Alpha lipoic acid: refreshes the liver and REJUVENATES the entire body

We live on the brink of systemic death. Life-affirming beginning of the article, right? But the point is simple: any living organism that lives as long as the processes of organizations balance the processes of destruction. When the balance is disturbed, begins a slow death.

In fact, the whole balance rests on the balance of oxidation-reduction reactions, or redox balance. And that's why this balance is fragile:

  • oxidation reactions are easier, because going with the release of energy,
  • restoration — on the contrary, require the expenditure of energy.

Surprising to not break the build.

Naturopaths say:in order to defeat the disease, we must first raise up the energy of the body. Conventional medicine, on the contrary, the first drug inhibits the body's defenses and leads him to the brink of exhaustion, and then begins the rehabilitation process. Allopathy is called, otherwise symptomatic treatment when the principles of emergency care are transferred to therapy.

The energy of the car increase just filled any petrol and drive. Man also has something like a carb, so to push our reduction reactions seems to be easy. But there is one problem — often the problem lies in the fact that it would be necessary to relieve the oxidation process, which will literally break the chain.

And it's really a problem, because we live in the era of "oxidative stress", which our bodies were never designed. So instead of the normal calm burning in every cell starts a fire, or, as expressed by the firefighters, "uncontrolled combustion". And put the fire out — so not to disperse the smoke, and pour the hearth.

Such a long introduction I started just to remind you that most diseases in the modern classification assigned to the "free radical", that is, medicine has recognized that the main role in fanning the fire play free radicals - those that produce oxidation reactions out of control in our body. Its antioxidant protection is overwhelmed itself — try to put out a fire pathetic bucket of water!

Our body produces many types of antioxidant substances, and for certain types of free radicals, and versatile, and even just unique. That is, the quality and range of products are not enough shaft. The plan flies to hell.

The fire is easy to extinguish, until he gained strength, that's why we make an emphasis on prevention. If the body lacks antioxidants, let's give him the additional amount of food! Why is it so useful fruits and vegetables? Because plants are factories of antioxidants, they need them. Don't be of antioxidants, an hour after sunrise, all the vegetation would have constituted the ashes — such a huge amount of solar energy absorbed during photosynthesis.

And if we used each day a sufficient number of plant foods, and even fresh, not undergone industrial processing, but still not grown in agro-complexes, where the plants from pesticides and fertilizers white light can not see, then everything would be "ganz". Or "all right" if from England. In short, would live in the village and ate from his garden. However, the civilization it only took the village, without urban "pickles" rarely a farmer sits down at the table.

I wanted to write this article about the little-known representative of antioxidant substances, but the course changed my mind. I don't write about vitamins C and E, which have already been written enough, and those skromnego, without which vitamins do not work in full force, and which themselves, as Sailors, breast protect us from radicals and of the Bolsheviks with the socialist-revolutionaries. And the first word will be about little known but so important to our body's lipoic acid.


Alpha-lipoic acid: the universal antioxidant

First word: why "universal". For two reasons.

First, which is quite unusual, it dissolves both in water and in fats. This means that the molecules of lipoic acid can act not only in the cells of the body, but also to penetrate the blood-brain barrier in the brain that antioxidant substances are fairly uncommon. Why is it so important, we shall see later.

Second, lipoic acid has the unique property is that it not only acts as an antioxidant itself, but is able to "resurrect the dead" other antioxidants, dead on the barricades. She revives glutathione, vitamins C and E, and coenzyme Q10. Is not able more than any nutrient.

"Lipoic acid, alpha lipoic acid or thioctic acid — as you would call it, it doesn't change the fact that until recently, about it nobody has ever heard of. Today, however, progressive health advocates recognize the universal antioxidant and is the main treatment for diabetic neuropathy. If justified by the conclusions of the first studies, lipoic acid will be one of the most precious nutrients to prevent many consequences of high blood sugar, and perhaps even for slowing the aging process."

