The healing properties of flax oil

Flaxseed oil is an essential and important product for health. Use of Flaxseed oil regularly will help in various diseases and normalizes the body. About the benefits and healing properties of Flaxseed oil has been known since ancient times. In ancient folk medicine, linseed oil was used for pain relief, rapid healing of wounds and cuts. Nowadays flax oil is also used with great success.

Composition of linseed oil. Get the oil cold pressed from flax seeds. Cold-pressed oil retains its medicinal properties. Flaxseed oil is a great source of valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Moreover, only in linseed oil omega-3 contains a sufficient quantity. The content of omega-3 in linseed oil is twice more than in fish oil and significantly higher than in other foods.

Useful properties of Flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is an excellent preventive measure against the development of stroke, cardiovascular diseases, seizures, myocardial infarction, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease. The inclusion of flax oil in your diet on a daily basis you will lead to tone the vascular system, reduce cholesterol in the blood and burden on the heart and blood vessels. In addition, the oil normalizes the level of fat, reduces blood viscosity, reduces the likelihood of blood clots. Thanks to the omega-3 part, the regular use of linseed oil normalizes the functioning of the brain and the immune system.

Method of applying linseed oil. Flaxseed food oil is recommended to add to vinaigrettes and salads, mixed with yogurt, kefir, honey, eat together boiled potatoes and sauerkraut, fill them with cereal. The oil can be added to cakes to give it a special flavor. Natural linseed oil is used in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the bronchi and lungs, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the bladder and kidneys, diseases of the thyroid gland, in men with the treatment of disorders of potency.In cosmetology linseed oil used in the composition of various masks for hair and skin due to the high content of vitamins and antibacterial properties.



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