Blockhead: the mental infection of our time

In the last twenty-five years in the media, there is a very unpleasant form of expression, like a mental infection, listed from West: it is connected with slander and lies, paranoia and the tendency to hyperbole.

This chaos creates the wind of democratic freedoms — say everything that comes to mind, is censorship prohibited by the Constitution! Especially zealous authors of the tabloids and writers sensations on the Internet. Honestly, and I want to slap in the face for their inventions.


They stain a little bit with stories of well-known persons of show business, politicians, the Church, spit on common spiritual values and, as a result, habits do not admit the authority, ignoring rules and prohibitions from the realm of decency in behavior in public places. Recognizing only the power of money, they easily break laws, and when they grab for one place, then try to bribe and rude to the authorities.

Due to the low level of intelligence these people imagine themselves the masters of life, although for companies, their presence — a heavy ballast impeding progress in the development of overall well-being.

Such young people are called in the media "gold" — probably alluding to the similarity with the word "goldsmith" (scavengers).

How to call adults licensed journalists, discrediting the honor and dignity respected figures of art and culture, spiritual and political leaders? I think they are seriously ill, they are mentally ill, or emotionally empty individuals.

Atheistic science still believes that man evolved from apes. Wise people know that God created man. But looking at some of us, necessarily begin to doubt: some still managed to come from chetverochka. At worst, there are advance aliens.

I think that Internet users pay attention to the flashy headlines news notes, beginning with, "the Internet blew up pictures of so-and-so or so-and-so," "now you fall, when you find out...", etc.? The usual nonsense? Stupid, Yes, but not normal, and designed for the same stupid audience.

And attempts to attract readers with the announcement of the death of someone famous? Some of them already hundreds of times buried in a similar way, although these people are alive and healthy. Of course, this rudeness, of course, meanness and cynicism. But who bother? Orgy of sin continues.


Love and Conscience are the tools of confrontation degradation. NO other!Feminism was invented by us MEN! Back to the name. Spiritual emptiness is a blockhead. Spiritual emptiness began in humans, how the epidemic is, after rejection of traditional moral values that were the basis of literature and art, and which appeared in our people together with Orthodoxy.

So we know the name of this damage to the psyche: goblinism resulting in total spiritual devastation.

In the classification of personality types given in the true psychology, the psycho ("Goblin") occupies the lower level of social development.

Unfortunately, neither in the country nor in the scientific community, such knowledge is not known. There and would like to change the situation, but do not know where to start. published


Author: Mikhail Solntsev




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