had a good night's sleep.


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