This quote I took from the book of Robert Atkins "Supplements" because she got a little confused in the context of article about the Atkins lipoic acid. As so, he writes that lipoic acid for thirty years, used in Europe, but in America it is still about her no one heard? Indeed, the pharmaceutical mafia has no boundaries!

But anyway, tell me what I have learned about lipoic acid.

What can do for you alpha lipoic acid?

1. To reduce insulin resistance and improve glucose metabolism.

Each person suffering from overweight or prefer carbohydrate diet, compromised metabolism of insulin. Therefore, lipoic acid is potentially useful to most of us.

As a result of experiments on animals it was found that lipoic acid protects cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. The destruction of these cells leads to diabetes I and subsequent dependence on insulin injections. Lipoic acid should help in the earliest stage of type I diabetes, which killed the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.


2. To help in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

If the ability of lipoic acid to protect the pancreas remains poorly understood, its role in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy clinically confirmed, primarily with this purpose, it is used in Europe.

Excess sugar in the blood causes the activation of glycolysis, which cause bonding of fat molecules, and this is one of the major types of cell damage that scientists have linked to ageing. Glycolysis causes damage to nerve cells, resulting in the development of diabetic neuropathy, and if this process affects the eye nerve, then we are dealing with diabetic retinopathy.

Studies have shown that alpha lipoic acid can prevent nerve damage if you start to take it before the onset of irreversible damage. Apparently, it's because of better blood flow to nerve cells and cellular metabolism.

Research conducted at the Mayo clinic, confirmed a significant reduction in the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy in 71% of patients treated with alpha-lipoic acid. And since lipoic acid is able to hit and brain cells, it may also damage the optic nerve.


3. To help get rid of excess weight.

Alpha lipoic acid works as a coenzyme in reactions that produce energy from carbohydrates, so besides the fact that it reduces glucose levels, it can also accelerate the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, and thus reduce the deposition of fat. In addition, it promotes the oxidation of fatty acids, so can help the body burn fat stores.

That lipoic acid "the person" and in the brain, are of great importance: due to its affinity to glucose receptors in the hypothalamus, it inhibits the enzyme protein kinase that sends signals of hunger, so suppresses appetite.


4. To protect your liver.

Lipoic acid is also a reliable protector of the liver. People who regularly drink wine, it protects the liver from toxic effects of alcohol.

But not only the drinkers can help the intake of lipoic acid. Recently becoming increasingly prevalent steatosis — non-alcoholic fatty liver because of excessive weight (abdominal type of obesity) and malnutrition.

Alpha lipoic acid helps to reduce the deposition of fat in the liver. This reduces the risk of development of fatty liver even if your food is too much fat.


5. To protect vessels and heart.

Although the role of alpha-lipoic acid in the prevention serdechno-vascular diseases are still not thoroughly understood, the researchers suggest that supplementation of lipoic acid may be a promising approach to reduce cardiovascular risk.

In any case, the studies in mice supplements of lipoic acid gave 55% reduction of atherosclerotic lesions is the formation of fatty layers that cause clogged arteries. Lipoic acid also causes a decrease in the level of triglycerides, which are a risk factor for development of cardiovascular diseases.

The researchers found that alpha lipoic acid causes a change in genes that control cholesterol. They increase the production of enzymes, which act as traps for free radicals and this reduces the production of LDL cholesterol. However, it is still unknown how effective will this mechanism work in humans.


6. To improve the performance of your brain.

Alpha lipoic acid can also prevent oxidative damage to the nerves and brain. It reduces all kinds of free radical oxidation, either in the arteries or in the nerve cells. In the brain lipoic acid can help prevent or correct cellular damage in Alzheimer's disease. Animal studies have demonstrated that lipoic acid improves memory and cognitive function.

It has been shown that in animals treated with alpha-lipoic acid, the survival rate after stroke was four times higher than in animals that did not receive this Supplement. Alpha-lipoic acid regenerates glutathione in the brain and thereby provides protection from neurotoxins. It increases the blood flow to the brain, improves the absorption of glucose by the cells of the brain and increases nerve conduction. Alpha lipoic acid is one of the few nutrients that can increase glutathione levels in brain cells. The decrease in the level of glutathione is a precursor of chronic diseases, including degenerative disorders of the brain.


