10 superuseful properties of linseed oil

About the benefits and healing properties of oil of seeds of flax in Russia has been known since ancient times. Flaxseed oil is good for the heart because it is the richest natural source of alpha-linolenic acid, and also contains lignans (a collective term of a group of chemical compounds found in many plants) that have antioxidant properties and may help protect against certain cancers, though not everyone agrees on this issue.

Seeds and flax oil have a whole range of useful properties due to alpha-linolenic acid (ALA belongs to a group of substances called omega-3) and other essential fatty acids in large quantities contained in them.

Need to know: linseed oil, like many other natural supplements, is not yet unequivocally confirmed medical evidence of its beneficial properties (research on humans is scarce). But this does not mean that it is not good for your health. Useful properties of Flaxseed oil appear due to fatty acids.

Useful properties of Flaxseed oil a lot, but I will tell you about the 10 most important...1. the best source of omega-3 and omega-6

Flaxseed oil is the best natural source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The content of essential Pufas (polyunsaturated fatty acids) in Flaxseed oil is higher in 2 times than in fish oils and linolenic content of essential fatty acids достигает50-70%.

Fish oil is losing more and taste. Therefore, to use pure, 1-4 tablespoons of Flaxseed oil will be easier than the same amount of fish oil.

the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6

The ratio of fatty acids in linseed oil.

Good health requires the right ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the diet. The ideal ratio is about 1:2. In our average diet, the ratio is from 1:20 to 1:50, much omega 6 and not enough omega-3.

The ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 in Flaxseed oil is about 4:1, so You should consume every day small portions of equalizing the balance. However, if linseed oil is used in food for a long time, without other oils, it can lead to a deficiency of omega-6. In addition, it is wrong to assume that one vegetable oil is better than another, each has its own beneficial properties.

Thus, it is best to mix Flaxseed oil with other oils that contain more omega-6 to get the balance right, for example, sesame, sunflower or olive oil.

Therefore a perfect kitchen should be at least 5-6 different oils that need to be combined, but the linen must necessarily be present.

2. helps to lose weight

Fatty acids normalizes fat metabolism and help to lose weight.

When the body is saturated fats do the essential fatty acids, it immediately normalizes fat metabolism. And this is a first step towards the normalization of weight.

Linseed oil, stimulating the satiety center, reduces appetite, facilitates compliance with the diets diets. In addition, it reduces the rate of absorption in the intestine and increases the rate of passage of food. This is the second step to weight loss.

There is an opinion that certain plant-based fats (including flax oil) does not affect the total caloric intake. Ie taking vegetable fats separately from animals (fasting), the calories can not be considered. However, the use of oil will certainly bring.

Ie Flaxseed oil helps to lose weight, although it would be a nice bonus, not the main property (how to take for weight loss...).

3. prevention of diseases and improving the functioning of the organs

If you make the dietary linseed oil constant, then with high probability will decrease pressure, decrease blood viscosity, improve the condition of skin and hair, normalizes the kidney and nervous system, worsen vision.

The benefits of Flaxseed oil as a preventive means, is that thanks to the normalization of metabolism, reduces the likelihood of serious diseases.

4. improving biliary system

Flaxseed oil improves the functioning of the biliary system and gastrointestinal tract.

The flax seed oil before meals in the morning have a beneficial effect on the work of the biliary system of the body and will prevent the formation of stones in the bile ducts. In addition to preventing the formation of new stones in the gallbladder can decrease in the size of existing ones.

5. the fight against inflammation associated with gout, lupus and fibrocystic mastopathy

Omega-3 fatty acids, appears to limit the inflammatory response associated with these conditions. In cases of lupus, Flaxseed oil not only reduces inflammation in joints, skin and kidneys, but also lowers cholesterol, which can suppress the development of this disease.

Taking Flaxseed oil for gout may decrease the often sudden and severe joint pain and swelling/

6. enhanced immunity

Linseed oil — a great immune stimulant (especially important for children) and helps to fight inflammation.

It is recommended the use of oil:

  • during the period of rehabilitation debilitated patients;

  • in the postoperative period;

  • during the epidemic of SARS and influenza.

7. cure premature old age

Linseed oil — available "cure premature old age."

It contains substances, without which the cell membrane can not be built. Cells grow decrepit and old age bore down like a hurricane. If the right to make linseed oil starting with a teaspoon twice a day and the third day increase the dose up to a tablespoon, this will be available "the cure of old age".

There are research data showing the impact of omega-3 to the preservation and restoration (!) telomeres (end segments of chromosomes) in DNA and, as a consequence, the prolongation of life.

For the curious: if simplified, during cell division telomeres shorten DNA and when their length becomes shorter, the threshold, the cell stops to share, which is the most important factor is the inherent nature of biological aging.

8. lowering cholesterol levels — protect against heart disease and control over pressure

Some studies show that Flaxseed oil can lower cholesterol, thereby significantly reducing the risk of heart disease. Taking Flaxseed oil can also protect yourself from angina and high blood pressure.

In addition, during the five-year study conducted at Boston's Simmons College found that Flaxseed oil may be helpful in preventing a second heart attack.

With regular use:

  • reduces cholesterol level on average by 25%;

  • increases the elasticity of blood vessels;

  • increases the fluidity of blood;

  • reduces the formation of blood clots.

Thus, Flaxseed oil helps fight heart problems and blood vessels, and is useful to the elderly.

9. the benefits of Flaxseed oil for women

Flaxseed oil is very good for women's health.

It is rich in amino acids, trace elements, phytonutrients and vitamins.

10. the benefits of Flaxseed oil for men

Substances contained in linseed oil, can help prevent swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Can decrease in this case, frequent urination.

Saturated fatty acids play a role in keeping sperm healthy, which may be of value in the treatment of male infertility. Also regular consumption of EFAS improves blood flow to the penis and stimulates production of sex hormones, it is useful to increase potency.


Better does not apply to linseed oil as a medicine, and the best way to use as a conventional food product.

Flaxseed oil 2 times richer in omega-3 fats than their known source is fish oil. It will therefore be sufficient to add just a couple tablespoons per day in porridge or salad.

Flaxseed oil helps to lose weight, it is useful to strengthen the hair and rejuvenate the skin, perfectly reduces the cholesterol in the blood. Its components are the building blocks of the cells of the nervous system and brain. It eases PMS, improves immunity, normalizes the work of many internal organs and systems. published

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