Psychic energy.

"Psychic energy is everything. Psychic energy as primary energy, is the power that lies at the base of the phenomenal world. Psychic energy impresses images on plastic cosmic substance ... Psychic energy is love and aspiration. Psychic energy is a synthesis of all the nerve radiations. Psychic energy is great Aum. Because development of a permanent neslomimogo aspirations of the Light, in all its manifestations, and will be, namely, the development of this energy. Verily, aspiration and psychic energy, we can say synonymous. One without the other does not exist. " ("Letters of Helena Roerich." 08/16/37 was).

Psychic energy is the fact that in the usual sense is listed as spirituality, and the development of psychic energy is essentially a development of spirituality, but not the spiritual that modern man is reflected in the performance of rites and going to the temples, but the truth of higher spirituality that consists in introducing the Higher World, in the disclosure of a higher consciousness in the development of confidence, in learning and in the conscious use of that huge of a higher power that is inherent in each of us, for the benefit of evolution and for the good of all mankind.

Since our spirit, or monad, is part vsesvyazuyuschey, pervasive, and vseobedinyayuschey vsetvoryaschey fire element, it radiated a spirit emanation and developed their energy or psychic energy, there is a fiery energy, possesses all the properties inherent to the fire element. Psychic energy is the highest manifestation of the highest element in the universe.
Due to the fact that every atom and every cell of our body except for the physical existence of living the life of the spirit, or, as I said, psihotvoryat - psychic energy penetrates into all tissues in all organs of the body, setting the whole body balance, contributing to the normal and proper functioning it. Therefore, our every action, every desire and every thought is a manifestation of psychic energy.
Psychic energy is the energy that moves mountains, in the words of Christ about it yet, because the barriers to it does not exist. It operates out of time and space.

About psychic energy in the book "The cup of the East" says: "Yes, there is a force, such as infinite as the idea is the same powerful as boundless will, such as elusive as the essence of life, and so inconceivably awful in its tensile strength, that if it were only eating as a lever, it would be rocked to its very foundations World ... ┬╗.

It is the study and submission of this force his will was done, and done all that is called miracles. All those great miracles that in the Bible, committed psychic energy. Recall the three young men of the Old Testament, abandoned by the commandment of Nebuchadnezzar in the raging fire of a great furnace, and not burnt because it was caused by a psychic energy, or fire of the heart, that is the most superior aspect of the fire, which can withstand the great fire of material.
Recall the prophet Daniel thrown into the den of the lions, and rend them because it was caused by a protective psychic energy, against which dares not no animal.

Who has not heard about the Indians and Tibetan lamas who can sit on the water, walk on fire, sleep in the cold, put one half of his shirt, which can be called from any object space, can kill a tiger eye or a mad dog? In all these cases, the effect is still the same great power - the psychic energy.
A. Klizovsky.


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