7. To help prevent cancer.

Lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens and regenerates other antioxidants in the body, especially vitamin E. Biochemist Richard Passwater showed that lipoic acid may even inhibit the activation of the gene that causes the growth of cancer cells.


8. Slow down the aging process.

Lipoic acid is produced in our body, however with age the natural production of this substance decreases, and is reduced even more in many chronic diseases. Also, don't forget that "plan" antioxidants our body is not pulling.

And what is the result? To reduce the level of glutathione — a "amino acid of youth". That is, accelerated aging and early death. In addition, as already mentioned, one of the main causes of aging, scientists believe the damage to cells as a result of glycosylation, and lipoic acid blocks this process.

Scientists have formed the opinion that supplementation of lipoic acid may be able to slow, if not entirely reverse some effects of aging. So if you are interested in resources for youth, renewal, lipoic acid is supposed to attract your attention. In the preventive purposes the benefits for any amount of this antioxidant, but after 50 years it is better to take higher doses.

From what has been said about lipoic acid, you can conclude that reliable evidence of her use to people yet. However, this speculative conclusion can be drawn in relation to almost any preventive measure, the same of vitamin C, for example. Just because you need a hundred years to carry out research to strictly statistically to prove that vitamin C increases longevity. Therefore, conduct laboratory studies on mice that live 2 years.

However, with the purpose of treatment lipoic acid, as I said, used for about 30 years. Therapeutically it is used in the treatment of:

  • diabetic neuropathy,
  • dementia
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • cancer
  • diseases of the liver,
  • to reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol
  • and even for the purpose of weight loss.

This is a perfect example of natural substance deserving — but not receiving — the status of the preferred agent in the treatment of many diseases.

Of course, the curative and preventive dosages differ as heaven and earth. In the treatment of diabetes and diabetic neuropathy daily intake may reach 800 mg. Benefit from lipoic acid has no side effects, except one, diabetics may need to reconsider the dose of insulin in the direction of its reduction.

But what about preventive reception there are different opinions. Call and 100-300 mg, and 50-100 and even 25 milligrams. What to choose as a basis? Well, in my opinion, 25 mg was not enough, at least from those reasons that the daily requirement of the body in call of lipoic acid in the amount of 1-2 grams (based on the own production in the body and receipt of food). So 100 mg looks a more realistic figure. And already after 50 can be brought to the reception and up to 300 mg per day.

Please note that lipoic acid exists in two forms — oxidized and reduced. The reduced form is 1000 times more active. So, if in the composition of the agent specified the content of alpha-lipoic acid (reduced) — 100 ág, this corresponds to the effect of 100 milligrams.

What about food sources? Maybe you can not bother looking for the drugs, and simply click on those products that contain more lipoic acid? Yes, unlikely. Unfortunately, in conventional products it contains quite a bit.

Judge for yourself: the most rich sources of lipoic acid contain only:

  • buds: 32 mg in 1 portion;
  • heart:19 mg in 1 portion;
  • liver: 14 mg per 1 portion;
  • spinach: 5 mg in 1 portion;
  • Fig: 11 mg in 1 portion.

Theoretically, of course, you can have Breakfast by the kidneys with rice, to eat the heart and liver to eat a pound of spinach, but personally, I imagine such a life does not represent. Because not one lipoic acid man alive.


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Scientists: that is, not to grow old


But taking one pill antioxidant Mega Protect 4 Life, you will receive, in addition to 100 mcg lipoic acid (the "offer"), and a whole bunch of other antioxidants.

Lipoic acid in its action is similar to b vitamins, though it belongs yet to be clearly established, and to clear my conscience researchers attributed it to the conventional group quatification or vitamin-like substances. However, best of all, it operates in a "family atmosphere" in conjunction with other b vitamins, especially thiamine.

Here's a she — lipoic acid, a real workhorse antioxidant "ambulance" of our body.published


Author: A. I. Ezavit


The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self medication is dangerous for life. For advice about the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.




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