This tool will be your beauty secret

Known to every housewife linseed oil, a very effective means of getting rid of early wrinkles. This natural product is used for the removal and other cosmetic skin defects.

However, to use linseed oil it was the highest, it is necessary to know some nuances of its use.

The beneficial properties of flaxseed oil

This product is rich:

a group of unsaturated fatty acids, the beneficial effect of which is to update the skin cells, tissue repair, activation of collagen production, smoothing wrinkles;

thiamin, helps to moisturize the skin and significantly improves its smoothness (which is why flaxseed oil is shown in the increased dryness of the skin);

Folic acid, which removes acne, reduces inflammation and protects against environmental factors and tissue cells;

niacin, increases the overall tone of the skin;

phylloquinone, the unique properties that allow the use of flax oil to improve the complexion;

choline, soothes irritation and prevents acne.

The combined effects of flaxseed oil is expanding its scope in the home of Cosmetology. It is absolutely safe product - an allergic reaction to it are extremely rare. But he helped to deal with the defects of the skin, it is helpful to know how to use it in the home recipes.


The use of any natural product must always be grounded. Applying flaxseed oil mindlessly, you will not see the effect and will get only disappointment. The use of this product allows its use for the following purposes:

Warning wrinkles (wrinkles of linseed oil can also be used if they are already there - in this case, it will help reduce the number of deep wrinkles and fine make quite unnoticeable);

care at the first age-related changes in the skin;

body toning flabby skin;

elimination of acne and acne;

overdried moisturizing skin;

lightening dark spots and freckles.

To solve the above problems of linseed oil can be introduced into the mask or on its base to prepare lotions and compresses. It is also useful simply to wipe them skin. However, for the care of oily skin it is applied with caution. To enhance the activity of the sebaceous glands, it is necessary to correctly choose the recipes (for example, mix oil with components such as a protein or citrus).

Use the method of use of the oil, which is best for you. Many women who have dry skin, use this tool instead of a moisturizer, not only for the person but also for the hands.

Methods of application

Use flaxseed oil is completely different. But in any case the right approach to its use of the result will be seen very soon.

The use of linseed oil in food

Condition of the skin significantly improve if flaxseed oil is used in dishes or as a separate Supplements. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to drink two spoons 30 minutes before a meal three times a day. Such treatment is carried out for two weeks, then make a break. Also linseed oil can be refilled salads or cereals. This method of application will not only improve the work of the digestive system, but also help prevent wrinkles.

Wiping the skin

Smear soaked in linseed oil swab can be all of the face except the eye area. This procedure is carried out daily at bedtime.

Spot use

Soaked in oil pad can be processed places on the skin where there is irritation, bruises, warts. In this way, also get rid of acne and microcracks.

Warm compress

It should be slightly warm butter and moisten it in a soft cloth, which is then necessary to impose on the face for 10 minutes. This method is particularly suited to owners of very dry and sensitive skin.

Masks from linseed oil

Due to its unique properties of flax seed oil is often included in the home of masks.

With cucumber and sour cream

A tablespoon of sour cream should be mixed with an equal volume of cucumber puree, then added to a mixture of two tablespoons of flaxseed oil. Gruel spread on his face. Wash off the mask after 15 minutes.

With cheese

The beneficial properties of flaxseed oil on oily skin will be shown using the following recipe. Two teaspoons of oil mixed with cottage cheese with a spoon, an equal amount of sour cream and beaten egg whites. Waiting time mask - about 20 minutes

. With essential oils

In a large spoonful of flaxseed oil need to add a few drops of essential oils of sandalwood, rose, orange and chamomile. Rub the mixture lightly. This method of gently tones the skin.

With the yolk and strawberries

Spoon mashed fresh strawberries mixed with egg yolk and two tablespoons of oil to the desired consistency in the mixture is a dessert spoon of flour. Apply on face for 20-25 minutes.

With milk and oatmeal

Flaxseed oil should be mixed with a little milk and oatmeal. The composition is applied to rubbing movements and rinse with water after 10 minutes.

From wrinkles

Get rid of wrinkles and reduce the appearance of deep cream help yourself cooked. Its positive properties are discussed at almost every forum where women share effective ways to skin care. Wrinkle cream is made from a spoon of linseed oil, three fresh mashed yolks and 200 ml cream. Separately, crushed fresh zest of lemon, pour her a glass of boiled water and to insist for about two hours. Strain and mix with the juice of one lemon and a spoon of liquid honey. Then, the two bases were combined and added to a mixture of 150 ml of alcohol camphor. The resulting composition is diluted with water to a volume turned up in 500 ml. He kept about one week, and it needs to be shaken every day, and use - in the morning and evening

. Homemade facial skin care using flaxseed oil does not cost much, but it is not inferior in their effectiveness for many expensive cosmetic procedures. This is especially necessary means for women on the skin where the first age-related changes have already appeared.


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